Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovely Ladies Vol. 1

Okay, So... I have decided to start a new segment on the blog, called Lovely Ladies. I realised, after my last post, that while sometimes it is hard being a woman, and facing the issues that come up as a result of being a woman {oh the drama!!} we can get a bit down, because well lets face it. Girls really can be nasty. But, in looking at the negatives, We can forgot about the positives, and I mean there are really a lot of things to Celebrate about being the better sex {thats right I said it... B E T T E R} So, today, I want to take a few minutes to celebrate some of the lovely ladies that are in my life. {this is totally an on going thing, so each week new ladies will appear! If you arent here in this volume... you might just be in the next...} So without further Ado...

Let me introduce you, to some of the lovely ladies in my life...

This lady is the lovely Ruth. She is one of my best friends and the sweetest girl. Lucky for me, she is one lady that I know will always be there for me. We met about 5 years ago {where has the time gone} when we were in a band together, and well, since then, we have bonded over music {she has rad taste.}, gone on many adventures, and done many silly things together. One of the things I love most about this girl, is she is the kind of girl that is always there for you, and will go and get chocolate biscuits when you ring her and tell her you need to come over and talk about something. BFFL not BFWIC!

Look at this beauty! Meet Dom. She is amazing. I have known this lovely lady for around about... well 7 years. Nearly! {Yikes!} We met when we both were taking part in a musical at a local boys school...they needed ladies. And instantly became friends. This lady, is nothing short of amazing, and even though she doesnt live SUPER close to me anymore, infact she lives in a whole other part of the country, {the coldddddeesssttttt part to!} I love her dearly, and every time we see each other its like there has been no time elapsed. We keep each other going. I love her. Tan and Mod forever.

Introducing Miss Ally Lamb. This woman, is pretty much, incredible. Not only have I known her since I was 14, but she is a huge inspiration to me. She is a successful and amazing drummer, {sweet plug, check out her bank Litvak Attack... now}, She is an AMAZING mum to my beautiful little neice Lyric, and she is one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met. Ally has been there for me through alot, and helped me so much, I know that she is there for me no matter what, and if I turned up at her house, there would be a couch for me to sleep on {this theory has been well tested} I am so blessed to have her and her big green deck in my life.

Well hello Pretty! This is Sophie. She is a flipping babe! Another Yummy Mummy, this girl is beyond amazing. Sophie and I met on myspace {hey dont judge me!} yeah we had mutual friends, and then one day, we hung out. The rest is history. She is an AMAZING mother to the beautiful Isla, and she is so strong and kind and I just adore her. I have actually never heard a bad word come out of this ladies mouth. {for reals!} and I always have such a blast when I am with her! Plus, we look awesome in party hats.

Rosie is a dear Lady friend of mine. Its funny to think that we have only known each other for a little over a year, but, we got on pretty much instantly and well, the 15 months that we have known each other has gone super fast. {like, ridiculously fast in all honesty!} Rosie and I have shared one of the best experiences of our lives together, travelling for 8 weeks across the United states {LA to NY and back again baby!} She is kind, compassionate and honestly caring, its so refreshing to have someone like Rosie around. I love her dearly, and Cant wait for our next little adventure, wherever it may be. Tille and Turkey.

This, is Jess. She pretty much rules. {I mean, we are related, so of course she rules!} While we may be cousins, I really look at Jess as the sister I never had. We are only 10months apart in age, and for a while Jess lived with me and my mum which was awesome. {Hello Sunday monring 'The OC' Marathons} This girl is a huge inspiration to me, she is a fighter, a lover and an all round amazing person, who doesnt take any crap, and isnt afraid to stand up to people. I love her strength and tenacity. I wouldnt mess with her. You shouldnt either. But what you should do, is go check out her blog. {yeah another sweet plug!} Love you Cousin.

Of course, there are many other lovely ladies in my life, YOU included. So, this will roll around again... and who knows, maybe you will see your face, and some of the things that I love about you written here soon! And well, maybe you have some Lovely Ladies in your life that you want to celebrate. Join in! And don't forget to link me back {my first linky below... oh how fun!} so I can read all about the women in your life that rule!


  1. looks like you have a lot of wonderful women in your life!
    And big up the girl drummers! woo!

  2. love how quickly YOU turned things around. this post rocks!

  3. Great idea lovely Tillie! :)

  4. What a lovely post :) I bet these ladies are glad to have you in their life too! I think you should do a little post about your tattoos... I can sometimes catch a glimpse in your pictures but Id love to have a nosy at all the ones you have :) xx

  5. this is absolutely wonderful. i love it.

  6. Thankyou Tan.
    I love you & miss you so sooo much!
    You complete me.