Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Little Things

I have been feeling a little drained lately. Its been hard to keep up with everything. Running a life and 2 businesses and a day job is tricky, but at the same time wonderful. I have been busy photographing some of the most amazing people, celebrating weddings, engagements and new life. And I have been designing like a mad woman, trying to get some new prints together and a jewellery venture off the ground (Nothing like keeping busy right!?) Dont get me wrong for one second, I love what I do, I just have to remind myself every now and then of the little things. The little things that keep me going, and keep me inspired.

Stationary. There is nothing like a new journal, or a postcard, or some cute letter writing paper. I am such a sucker for stationary.

Letter writing. I love to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, and just write to someone, and even more than that, I love recieving letters in the mail, They always brighten my day, no matter what the day may have brought.

Lipsticks. Oh I love wearing lipstick. I think a splash of colour can totally change your mood.

Blogging. Reading your lovely blogs, and writing my own, really this whole wonderful community gives me a second to breathe in amongst it all. Oh and your comments just make me smile endlessly.

Baking. I have been baking alot lately, and its been making me smile a bunch. There is nothing nicer than that home baking smell wafting through your house.

Music. Generic? Maybe, But music is my soul language. It gets me, and I get it. Lately, ive been listening to a lot of my old favourites. Things I listened to 5 or more years ago. They bring smiles to my faces.

Beards, Tattoos, Photos. Nuff Said.

Friends. Ive been able to take a bit of time just to reconnect with some old friends lately, and its been awesome. Its so nice to be able to catch up with people and just sit down and have a vanilla latte, or a cup of tea and maybe even a cupcake, and chat about old times, and share new stories.

TV on DVD Boxsets. A total weakness of mine. Lately ive been watching Sons Of Anarchy. If you like beards, motorcycles, and bad this series. You wont regret it.

Crafting. Oh its wonderful to be able to sit down and make something from nothing, I tend to get really messy when im crafting about, but it is always oh so theraputic for me.

What are the little things that make you happy? Oh I am sure that they are wonderful.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.2

Pistol Youth combines the talent of Bradley Hanan Carter (Los Angeles, USA - 'Steriogram' Fame) Michael Guy Chislett (Sydney, Australia - 'The Academy is' Fame) Anders Borgh (Göteborg, Sweden) and Gavin Kerr (Tauranga, New Zealand) With all four members of our band currently living in different countries, Pistol Youth certainly isnt your average band. 'its been sorta like having four long distance relationships at once... we haven’t let it stop us from making music or videos and for ‘Problematic’ we just got our friend Adam to fly to each one of us with a set of Pistol Youth cardboard cut outs...' says the band. In a nut shell, Pistol Youth can be described as being drawn together by music and embarking on a new adventure that they would love you to be apart of.

Bradley sits downs with us to re live some memories and make a mix tape.

Opening Track - You're Theme Song.
"Come In Alone" by My Bloody Valentine. This song just sets me off, its kind of thunderous and triumphant yet at the same time its very shy and withheld. I got to see it live last year at Coachella, and it just sent me to the moon i was so excited... MBV is reputedly the loudest band in the world, and at their concerts they legally have to distribute free ear plugs to anyone who may want them.
Therapist in a Song
"Blue" by The Jayhawks, just amazing... my friend once asked me if had heard of the Jayhawks, i said no. He said ok go home and download Blue and just sit there with it on repeat... and man, at the time and all the shit i was going through, 'Blue' just sent me skyward...
Musician dead or alive you would most like to play with
Johnny Cash... Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are both heroes to me, i got to meet Bob Dylan at LAX one day after he was on our flight back from New Zealand. I never got to meet Johnny Cash though, and i feel like i grew up a touch late for that to happen... But i know if we could share a stage... it would be pretty special

