Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missed Connections

I cant believe that I havent blogged about this most amazing artist before. My goodness. I have been following this blog since the day I started my own blog, and boy oh boy, every time she posts a new post, my heart swoons a little bit.

Sophie Blackall is the brains, and hands behind missed connections a blog she describes as "Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I'm trying to pin a few of them down." Her quirky and beautiful illustrations along with some of the sweetest stories, make my heart skip a beat. Oh let me share some of my favourites with you!

Arent they seriously the cutest things ever? Sophie also has an etsy which I am pining over. Particularly this print... or this one... or or or! Oh heck, I love them all. She is so talented.


  1. These are so cute. I especially like the one about the girl knitting :D

  2. i seriously love all of these!!!
    i wish i could buy them all!
    they are just so interesting and cute and wonderful!

  3. Thanks for posting this Tillie, I keep meaning to find out where these originated from and you've done the hard work for me - you rock! :)