Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee.

Okay, now I have been trawling Etsy for a while, and every now and then I come across little things that I love, and little things that I think would be most wonderful in my house. But, today, I think I have hit the jackpot Ladies and Gents {are there any gents out there?? HEEEELLLOOOOO?} Black Baroque is one of my new favourite etsy stores. I mean, whats not to like, Vintage book pages, Beautiful Prints. Oh my heart is beating a little bit faster than usual! And, whats even better, is that you dont have to pay a bazillion million dollars to own one of these beauties. Pretty much every print in the shop is $10 USD! {Holy toledo batman!} Let me share some of my favourites with you!

I mean seriously, arent they amazing?! There are so many too! I really love all the anatomical ones, and ofcourse the nautical theme ones stole my heart to. And Alice. Oh Alice how I love thee! Seriously, I need these prints. Now, to find some money? Or perhaps I should get cheeky and make a birthday wishlist... its only 21 days away! Wahoo!

Oh no she didnt!

Oh I totally did! 7 Hours of sitting in a movie theatre, a little bit of junk food, 3 other lovely ladies, and plenty of giggles. Yes, Its true, Last night I went, where no sane 20 year old should go... To the Twilight Saga Triple Feature at the movies. That's right folks. 7pm Twilight. 9.15pm New Moon. 12.01am Eclipse. Midnight screening!! {judge me if you must!} Haha It actually wasn't swarming with crazy twilight fans, like I thought It would be... perhaps all the little ones weren't allowed to come. There were surprisingly a lot of 'adults' {now I put this in quotations because really, what real mature adult goes to a midnight screening of a teen romance novel haha} It was pretty funny sitting through twilight, I realised what a crappily made movie it is, and how lame the story line is, haha. I also cant get over the sparkling. {vampires don't sparkle, i know, I've met one} It was only the second time I had seen New Moon, so it was nice to get a refresher before the big premiere of Eclipse. The film... well it was definitely a build up movie to the next installment, though I suppose the book was much the same. The ending to me felt super anti climatic, but I guess its all in preparation for Breaking Dawn... I heard they are making that film in 2 installments? {nothing like prolonging the inevitable huh!!} I just read what I wrote and realised how cynical and crabby I sound, Don't get me wrong, I liked the film, of course I did, as much as I deny it I do like twilight. I guess the ending was a bit of a let down for me, and because of that I left the cinema feeling a bit flat {then again that could of been because it was 2am and I had just watched 7 hours of movies!} There were some definite funny one liners, and some good moments. I think the chemistry between the characters has finally all clicked into place, which was kinda nice to see from a audience point of view. Oh and for all you Jacob fans....Yeah he is pretty much topless all of the movie. {I am definitely not Team Jacob, but dang that boy is fine. }

You should go see it. You know you want to. I would say take the girls, get a little reckless, and have a giggle. And while your thinking about that, you still have time to enter the photo swap.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dolls and Gyms.

Is this actually not the cutest thing ever! I was so excited this morning when I opened my inbox and there was an email from the lovely Rai with a little drawing that she had done of me! How flipping amazing is that! I love it so much! Thank you darling.

And, Well, seeings at my little doll drawing is a babe, I thought I would also share some news that I am pretty darn excited about. Its been a week since I joined up at the gym, and started to eat better... and well, I am so excited to say, that yesterday I had my trainer weigh and measure me... and.... drumroll please! I am officially 2.6 kilos {thats 5.7pounds for all you americans!} less than what I was a week ago! And I have lost 2 centimeters off my waist, 2 centimeters off my hips and 1 centimeter from my bust! WAHOO! Its actually working! I am honestly so stoked, it makes me want to go even harder this week! Although, I am going out tonight with some girlfriends, and will probably have a drink, and maybe a nibble on something that isnt the most healthy, but its a big occasion {which will be blogged about tomorrow when I have photographic evidence hehe} so I decided I would make an exception and run for an hour to compensate!