Best Cover
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash originally by Nine Inch Nails, firstly what an amazing honor for Trent Reznor to have Johnny Cash do his song, but what else can i say... just listen... every time i hear it i feel like cryin... you should watch it...
Best Love Song
"Love is all around me." by Wet Wet Wet. Super cheesy but! some how reminds me of being at High School and having so many crushes on so many different girls, it was kind of overwhelming at times... way too many options, and this was well before facebook. They would always have a stereo playing loud in the gymnasium, and this song seemed to come on all the time. I thank my parents for sending me to a uni sex school.
High School Hit
"Today" by Smashing Pumpkins. I think i was in the fourth form and first heard this song on a Levis commercial, but pretty soon for me and my friends it was our anthem... the haunting notes played on guitar from that intro riff still give me a chill every time i hear em.
First album you owned
I grew up on Christian music so the first album i owned was probably some weird one you have never heard of... i do remember dubbing a cassette of MC Hammer 'Please Hammer Dont Hurt Him' when i was like nine from my friend Aidan at boys brigade (i know). Anyway... we spent all afternoon making our own album cover art for it as we couldn't afford to buy the real cassette...
Guilty Pleasure
"Movin Out" by Billy Joel. Ok i know its not cool to like Billy Joel, do i care...? no. This song is marvellous, and i want to cover it... one time i was on tour and we drove through or past Hackensack NJ and it felt cool cause i grew up on this track in NZ and then all of a sudden i was just there. You will get that bit if you know the song.
Favourite song of the 90's.
Thats a big call, seen as i grew up so much in the 90s, faced so many different stages of being a teenager and and so many different songs meant so much to me. I would probably say though... the song that made me feel the most out of all of them was probably Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis. I remember it playing all the time on the school bus radio when it first came out... that song not only helped me through some tough times growin up, it also made me want to be in a band.
Closing Track - The old faithful.
I cant really go past one of the greatest rock songs of all time... You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. I got to see them in NZ just recently but also in Toronto on a Steriogram tour a few years back. I was standing with Tim for 6 hours waiting for them to come on, we had a good spot but couldnt move, even to go bathroom. At one point Tim felt a warm sensation down his leg and looked down to see a 3 year old boy who was there with his father pissing on his jeans... was quite funny.

If you havent already, you should definitely go and check out this band! Not only is the music wonderful but the way they are making their music is revolutionary.
Be sure to visit them over at

Friday, March 26, 2010

I would like to thank the Academy...

Ok, so its not quite an Oscar, but I am still pretty excited to recieve this Blog Award from my darling beautiful cousin Jess, over at the beat my heart skips. So here goes, 7 things that you might not know about yours truely.

1. I like to bake a lot, infact, i pretty much like to cook anything. My pal Ruthy and I just made the most delicious chocolate chip pancakes for brunch. They were so good! nomnomnom.

2. I have been trained classically in vocals since I was 7, and have competed in Vocal competitions since I was 8. I dont do it anymore, but for about 2 years I was the lead vocalist in a rock band. Im thinking about starting something up again.

3. My middle name is Alice. My great grandmother lived on Alice Street for a really long long time and my mother loved the original Alice in Wonderland story, so it fitted pretty well.

4. I have 12 tattoos. Okay, some of you probably knew this already but still. I have music notes on my chest, the map of new zealand on my foot, a sailor jerry anchor on my right ankle, a rose and swallow on my right ankle, my camera on my right calf, a cassette tape on my left calf, a diamond and a compass on my inner left leg, a heart with MUM through it and a globe on my inner right leg, a skeleton key on my neck and a feather with a murder of crows on my left forearm. And yes, they all have their own meanings *phew!*

5. I graduate from University in 8 weeks with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology and Religious Studies.

6. I like to send little notes to the people in my life, so that they know that I love and cherish them as much as I do. I dont think people take enough time to really tell people they love them anymore. So, I make a real effort on a daily basis to let people know how much I care.

7. I am a gypsy, and my feet are ever so itchy. I want to travel again. Now if only I could get the money tree to grow properly...

Well thats me, Now to tag some other lovelies. Lets see.
Gabrielle at and a seed This girl is incredibly talented and one of the sweetest that I know
Jillian at jillian dee and dexter too! I just love this blog. Thats all there is too it.
Kevi at its pronounced kevi. If you havent checked this blog out, you should. it makes me smile.
Ruthy at ruthless knuckles. Best friend, and new to the blogging world. Go and say hi!
Kathleen at just a small town girl. Her blog guarantees a smile. Everytime.

And last, but certianly NOT least, YOU! I pick you! Tell me something about yourself. I love each and everyone of you, and want to get to know you better. xox

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspire Me

Inspiration for me comes from all over the place. Music, Nature, Art, Blogs, Magazines, to be honest, in their own way, most of the things I encounter inspire me in one way or another.

