Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make me beautiful

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Its no secret that I love tattoos. I have eleven so far, and have numerous planned for the future. I love the idea of carrying my story on my body, memories on my skin. What a perfect way to document your life. I can remember each trip to the tattoo shop, the feeling, the excitement. The buzzing of the gun working its way through the layers, to permanently imprint a little bit of magic. My tattoos document the hard times and the good ones. The people I love and the things I need to be reminded of. They serve as not only decoration to my body, but encouragement to my soul.

I know that alot of people have a lot of opinions about tattoos and what they represent, what are your thoughts? Do you have tattoos? Do you want them? Do you even like them?


  1. I don't have any - I always wanted one but I'm so flighty I always change my mind about what I want. But I was reading your post and thinking if I had gotten all of those tattoo's it would have been a good way to document different parts of my life. Keep up the good blogging xoxox

  2. what a beautiful post! I love the way you describe tattoos! I feel the same way I am in love with beautiful tattoos & cannot wait to get some more work done, I firmly believe this is it, the only life we have so we might as well make it as beautiful & happy as we can!


  3. what a great blog you have!
    & my opinion on tattoos is that the best tattoos are the ones that have a great meaning behind it.. so i plan on getting one in the future something that i can keep adding on too in the future!