My blog yesterday was written in crisis mode. Of course, I have calmed myself down now and have a plan of action, that Im excited about, and hopefully will be able to share with ya'll soon. There is honestly just so so so much going on right now, but, I like to keep myself busy. So we will just see how it all goes I suppose.

Dont forget, enter the photo swap. It will change your life.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to where I was

Sometimes things dont go the way that you planned them. Sometimes, things dont make sense. Im back to that feeling of uncertainity. Its funny isnt it. How everything is really just a big circle, of certainty, and uncertainty. Of love and indifference. Of friends, and strangers. Thats the thing isnt it. Things always change. Right when you want them to remain the same. They go and switch it up on you. Right now, I think life is testing me. Im not sure Im up for the examination. What happens if I fail? If I pick the wrong answer. I know I really dont need to have all the answers. Im 20 years old. But I want them. I want to have control of my life. I want to be able to chose my own direction, and I feel so out of sorts when things are out of my control. And right now, they are so out of control. The options all have pros and cons. There is not one, that is jumping out. I. Just. Dont. Know.

Im back to that place. Things didnt quite work out as I had planned for the next chapter of my life, so I am left to reevaluate. Its hard because I thought things were perfect, everything was falling into place, but of course, ive hit a speed bump! {isnt it always the way} so for now, I go back to not knowing what I am doing with my life. One thing I do know however is that I am off to the gym shortly {1 week down!} for my first weigh in/measurements. Yes, Im nervous. I hope that there are some good results! Its certainly been a testing 7 days as far as wanting to eat things I know I shouldnt, but I am proud of the commitment I have shown so far. And with one week down, it means there is only 3 weeks until my 21st birthday! Im pretty excited about that too!

You should probably join my new swap to. Its going to be fun!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh Snap!

I thought, seeings as the package swap went so swimmingly {yes i like that word okay!} I would try my hand at another little swap. This time, something most dear to my heart, photos! Everyone loves photos right?! {Chorus of 'rights' chime in here!}

So. Here it is folks. Presenting, the she waits for whispers, photoswap!

A photoswap you say! Well, let me give you the run down.

Step 1. Take a roll of film, or for those of you savvy folk out there with all this new age digital equipment, the equivilant to a roll of film {thats 24 photos folks}.
Step 2. Get the film developed, or get the photos printed.
Step 3. Include somewhere, somehow something written about the photos. A letter perhaps? Or little post it notes? Maybe an information brochure? haha. You get my drift!
Step 4. Pop your 24 photos, and note into an envelope and send it to your partner.
Step 5. Upload some of your photos that you recieve and share them with everyone! Ill create a linky in a later blog that you can link too! Wahoo!

What you take your photos of, is completely up to you! Your partner might be from a different state or different country {maybe even a different planet!} so you might want to show them around your home, town, city. Or you might want to take them to a party with you, or show them what its like to live a day in your life. Or you might just want to take 24 really pretty pictures!

I can hear you all now! Exciting I know! I think this is going to be a little bit of fun, oh yes I do!
So, all you have to do to register your participation, is email me at shewaitsforwhispers{at}ymail{dot}com with your interest, and your address, by the 12th of July. Its really that simple. I will hold onto your details, and on the 13th of July I will send you an email with your partners address! Then, you will have until the 20th of July, to send out your envelope! Although, really as soon as you register, you could be taking your photos! Oh, and feel free to blog about this/tell all your friends! The more the merrier.

I have another little project about to begin with my beautiful Cousin Miss Jess. So, you will find out more about that very soon! How exciting. Oh and thank you for all the well wishes! Still keep your fingers and such crossed, I will be able to tell you more as soon as I find out some cement news! EXCITING!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cross your fingers, and your toes!

Oh my goodness! I have had such a busy busy busy day! There is so much going on that I just cant wait to share but for right now I have to keep it under wraps and its killing me! I just want to burst into a thousand hundred tiny pieces {yip that many!!} However I need to ask a super huge favour!? Can you all pleaaaaaaase keep your fingers, toes, eyelashes {and any other body part you think might help} crossed for me? I cant really tell the reasons why Im needed luck yet, just that I need alot of it! And hopefully, if everything works out, in a few weeks Ill be able to share all the big news with you! How exciting!