There are alot of super super talents artists out there, and I think its safe for me to say that Audrey Kawasaki is one of my favourites at the moment. I was introduced to her through a friend about 6 years ago, and I just think her work is so beautiful. Its feminine, a little bit dangerous and just immaculate. It just feels so magical, and soothing. I suppose that is an odd word to associate with art, but I think it is the right one for her work.

Who are your favourite artists?
There are just so many wonderfully talented people out there,
I would love to get to know some of the artists you love!

You still have a few more days to enter Bridgets giveaway for one of my Miss Sparkle gift packs. So be sure to head over to her lovely blog and check it out.

Speaking of giveaways.. I have decided that, I am going to do something fun, and have another little giveaways shortly. To mark my 50th reader. Right now I have 41 lovelies who follow me and fill my day with joy whenever I read a comment or your blogs, you are all just so inspiring, I love it. So, watch this space, hopefully number 5 0 is not far away and there will be plenty of goodies for you to win! xox

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Rainy Days

Today is has been raining a lot, though, unlike some people, I actually quite enjoy the rain. Its given me a good chance to start writing some love notes to some pretty cute people. If you would like me to write you one... you should check this out, and then who knows what little surprises might end up in your mailbox! This weather has also given me a good chance to spend some time designing which has been a lot of fun. There are a lot of new prints on their way... which is exciting! Are there any ideas floating out there for my prints? Sayings that you say and then catch yourself thinking 'oh that was a good one' or pictures you could see framed in a room in your house?

Speaking of designs, Bridget is hosting a Miss Sparkle giveaway! Check it out here, If you are a follower of my blog, you get a free entry, so, why not try your luck!

Thank you all for the blog love lately, its been so nice receiving all your messages! For now though, I am going to love you and leave you, I'm going to go and make a nice cup of tea, and work on something I like to call Project 21. Ooooh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love Letters

Dont you just love getting mail in the post? I certainly do. I recieved the cutest card from a friend of mine the other day, it made me smile so much and put me in such a great mood. Its so nice to know that someone, somewhere is thinking about you, and took time out of their busy schedules just to let you know that they were.

I've been thinking about ways of sharing the love around a little more, and so here is my newest little project. I want to send you love letters. Not the type that professes my undying love for you (lets be honest, that could be a little bit strange!) but, the type of love note that might just spread a little bit of happiness around the place, and even put a smile on your face. So, if you would like to recieve something little in the post every now and then, well, why dont you just email me you're address to shewaitsforwhispers[at]ymail[dot]com
and who knows when something little will wind up in your letter box.

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.1

Hailing from Christchurch New Zealand, Ashei comes for the ashes of several defunct acts local acts.. With a shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing, this band appeals to not only those looking for a solid rock act, but also to those looking for a something a little left of centre. Hailing from Christchurch, all five members of Ashei bring their own musical approach to the group.Along with this they also bring an equally important unique personality and depth. Ashei is not only a band to look out for , but an entity that is sure to set you alight.

Gutairist and Vocalist, Emma drops by to make the first ever mix tape here at shewaitsforwhispers.

Opening Track - You're Theme Song.
“Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’” by Michael Jackson. If there is any song that is going to get me going it’s definitely this! I think it’s my theme song because it encompasses everything I love…a beat that makes you want to dance, vocals that I can sing my heart out to, and lyrics that are fun! I can imagine it playing whilst I go about my daily business.
First album you owned

