Sunday, June 20, 2010

Im back, oh and Postal Service V.4

Im back! Yay! My vacation was just lovely, but boy did I miss you all! Its been so nice to sit down and just catch up on whats been going on with you all, and now, its time to catch you up on the last few days with me. The rest of my trip was most lovely, I got to catch up with friends and eat delicious food, acquire two new beautiful pieces of art work, {yip im going to post a tattoo post soon kiddies!} drank too much jack daniels, and just have an all round wonderful time. Im really blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. We had a blast, and it was so nice to be able to sit down and have good catch ups with people that I havent seen in a while too. Ah enough of the chit chat, here are some photos of the adventures.

Josh and RJ playing a tune

My beautiful Niece Lyric.

My amazing Cousin Jess. It was soo good to see her!

Ellie May... copping a feel! haha.

Alesha, Brigette and I, what a fun wednesday night this was!

Hahaha this photo sums up friday night perfectly!

Cuddles with Sarah

Tillie! Come here! Ok Ally and Josh! haha.

It was such a fun couple of weeks, but it was also really nice to come home and just do nothing but catch up on my blogging friends lives, write letters, and sleep in my own bed, which had beautiful crisp clean sheets on it. Speaking of writing letters... Coming home from being away meant that I had a stack of exciting mail to open! It was like christmas all over again!
Shall we have a little lookie?

The beautiful Yana sent me a little gift package. Oh my, I loved loved loved it. A little zine, a game and able card {ah! I have only been wanting to buy this card for months now!!} sublime stitching transfers {freaking YES!} and a whole bunch of other magical things including cupcake bandages, the casino rumblers cd and the cutest fabric ever! Talk about spoiled!

Letters from Lindsay {yay finally got it!!} and the lovely catherine

Talk about cute envelopes! Goodness me! And that stamp! oh hello!

Megan also spoiled me good! Goodness look at that! Mixed Cds, stationery, the cutest little stickers, and such a sweet letter. This girl is golden. Really!!

Some postcards, from some beauties, and postcrossing and sendsomething. Oh and my first official etsy purchase. Copies of the first 2 Editions of Spoonful, a delightful happiness companion! You guys should go and check out their etsy store and get yourself a copy, it will make you smile, guaranteed.

I sent out my package swap packages, but silly me, forgot to take photos! But they were all pretty and lovely and I hope that my partners love the goodies that were inside!

I also sent out a little something to the beautiful Micaela, she wrote a blog about it, if you want to check it out, because I didnt photograph that either! haha.

A couple of thank you notes to some lovely girls.

A letter for Megan and Rikki {yip its a diet coke advertisment}

4 letters for 4 lovely ladie! I made the envelopes from a fashion spread in a magazine that I really liked!

I also sent out Ebony's giveaway win! So hopefully that arrives safe soon!
Okay, now, off to take photos of my tattoos for you, for this promised tattoo post. Oh fun!


  1. LOL! Lyric's expression is hilarity!

  2. yay!!! so glad you got my letter!!! Glad you had a great vacation and glad to see you back!!!

  3. You have a niece called lyric?? That's ADORABLE! I love cute names like that^^

    I have to start writing letters and such. But I'm not sure who to send to yet.. ^^''

    xx Sophie

  4. You are so up to date with your mail, I am so behind, I need to get writing. So glad you had a nice time away and I can not wait to see your new tattoo's, yip!

  5. Yay <3
    My e-mail is
    If you send me yours, I'll send you mine ;D;D

    xx Sophie

  6. Woo hoo! I love Spoonful! :)
    Would love to discuss it with you some time.
    There is some amazing looking envelopes there... how fun!