In other news. I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for all the support on my wide load post. You guys are honestly amazing and I am so so so lucky to have found such wonderful blog friends. I love you! I have been to the gyms 4 times this week...Yes thats right, there have only been 5 days. And, Im about to head there, as soon as I have posted this little update. Im totally sticking to my eating plan to! Im super proud of myself because its normally about this time where I want to fall off the wagon and eat chocolate {ok I totally want to do that right now! But im not going to!} so maybe cross your fingers for that too! {Thats alot of crossing I know!} but I am feeling so good, and, dare I say it, I actually look forward to getting to the gym. Working out has been a nice way to get some stress out, goodness knows there has been alot of that recently.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the little things

Its the little things in life that make it good.

The little things like big cups of tea on cold winters days.
Red lipstick when you dont feel like going out.
Nights in watching bad movies that you have already seen a hundred times but still love.
Its the little things like knowing that you will always have that one person who will be there for you even when you havent seen them for months at a time.
Not wanting to go to the gym, but actually enjoying it when you get there.
Spending the day reading blogs written by friends all over the world.
Looking through old photo albums and remembering the that things can be awesome, even though right now they arent
Its the little things, like listening to the radio and singing at the top of your lungs
Driving through the rain to reach your sunny destination
Cleaning your room and finding something you lost.
Photoshoots with friends
Its the little things like the crush you have on that guy and the butterflies that you get when you see him, or he talks to you.
Cheek kisses and cuddles.
Your guy friends pretending to be your boyfriend when a creep hits on you
Jack on the rocks.
Its the little things like late night heart to hearts with your friends
Emails from friends you have yet to meet, encouraging you to keep on keeping on.
Little kids and their imaginations
Its the little things like video chats with your best friends from the other side of the world. Oh alabama how I miss you. {isnt carol simply the most beautiful girl ever?}

What are your little things that keep you going?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missed Connections

I cant believe that I havent blogged about this most amazing artist before. My goodness. I have been following this blog since the day I started my own blog, and boy oh boy, every time she posts a new post, my heart swoons a little bit.

Sophie Blackall is the brains, and hands behind missed connections a blog she describes as "Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I'm trying to pin a few of them down." Her quirky and beautiful illustrations along with some of the sweetest stories, make my heart skip a beat. Oh let me share some of my favourites with you!

Arent they seriously the cutest things ever? Sophie also has an etsy which I am pining over. Particularly this print... or this one... or or or! Oh heck, I love them all. She is so talented.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wide Load Ahead.

Ive been thinking about whether I should publish this post for the last half an hour. And I have decided that I should, because I know that with this accountability I am less likely to let myself down. And I know {well at least I hope} this will be welcomed with support and encouragement, and if its out in the open, then when I am having a bad day {and just really want a chocolate bar} I will be able to blog about it, and it might be a bit better understood. haha.

Writing about this...topic... is not easy for me, but here we go. I have always been a 'big' girl. I have always been a little overweight, and to be honest, it never really bothered me. Of course, through High School I dealt with the bullys and the people who decided to set their days around making me feel like crap. I guess it was my personality that helped me get through this time, It became easier for me to make fun of myself, or make the joke about something else, and so I guess these years strengthened my humor and ability to make others laugh. I use to brush it off, I mean, it wasnt that much of a big deal. I have been fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with genuinely good people growing up, people that never judged me because of my weight, and never made me feel bad because I wasnt a size 6. I started university much the same way, happy with who I was. I like the person that I am, I like the woman that I have grown into.

