Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think I am in Wonderland.

To say that Tim Burton is a genius, well it doesn't really cut it. My darling friend Ruth and I went to the midnight screening of the much anticipated Alice in Wonderland film last night. And what can I say, it was brilliant. You really must go and see it for yourself!! The characters were so fun, and of course Johnny Depp did not disappoint with his kooky rendition of the Mad Hatter... mixed somewhere between some of his previous characters of Willy Wonka (Though not as creepy) and a little bit of Benny, from Benny and Joon. I just loved it. Then again I am totally bias, that man is love hot melted chocolate...delicious.

Today, is an exciting day. The real start of my 11 day holiday, and the Paramore concert is tonight. Oh man, Hayley Williams, Hello! Im excited to say the least. And I get to spend this time with my friends in auckland, and more importantly my smokin hot partner in crime RUTTTTHIE! (She's rad. thats all you need to know.)

Photo heavy blogs will be coming your way, promise! But for now, Im going to go and get ready, for an exciting day. Oh and I need to buy a toothbrush, I left my at home. Oppps.


  1. I would seriously give up everything I own to intern with Tim Burton. I have been a huge fan of his since i was a little girl. <3 <3 <3

    I am going Friday morning to see it in 3D... I am so excited!

    P.S.- thank you for the email, i have some ideas brewing!

  2. Alice in Wonderland was such an interesting movie!
    My favorite part was when the queen was asking the frogs about eating the tarts, and that one nervous frog...Ha Ha Ha! I laughed so much, and tried to stifle my laughter because no one around me was really laughing at that. SO funny!