Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.2

Pistol Youth combines the talent of Bradley Hanan Carter (Los Angeles, USA - 'Steriogram' Fame) Michael Guy Chislett (Sydney, Australia - 'The Academy is' Fame) Anders Borgh (Göteborg, Sweden) and Gavin Kerr (Tauranga, New Zealand) With all four members of our band currently living in different countries, Pistol Youth certainly isnt your average band. 'its been sorta like having four long distance relationships at once... we haven’t let it stop us from making music or videos and for ‘Problematic’ we just got our friend Adam to fly to each one of us with a set of Pistol Youth cardboard cut outs...' says the band. In a nut shell, Pistol Youth can be described as being drawn together by music and embarking on a new adventure that they would love you to be apart of.

Bradley sits downs with us to re live some memories and make a mix tape.

Opening Track - You're Theme Song.
"Come In Alone" by My Bloody Valentine. This song just sets me off, its kind of thunderous and triumphant yet at the same time its very shy and withheld. I got to see it live last year at Coachella, and it just sent me to the moon i was so excited... MBV is reputedly the loudest band in the world, and at their concerts they legally have to distribute free ear plugs to anyone who may want them.
Therapist in a Song
"Blue" by The Jayhawks, just amazing... my friend once asked me if had heard of the Jayhawks, i said no. He said ok go home and download Blue and just sit there with it on repeat... and man, at the time and all the shit i was going through, 'Blue' just sent me skyward...
Musician dead or alive you would most like to play with
Johnny Cash... Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are both heroes to me, i got to meet Bob Dylan at LAX one day after he was on our flight back from New Zealand. I never got to meet Johnny Cash though, and i feel like i grew up a touch late for that to happen... But i know if we could share a stage... it would be pretty special

Best Cover
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash originally by Nine Inch Nails, firstly what an amazing honor for Trent Reznor to have Johnny Cash do his song, but what else can i say... just listen... every time i hear it i feel like cryin... you should watch it...
Best Love Song
"Love is all around me." by Wet Wet Wet. Super cheesy but! some how reminds me of being at High School and having so many crushes on so many different girls, it was kind of overwhelming at times... way too many options, and this was well before facebook. They would always have a stereo playing loud in the gymnasium, and this song seemed to come on all the time. I thank my parents for sending me to a uni sex school.
High School Hit
"Today" by Smashing Pumpkins. I think i was in the fourth form and first heard this song on a Levis commercial, but pretty soon for me and my friends it was our anthem... the haunting notes played on guitar from that intro riff still give me a chill every time i hear em.
First album you owned
I grew up on Christian music so the first album i owned was probably some weird one you have never heard of... i do remember dubbing a cassette of MC Hammer 'Please Hammer Dont Hurt Him' when i was like nine from my friend Aidan at boys brigade (i know). Anyway... we spent all afternoon making our own album cover art for it as we couldn't afford to buy the real cassette...
Guilty Pleasure
"Movin Out" by Billy Joel. Ok i know its not cool to like Billy Joel, do i care...? no. This song is marvellous, and i want to cover it... one time i was on tour and we drove through or past Hackensack NJ and it felt cool cause i grew up on this track in NZ and then all of a sudden i was just there. You will get that bit if you know the song.
Favourite song of the 90's.
Thats a big call, seen as i grew up so much in the 90s, faced so many different stages of being a teenager and and so many different songs meant so much to me. I would probably say though... the song that made me feel the most out of all of them was probably Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis. I remember it playing all the time on the school bus radio when it first came out... that song not only helped me through some tough times growin up, it also made me want to be in a band.
Closing Track - The old faithful.
I cant really go past one of the greatest rock songs of all time... You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. I got to see them in NZ just recently but also in Toronto on a Steriogram tour a few years back. I was standing with Tim for 6 hours waiting for them to come on, we had a good spot but couldnt move, even to go bathroom. At one point Tim felt a warm sensation down his leg and looked down to see a 3 year old boy who was there with his father pissing on his jeans... was quite funny.

If you havent already, you should definitely go and check out this band! Not only is the music wonderful but the way they are making their music is revolutionary.
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  1. YES! Love this feature AND this list. When they said "Love Is All Around" I instantly cued it up on my iTunes!

  2. WOW! They sound like an incredibly neat band! Must check them out!!


  3. This is awesome, I love your blog! Thanks for popping round and viewing mine!

  4. I love these mixtape posts! "Don't Look Back in Anger" is still one of my most favorite songs still.

    I got your love letter today! Thank you so much... it was quite perfect timing, I definitely needed the smile! I posted pictures of my puppy and I enjoying it :).

  5. Oh god i actually Love Bradley Hanan Carter he is sooooo sexy!