Recently however I guess things have changed a little bit. Im not at all saying that I dont like that woman that I am {personally I think I am pretty cool hahahahaha} but im getting to the stage where when I look in the mirror I am no longer happy with the reflection that is staring back at me. Something someone I know recently said also really hurt me, I'm not going to go into it here because I am trying to let it go, but he really did effect me in a way that really cut me. I decided that from that moment, things needed to change. Because otherwise people were going to be able to do that to me for the rest of my life, and I dont like that anyone has that kind of power over me. It was time for a change. I guess, I use to just brush it off, but now, Im holding onto it, and im changing it. Im making a decision that I am going to see through, even if it kills me {dear God, please dont kill me} I dont really know how to articulate it without sounding silly, but, I guess, the best way to describe it, is I want to be able to go into any shop that I want, and be able to pick anything off the rack, and not worry about looking like an idiot because it doesnt fit over my ass or my stomach, or my hips. Now of course I know that loosing weight isnt going to solve my problems. And Im certianly not looking for it to do so, but I am hoping that with this fresh start comes a fresh hope for me. And I know that I can do it. I know that I dont need that chocolate bar, or that bag of candy, or that extra scoop of icecream {my weakness lies in sweet stuff!} and I know I can make this work, and that I can feel pretty and happy.

Yesterday I brought a gym membership.This is going to be the biggest battle. Convincing myself that spending an hour or so in a sweaty gym is a good idea. I hate the idea of gyms being places people can show off their toned muscles or how fit they are {clearly, because im neither fit nor muscley nor toned. gyms = nightmare!} The gym that I have joined is a local YMCA gym, so hopefully poser proof because its not the flashest. But it has all the equipment and the trainers all seem really nice. I just have to be really disciplined. {Make like Nike, and Just Do It! right?} Its definitely going to be a struggle, but I am committed that it wont be a waste of money, and I am sure once I see some results {please Jesus dont let me down!} that I will be more commited and less adverse to running on a treadmill {oh what have I got myself into to}

Of course it isnt just exersise. Its all about cutting out the crap that I eat because Im lazy. {I have no problem admitting this to myself, or you for that matter} I need to get more organised with my eating, and get to a place where I can snack on healthy foods and make qucik and easy healthy alternatives for dinner... this is where you come in! Anyone got any quick delicious and low fat recipes that they wanna share? I would be super greatful, because right now Im still a little puzzled on the food side of thing. Though I am sure that will fall into place. I ate breakfast this morning for the first time in about 4 months. My metabolism is probably already freaking out!

So thats the update. Im sure that I will post more about this journey that I have started. And well, hopefully I will see some good results and be able to stop being that 'big' girl that I have been all my life, and maybe, just maybe, be recognised for my face, not the size of my waist.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taste of Ink.

Its no secret that I am a tattoo lover. Infact, anyone who knows me, knows that tattoos, and tattoo culture are a big part of who I am. A big part of the woman that I have grown into it. I have written about my love of tattoos here in my blog before, and I decided that I articulated the importance of this artform to my life perfectly the first time, so im not going to try and do it again, im simply going to refresh your memories... I love the idea of carrying my story on my body, memories on my skin. What a perfect way to document your life. I can remember each trip to the tattoo shop, the feeling, the excitement. The buzzing of the gun working its way through the layers, to permanently imprint a little bit of magic. My tattoos document the hard times and the good ones. The people I love and the things I need to be reminded of. They serve as not only decoration to my body, but encouragement to my soul.

Recently a few of you lovelies have asked to see my tattoos. I was a little hesitant in deciding to do this post, just because my tattoos are for me more than for anyone else. Dont get me wrong, I mean I love showing them off and having people admire the amazing craftmanship of the art I carry on my body, but I feel a little, well, funny! I dont know what the word is, but ah well, here we go. As of right now, I have 14 pieces. I am working on getting my legs complete from the knee down... a leg sleeve I suppose you could call it {maybe leggings? Or trousers? haha} I was 18 when I got my first tattoo... so Shall we start from the beginning? {oh yeah and you can click on the photos to make them bigger!}

The first tattoo I ever got is a treble clef, double quarter note and a eighth note clustered on my chest. I wanted something that represented my love for music, I wanted to be able to see it, and I wanted it to be able to be hidden when I wanted it to be. I still love this tattoo because the stencil was made of the exact drawing that I did, so its like i drew this on myself and volia, its on me forever. I remember being so nervous getting this tattoo, I went in to a studio I knew was reputable and thought I would book it in for a few weeks time, 40 minutes later I walked out a little financially poorer, with my first ever tattoo... and so the addiction started.

