Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh no she didnt!

Oh I totally did! 7 Hours of sitting in a movie theatre, a little bit of junk food, 3 other lovely ladies, and plenty of giggles. Yes, Its true, Last night I went, where no sane 20 year old should go... To the Twilight Saga Triple Feature at the movies. That's right folks. 7pm Twilight. 9.15pm New Moon. 12.01am Eclipse. Midnight screening!! {judge me if you must!} Haha It actually wasn't swarming with crazy twilight fans, like I thought It would be... perhaps all the little ones weren't allowed to come. There were surprisingly a lot of 'adults' {now I put this in quotations because really, what real mature adult goes to a midnight screening of a teen romance novel haha} It was pretty funny sitting through twilight, I realised what a crappily made movie it is, and how lame the story line is, haha. I also cant get over the sparkling. {vampires don't sparkle, i know, I've met one} It was only the second time I had seen New Moon, so it was nice to get a refresher before the big premiere of Eclipse. The film... well it was definitely a build up movie to the next installment, though I suppose the book was much the same. The ending to me felt super anti climatic, but I guess its all in preparation for Breaking Dawn... I heard they are making that film in 2 installments? {nothing like prolonging the inevitable huh!!} I just read what I wrote and realised how cynical and crabby I sound, Don't get me wrong, I liked the film, of course I did, as much as I deny it I do like twilight. I guess the ending was a bit of a let down for me, and because of that I left the cinema feeling a bit flat {then again that could of been because it was 2am and I had just watched 7 hours of movies!} There were some definite funny one liners, and some good moments. I think the chemistry between the characters has finally all clicked into place, which was kinda nice to see from a audience point of view. Oh and for all you Jacob fans....Yeah he is pretty much topless all of the movie. {I am definitely not Team Jacob, but dang that boy is fine. }

You should go see it. You know you want to. I would say take the girls, get a little reckless, and have a giggle. And while your thinking about that, you still have time to enter the photo swap.


  1. I saw it this morning! I loved it! It was my favorite book. I agree with the first movie. That director shouldn't have been chosen, I thought the picture looked like it had an awkward blue tint throughout the whole movie. And I am not really a fan of her other movie Thirteen, it just doesn't flow.

    I heard Breaking Dawn is coming out June 2011 the first version! A whole year :(

  2. I don't have a ton of interest in seeing the movie, but it's true that Jacob is one fiiiiiiiiiine specimen!

  3. 7 hours of Twilight. Not sure how you managed. Having said that I'm still keen to see the latest one, just not sure if I could cope with all three straight up. lol

  4. oh i love this post! i also went along to the midnight screening (fighting the fear that i would be judged by the majority of my friends)! i really enjoyed this one - definatley more than twilight and i think i liked it better than new mooon... :)! it will be interesting to see how they do the last one!

    thanks for being a loud and proud twilight fan!!

    kel x

    p.s - i was completely surprised by the number of grown men keenly lining up at midnight for the teen chick flick :)!!

  5. As someone who has loved horror movies for as long as I've been allowed to watch them (actually I've loved them since before I was allowed to watch them!) I can never ever accept a sparkly vampire!

    But then, it's not like these are horror films.

    Glad you had a super time - Rich and I are going to a film festival later this month and will be watching a 12am - 4am double feature. I hope I survive!

  6. oh man, I have not seen or read Twilight. Being from Arizona (same state as Stepanie Meyer) there are so many crazy Twilight fans here. I did got to a midnight viewing of Harry Potter though and I was stupid happy. There were people in cloaks and a lot of them had wands. I loved it!!

  7. I wish my theater had the triple showing, I sat there for 7 hours and only got to see Eclipse! But soooo worth it! Go Edward :)