Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the little things

Its the little things in life that make it good.

The little things like big cups of tea on cold winters days.
Red lipstick when you dont feel like going out.
Nights in watching bad movies that you have already seen a hundred times but still love.
Its the little things like knowing that you will always have that one person who will be there for you even when you havent seen them for months at a time.
Not wanting to go to the gym, but actually enjoying it when you get there.
Spending the day reading blogs written by friends all over the world.
Looking through old photo albums and remembering the that things can be awesome, even though right now they arent
Its the little things, like listening to the radio and singing at the top of your lungs
Driving through the rain to reach your sunny destination
Cleaning your room and finding something you lost.
Photoshoots with friends
Its the little things like the crush you have on that guy and the butterflies that you get when you see him, or he talks to you.
Cheek kisses and cuddles.
Your guy friends pretending to be your boyfriend when a creep hits on you
Jack on the rocks.
Its the little things like late night heart to hearts with your friends
Emails from friends you have yet to meet, encouraging you to keep on keeping on.
Little kids and their imaginations
Its the little things like video chats with your best friends from the other side of the world. Oh alabama how I miss you. {isnt carol simply the most beautiful girl ever?}

What are your little things that keep you going?


  1. red wine at the end of the day, Grey's Anatomy reruns, a night out with my girlfriends and cocktails (tomorrow!) :)

  2. little tomato flowers on our plant this morning and 2 little figs on our tree :) Hot Chocolate as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Yum!

  3. Bad Horror movies - you know the ones that are so bad they are actually good.

    Yeah - they are awesome.

    Oh and when the kids at my school talk to me in the cutiest broken English and say "Teacher - I love you!"

  4. I love those video calls as well. My soul sister lives in Australia and we only meet once a year when she comes over for a holiday. =)

  5. The Munchkin wrapping her little arms around me and telling me she loves me
    Finding treasures at Oppies, and only spending a few dollars
    ps. Great list, and a good reminder to appreciate the little things more xx

  6. Wonderful list, my dear. Absolutely love it.

  7. What a marvelous list of Little Things.

    Seeing it rain while I'm working only to get off and have it be sunny.

    Getting messages from friends that ask me about my day.

    Holding Hands

  8. cuddling on the couch, or catching up on my blogs or some of my favorite little things I love!!

  9. Enormous cups of tea,
    the midnightsun,
    watching Agatha Christie-movies with Mom,
    watching Disney classics(I always cry..),
    sitting in the grass with my friends,
    recieveing and sending letters and gifts,
    Being cuddled with. I LOVE being cuddles with. I'm a huge cat, really.. Snugglesnuggle <3

    + most of what you've written^^

    xx Sophie

  10. I love this :).

    That first cup of coffee in the morning.
    Sleeping in on the weekends.
    Having picnics with my love :)
    Cuddling with my kitties.
    A good summer thunderstorm.
    A glass of ice cold sweet tea...

    Oh I could keep going...

  11. I agree. It's the small things in life that we take for granted. I love it when I go for a walk with my husband and we walk by an old couple. I'm always curious if that will be us one day :)