My 2nd tattoo is the outline of New Zealand on my right foot. I liked the idea that my home would always be with me, no matter where I walked, and I figured the bottom of the world, could go on the bottom of my body. It didnt hurt as much as I thought it was going to, even the guy who tattooed it was suprised how well I took it!

My anchor was my next tattoo. This was the first 'bigger' piece I would get done. Its located on my right ankle. This is a tribute to my faith, and also the start of my leg sleeves. {although I didnt know this at the time} Its based from a scripture that describes Gods hope for us being a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. I decided to place it on my ankle because it symbolises my faith keeping me grounded and on the right track. Like a guide I suppose. This was also the first tattoo I had done by the highly talents Karla Hansen. She has now done the majority of my work and also become a really good friend.

Within 3 weeks of getting my anchor I had booked a flight back up to Auckland to see Karla to get my 4th tattoo. I had to even myself out. So I got this rose, love, swallow tattoo on my right ankle. This is a tribute tattoo to my Aunty who passed away when I was 8. Old sailors use to get swallow tattoos to represent knowing the way home. I like to think that this little birdy is guiding me, and that my Aunty is guiding it. The traditional rose and tattoo font were included to tie in my love of the old school sailor tattoos too. One day I would like to add my Aunty's anniversary date under the wing of the swallow.

The next addition was this pretty Skeleton Key. You will find him on the back of my neck, running down from my hairline to the top of my spine. This tattoo serves as a reminder to me, that even when things get really shitty that we possess the ability to move forward and change the path that we are on. That we in essence, hold the key. {Cliche? Whatever! I was struggling in a really dark place, and this helped. Infact, it still does.}

My tape and camera were the next editions. I was feeling game, and so was Karla, and we did these in one sitting. Yip. The tape and melodies banner are found on my left calf. I guess the story behind this one is kinda obvious, music is such a huge part of my life, and so much of my life has a soundtrack, certain songs that remind me of certain times. The camera and memories banner, i suppose is just as obvious. The cool thing about this tattoo is that the camera is actually my camera. Karla drew from the actual object which is really special to me. Im always the girl with the camera out taking snaps, this just seemed a fitting tribute to my love of photography and capturing those memories everyday.

I got this little addition for my mum. I went to a tattoo convention in the city, and there were so many amazing artists, and the guns were buzzing, I couldnt help but book one {or two} in. To continue with my 'old school' feel i decided to honour my mum, by getting this little love heart with her 'name' in it. Its situated on the inside of me right ankle. I remember when I got home and showed her, she laughed and didnt think it was real. I think she actually really loves it now though!

I also got this little number at the tattoo convention. Its opposite my mum tattoo. It doesnt really have any great meaning, other than a reminder that im hard as rock, and precious as diamonds.

Number 10! I added this little beauty to my legs while I was on my american adventure. I was in San Francisco and decided to go for a walk up Haight St. I found a million cute little tattoo shops, but one in particular stood out. I went in and there was a guy wh could ink me later that night. I got a compass to remind me of the adventure that I had, to point me in the right direction and to remind me to not look behind me, but keep facing forward.

After getting the compass, I realised my legs were once again uneven, so I rung the studio in San Francisco, and they managed to fit me in the day before we left for Las Vegas. I wanted another reminder of my travels, and so an antique globe it was. The world is my oyster after all.

For number 12 I branched out. Leaving my legs alone for a little while, I got this beautiful addition to my left arm. And oh boy, I love it. Its a feather morphing into a murder of crows. {11 to be precise} I guess this is all about moving and changing and morphing into something new. Really its just beautiful and thats why I love it.