“Viva Forever” Spiceworld by Spice Girls. DUDE. Spice Girls owned my life when I was little and I was so happy when I got this album for my birthday! I remember feeling scared that I’d listened to it so much that I’d get sick of it! I still totally listen to it. I picked the song “Viva Forever” because the music video was AWESOME and I used to draw those fairies ALL the time. Look it up!
Your karaoke song
“Bye, Bye, Bye” by Nsync. It’s almost an “enough said” kind of song….it’s got so many classic sing along moments... re: Justin Timberlake’s classic line “hey heeyyyyyy” (insert nasal overtone). Haha.
Best duet
Too easy! “I just can’t stop loving you” by Michael Jackson ft. Siedah Garett. I’m still looking for someone to re-enact this duet with me… even if it is in my bedroom! So awesome. Actually i would like to perform this live....any takers? hit me up. haha
Best Love Song
Most songs are love songs aren’t they? Haha there are SO many… but one I’ve been enjoying as of late is “Curl up and Die”by Relient K. Sucker for Matthew Thiessen’s voice, acoustic guitar, and sickeningly cute lyrics… if any dude wants to sing that to me it’d be much appreciated…hint towards my man.
Favourite one hit wonder
“What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. This is my favourite because it’s SO funny to imitate! (My friend Travis does the most perfect rendition). Plus their band name is funny, and the whole feminist thing they have going on haha. But the actual song itself is pretty catchy…but I’m not surprised that it was their only hit! I just watched it on youtube again…haha brill.
Therapist in a Song
“Hollow Crown” by Architects. This choice is ironic since the song is actually quite sad, it brings tears to my eyes in the right mind frame… but something about it is really empowering, ahhh you just have to listen to it, it’s wonderful. Makes me love music a thousand times over every time I hear it.
Guilty Pleasure
“Year 3000” by Busted. I actually don’t feel guilty listening to this band at all, but I’m sure other people think that I should haha! I actually credit this band for getting me into the heavier stuff I love today… they were my first “band” (they’re kindof a boy band but they played their own instruments) that I ever loved, and they taught me guitar, essentially. I started listening to them around the same time I started playing guitar, so I learnt all their songs etc. But they started a chain reaction… leading me into rockier/heavier/more alternative genres. I still listen to them daily!
Best band you have seen live
“Let This Go” by Paramore. Now I have seen a lot of GREAT bands live, but nothing compared to this. Paramore have been a long standing inspiration and favourite of mine since I was 15/16 and I never thought I’d ever see them live. I saw them 2 weeks ago and it was the most amazing thing! I cried like a baby… and Hayleys voice was absolutely stunning! Ahh, take me back there.
Closing Track - The old faithful.
“Rationalist” by August Burns Red. I don’t think I’m picking this song in the context that I’m meant to…because this song is relatively new… but if I want to feel energized, inspired, and maybe slightly angry, I’ll definitely put this track on. Everything about it is perfect, and I know I can always depend on it to put me in the desired mood.

You can check out more from Ashei including their music, and their videos here

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, Hello Beards.

There is just something about boys with beards. oh how delicious. I saw an amazing beard last night, and suddenly just felt compelled to share my love of male facial hair with you all. for those of you who, like me, melt when a bearded beauty walks in the room, you should check out this awesome tumblr. Oh the hours we could waste, appreciating the wonder that is the beard. Now all that is left to do is find me one! Are you with me? Or are beards not your thing?

So here it is, my ode to beards. Thank you men, for not shaving your face.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where no one knows my name.

I have such gypsy blood. Ive always been a traveller, and I have been fortunate enough to spend some time in some beautiful countries, but my heart is not content. There is so much of this world to explore. I have been thinking more and more about where I want to go, and what I want to see, the corners of the world that I want to meet. A travel bucket list of sorts.

(I wanna explore San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Redwood and Yosemite...okay, pretty much all of California)
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
New Orleans, Louisiana
Birmingham, Alabama
Florida (I pretty much wanna explore this entire state)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New York, New York
Detroit, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois

Mexico. All over this incredible Country!!!
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Caracas & Valencia, Venezuela
Rio De Janeiro & San Paulo, Brazil
Beunos Aries, Argentina
Santaigo, Chile

London, England
Paris, Bordeaux & Toulouse, France
Madrid, Zaragoza & Valencia, Spain
Italy (every city!! there is just something about this country...)
Athens & the Greek Islands, Greece
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Germany, (most of this country captivates me)
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Moscow, Russia
Instanbul & Galipoli, Turkey

Capetown & Johannesburg, South Africa
I dont know alot about Africa, But I really want to visit! Mozambique & Zambia
Casablanca, Morroco

Cairo, Egypt
Jerualem, Israel
Damascus, Syria

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Agra & New Dehli, India
Kathmandu, Nepal
Shanghai, China
Bangkok & surrounding areas, Thailand
Phnom Phen, Cambodia
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Apia, Samoa

I have already visited the ones in italics, most more than once, but I still want to go back and explore some more.

