Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.1

Hailing from Christchurch New Zealand, Ashei comes for the ashes of several defunct acts local acts.. With a shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing, this band appeals to not only those looking for a solid rock act, but also to those looking for a something a little left of centre. Hailing from Christchurch, all five members of Ashei bring their own musical approach to the group.Along with this they also bring an equally important unique personality and depth. Ashei is not only a band to look out for , but an entity that is sure to set you alight.

Gutairist and Vocalist, Emma drops by to make the first ever mix tape here at shewaitsforwhispers.

Opening Track - You're Theme Song.
“Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’” by Michael Jackson. If there is any song that is going to get me going it’s definitely this! I think it’s my theme song because it encompasses everything I love…a beat that makes you want to dance, vocals that I can sing my heart out to, and lyrics that are fun! I can imagine it playing whilst I go about my daily business.
First album you owned

“Viva Forever” Spiceworld by Spice Girls. DUDE. Spice Girls owned my life when I was little and I was so happy when I got this album for my birthday! I remember feeling scared that I’d listened to it so much that I’d get sick of it! I still totally listen to it. I picked the song “Viva Forever” because the music video was AWESOME and I used to draw those fairies ALL the time. Look it up!
Your karaoke song
“Bye, Bye, Bye” by Nsync. It’s almost an “enough said” kind of song….it’s got so many classic sing along moments... re: Justin Timberlake’s classic line “hey heeyyyyyy” (insert nasal overtone). Haha.
Best duet
Too easy! “I just can’t stop loving you” by Michael Jackson ft. Siedah Garett. I’m still looking for someone to re-enact this duet with me… even if it is in my bedroom! So awesome. Actually i would like to perform this live....any takers? hit me up. haha
Best Love Song
Most songs are love songs aren’t they? Haha there are SO many… but one I’ve been enjoying as of late is “Curl up and Die”by Relient K. Sucker for Matthew Thiessen’s voice, acoustic guitar, and sickeningly cute lyrics… if any dude wants to sing that to me it’d be much appreciated…hint towards my man.
Favourite one hit wonder
“What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. This is my favourite because it’s SO funny to imitate! (My friend Travis does the most perfect rendition). Plus their band name is funny, and the whole feminist thing they have going on haha. But the actual song itself is pretty catchy…but I’m not surprised that it was their only hit! I just watched it on youtube again…haha brill.
Therapist in a Song
“Hollow Crown” by Architects. This choice is ironic since the song is actually quite sad, it brings tears to my eyes in the right mind frame… but something about it is really empowering, ahhh you just have to listen to it, it’s wonderful. Makes me love music a thousand times over every time I hear it.
Guilty Pleasure
“Year 3000” by Busted. I actually don’t feel guilty listening to this band at all, but I’m sure other people think that I should haha! I actually credit this band for getting me into the heavier stuff I love today… they were my first “band” (they’re kindof a boy band but they played their own instruments) that I ever loved, and they taught me guitar, essentially. I started listening to them around the same time I started playing guitar, so I learnt all their songs etc. But they started a chain reaction… leading me into rockier/heavier/more alternative genres. I still listen to them daily!
Best band you have seen live
“Let This Go” by Paramore. Now I have seen a lot of GREAT bands live, but nothing compared to this. Paramore have been a long standing inspiration and favourite of mine since I was 15/16 and I never thought I’d ever see them live. I saw them 2 weeks ago and it was the most amazing thing! I cried like a baby… and Hayleys voice was absolutely stunning! Ahh, take me back there.
Closing Track - The old faithful.
“Rationalist” by August Burns Red. I don’t think I’m picking this song in the context that I’m meant to…because this song is relatively new… but if I want to feel energized, inspired, and maybe slightly angry, I’ll definitely put this track on. Everything about it is perfect, and I know I can always depend on it to put me in the desired mood.

You can check out more from Ashei including their music, and their videos here


  1. What an awesome feature! I love this!!! And I totally agree with the Michael Jackson opener:)

  2. Spice Girls wooo!! No school like oldschool. Paramore is defintely amazing to see live, Hayley Williams has such a powerful voice.

    This will actually be my first tattoo I will be getting so I'm incredibly excited. Ooo you have ink sweeeettt! What kind of pieces do you have?

    Thanks for the sweet comment. x