And now... for my newest additions {you will have to excuse the redness but these photos were taken while they are still healing... infact they are only 2 days old in this photo!}

Isnt this little fella cute! I have named him Oscar. He sits just about my anchor on my right leg. This is to symbolise me graduating from University. The 3 books represent a year that I spent studying. And the Owl, well he is a wise old thing, a traditional symbol for wisdom and education. But I just think he is so cute! I want to cuddle him!

And finally... An antique perfume bottle and lipstick, with the word Beauty through the middle. This tattoo is another reminder for me to look for the beauty in life, not only on the outside but the inside. It also serves as a reminder for me to stay beautiful. Its easy to get caught up in the all bullshit that goes on in this world, I think sometimes we need to check ourselves out and make sure we are acting beautifully. Plus, I call all my friends beauty. So thats cool too!

Phew! haha. So there you have it. There is my art, looking all pretty and stuff. People always ask me if I plan on getting more. And the answer is without a doubt certainly YES! I want to finish my legs and then potentially do something over my entire right arm, for now, I will keep working away at my legs. I have so many ideas, my journal is bursting with them. The other thing people often comment on is the fact that I only currently have Black and Grey Tattoos. I dunno why I started this way, but I have kept going. Of course, I love coloured ink, and one day I would love to get some, but for now I will stick with my beautiful shades of grey {and that way my clothes wont ever clash either! ahha}

People also ask me what my family thinks about them. This is always interesting to me, because well, There are ALWAYS going to be mixed reactions to my art. I mean, some people love them, some people are indifferent to them, and other people dislike them immensly. My mum has come to realise that this is a big part of who I am and has accepted them, she likes some more than others, but I think thats only natural. My grandparents arent so fond of them, but I guess thats a generational thing. Alot of my friends are tattooed, so its no big deal to them, and for my friends who arent tattooed they also are most accepting. I guess, they dont change who I am or how I operate, and most people can see past the stereotypes and stigmas that use to be associated with tattooed folk.

As far as advice to anyone wanting to get a tattoo goes... all I can say is make sure you do your research. There is a saying "a cheap tattoo aint a good tattoo, and a good tattoo and cheap" I definitely think this is the truth. Make sure you trust your artist, make sure you love your design, and most important make sure you pick something that is important to you. Take the time to find an artist whose style you love, whose work you admire, and who you can build a relationship with. I mean, they are going to be repeatedly sticking needles into your flesh, you may as well like them right?

Im back, oh and Postal Service V.4

Im back! Yay! My vacation was just lovely, but boy did I miss you all! Its been so nice to sit down and just catch up on whats been going on with you all, and now, its time to catch you up on the last few days with me. The rest of my trip was most lovely, I got to catch up with friends and eat delicious food, acquire two new beautiful pieces of art work, {yip im going to post a tattoo post soon kiddies!} drank too much jack daniels, and just have an all round wonderful time. Im really blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. We had a blast, and it was so nice to be able to sit down and have good catch ups with people that I havent seen in a while too. Ah enough of the chit chat, here are some photos of the adventures.

Josh and RJ playing a tune

My beautiful Niece Lyric.

My amazing Cousin Jess. It was soo good to see her!

Ellie May... copping a feel! haha.

Alesha, Brigette and I, what a fun wednesday night this was!

Hahaha this photo sums up friday night perfectly!

Cuddles with Sarah

Tillie! Come here! Ok Ally and Josh! haha.

It was such a fun couple of weeks, but it was also really nice to come home and just do nothing but catch up on my blogging friends lives, write letters, and sleep in my own bed, which had beautiful crisp clean sheets on it. Speaking of writing letters... Coming home from being away meant that I had a stack of exciting mail to open! It was like christmas all over again!
Shall we have a little lookie?