Ohh, I caught myself day dreaming again. I cant wait to explore, get off the beaten track, met people and listen to their stories. I sometimes think that is the most fun, the stories that you hear and the people that you meet. Just me and my camera. Oh it would be so glorious.

Where do you want to travel too?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh, Thursday. Why so blue.

Today seems to be dragging alot. I have been sitting at work for the last few hours and Im really not focused at all. I really dont like when things get like this, like I have lost all motivation for things. Its days like this, I feel like going home and getting into some really comfortable clothes and curling up with a blanket. It doesnt help that the weather has turned for the worst, it seems that summer is going to be a distant memory from now on, back to the windy wintery days Wellington so kindly offers. Don't get me wrong, I love this place. Its just, sometimes I wish i lived on the beach, where it was sunny and warm and calm, all the time.

Some things are keeping me excited though. I am going to a friends show tomorrow night, it will be brilliant, he is one of the most talented people that I know. I was the winner of a giveaway from Alexa's blog and I am excited to announce that I am starting a new feature on my blog. Its going to be alot of fun and include one of the things that I am most passionate So as of Monday, there will be a weekly feature here at shewaitsforwhispers... make sure you check it out and let me know what you think!

How's your week going?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a Small Town Girl

Im excited to feature Kathleen from Just a Small Town Girl. Her blog is full of lovely little things, including I heart Pop Culture Tuesdays which take us on a fun little trip down memory lane, and always guarantees a smile. Kathleen swings by to talk about living in Sin City, summertime and singing in the shower.

Hi my name is Kathleen My blog is a place for me to express myself One thing I cant live without is love (and sushine!) Last night I dreamt about - seeing my sweet nephews and smooching their chubby cheeks The best thing I have learnt in the last 7 days is that I am very, very excited for friends to come into town this weekend. (Gotta love living in Vegas - all your friends come visit!)In my bedroom you will find books, magazines, water, Netflix movies for days and my very handsome boyfriend Every morning I call my best friend If I could wake up anywhere in the world it would be Cape Town, South Africa. By far, my favorite place I've ever been. The scariest thing I have ever done is move to Las Vegas for love. I take my coffee often! I believe in compassion On Sunday afternoons I like to be lazy and loved I think everyone should know that they are lovely. It might surprise you to learn about me that I still want to grow up to be Madonna. The best advice my mum ever gave me was to know that love would find favorite season is summer because I need sunshine more than oxygen In 2010 I will keep singing in the shower.

You should take a wander over to Kathleens pretty blog, I'm sure you will love it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A slice of paradise

There is nothing like getting out of the city for a few days (or in my case, just one day!) My friend and I took a little road trip down to Tauranga, it was a really pretty drive down the state highway, and it made me really appreciate once again how beautiful New Zealand really is. We played at the beach for a little bit, writing love notes in the sand, collecting shells, and climbing over rocks, before we set off on a treasure hunt in search of the cutest things we could find... I think its safe to say I won... look at what I stumbled across.

My dear friend Camille has just recently had her twins, they are about 10 weeks old right now, and so gorgeous. So, here it is, Welcome to the World, Christian Lee and Jaxin Dodge. Aunty Tillie loves you very very much, and cant wait to snuggle with you again soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think I am in Wonderland.

To say that Tim Burton is a genius, well it doesn't really cut it. My darling friend Ruth and I went to the midnight screening of the much anticipated Alice in Wonderland film last night. And what can I say, it was brilliant. You really must go and see it for yourself!! The characters were so fun, and of course Johnny Depp did not disappoint with his kooky rendition of the Mad Hatter... mixed somewhere between some of his previous characters of Willy Wonka (Though not as creepy) and a little bit of Benny, from Benny and Joon. I just loved it. Then again I am totally bias, that man is love hot melted chocolate...delicious.

Today, is an exciting day. The real start of my 11 day holiday, and the Paramore concert is tonight. Oh man, Hayley Williams, Hello! Im excited to say the least. And I get to spend this time with my friends in auckland, and more importantly my smokin hot partner in crime RUTTTTHIE! (She's rad. thats all you need to know.)

Photo heavy blogs will be coming your way, promise! But for now, Im going to go and get ready, for an exciting day. Oh and I need to buy a toothbrush, I left my at home. Oppps.