The beautiful Yana sent me a little gift package. Oh my, I loved loved loved it. A little zine, a game and able card {ah! I have only been wanting to buy this card for months now!!} sublime stitching transfers {freaking YES!} and a whole bunch of other magical things including cupcake bandages, the casino rumblers cd and the cutest fabric ever! Talk about spoiled!

Letters from Lindsay {yay finally got it!!} and the lovely catherine

Talk about cute envelopes! Goodness me! And that stamp! oh hello!

Megan also spoiled me good! Goodness look at that! Mixed Cds, stationery, the cutest little stickers, and such a sweet letter. This girl is golden. Really!!

Some postcards, from some beauties, and postcrossing and sendsomething. Oh and my first official etsy purchase. Copies of the first 2 Editions of Spoonful, a delightful happiness companion! You guys should go and check out their etsy store and get yourself a copy, it will make you smile, guaranteed.

I sent out my package swap packages, but silly me, forgot to take photos! But they were all pretty and lovely and I hope that my partners love the goodies that were inside!

I also sent out a little something to the beautiful Micaela, she wrote a blog about it, if you want to check it out, because I didnt photograph that either! haha.

A couple of thank you notes to some lovely girls.

A letter for Megan and Rikki {yip its a diet coke advertisment}

4 letters for 4 lovely ladie! I made the envelopes from a fashion spread in a magazine that I really liked!

I also sent out Ebony's giveaway win! So hopefully that arrives safe soon!
Okay, now, off to take photos of my tattoos for you, for this promised tattoo post. Oh fun!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Suprise! Giveaway contents...{EBONY! ITS A SPOILER!!!}

Finally, I am able to reveal the contents of the mystery giveaway! Some of you were so close in your answers, and well others, provided me with a right giggle of what I might be sending out! Haha so I decided I would post a picture of the contents, along with the clues, and the answers, all together in one post, to satisfy all your curious minds.

1. Decorate your cervical vertabrae with an ornament of the sparkley variety. Most of ya'll got this one right! Its a pretty silver necklace!

2. Im usually coupled with an arrow, some sheep or under a mans chin. I didnt think this one was too hard, and you seemed to guess it pretty right! Some of my hand made bows, in my favourite fabrics.

3. Im 100% natural, protect from the sun, a little bit waxy and moisturise like no ones business. This is a new favourite of mine! Its natural fruit lipbalm, in cherry flavour! Oh delish!

4. Unlike #3 Im not practical in any sense. Im shiny, sticky and see through. Lipgloss! Shiny, sticky lipgloss! This one is actually really delicious and sweet. I like it alot!

5. Produced from seeds, bitter, sweet or sickly? Whats a giveaway without some chocolate. This is one of my childhood favs haha.

6. Just add a pen, a stamp and a friend. Postcards! Everyone who guessed got this right (well, kinda!) I mean, I love the 50's and I love snail mail... so win!

7. Who knows what it will contain, its all round and shiny and holds a true love of mine. I made a couple of pretty mixed CD's containing some of my favourite songs.

8. dont hang out the washing, pick something much prettier. Right now I am realyl into garlands, so I put together a little make your own garland kit. Its got ribbon, a few pretty pictures and some mini wooden pegs to get your started!

9. Pin me up, oh you pretty lady! Most of you know I love to create, and recently I have branched out into brooch making. This one is a gorgeous 1920's image. I love it, I actually have one exactly the same, so Ebony and I can be brooch buddies!

10. I was born in 1935, I generally live in the cold, and Im a delightful shade of a fruit. I am so glad this clue stumped everyone. These books are my favourite. I love the ORANGE {see thats where the fruit comes from!!} covers! Breakfast at Tiffanys is such a classic.

Well miss Ebony, Congratulations, I hope you love all your goodies, and I wonder, if you will stay away long enough to recieve your package like you said you would. hehe. Keep your eyes peeled lovelies, I have an awesome giveaway with an awesome blogging sister to get underway when I return from my little vacation {which is just so much fun and why I have been a little absent. but I promise Ill be back soon. I miss you!}