Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fleeting Visits, and Congratulations.

Oh what a weekend. It went by so quickly! It was kinda ridiculous. I think sometimes I need to just stop and take a breath, but I often forget.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. I got to help celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends Lana. Lana and I met in highschool and bonded over music and art in photography class. We became super close, and spent a lot of time together over the following years. I am so excited for her! Only bummer about the whole thing is that her Fiance, Michael is from Kansas City (mmhmm mister america!) and so Lana will be moving to the states to live in only 10 short days. While I am sad that I wont get to see her as often, I am so excited for her future, and hey, it will give me just another reason to visit the states more often {Not that I needed another one!! haha} She looked SO beautiful at her engagement party! And I am so excited that in the next few days I am going to be getting together with her and Michael to take some awesome engagement photos for them. Watch this space... ill be posting a sneak peak on my blog at some stage im sure!

Im also really excited to be planning a mini vacation to Auckland. This time its not so spontaneous, but I am sure it will be just as exciting. I will be away from the 11th till the 20th of June, so a pretty good break. Its going to be alot of fun.

Today I partnered people up for the Simply Delightful Package swap, so if you are part of that you should have recieved an email from me! Yay! Im excited for everyone to recieve their swaps! So that we can do a big old sexy blogpost on it! mmhmm!

Just a quick post today, but tomorrow ill be back with something juicy im sure. Oh and thank you all for your support on my writing that I posted the other day. Its nice to know that ya'll are there loving it too! Oh and one more thing! Dont forget to enter the mystery giveaway I wonder if you can guess what is in it...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breathe Easy

Sitting on a rooftop, in a tired but loved armchair, the city seems to talk to me, even though the world around me slumbers. Whispers of car engines and police sirens in the distant, telling me tales of the adventures of their lives. Cigarette smoke lingers, in the air, and in my throat. Those letters linger there to. Unwelcome and Unwanted at best. A light mist dances over the treetops, glistening under the streetlights, and in all this beauty I cant help but remember that I am alone. Normally this wouldnt bother me. Not tonight. Tonight this feeling has crept a little closer than it is comfortable. Collapse. Lucidity. Hopelessness. Each second lingers, a little longer, as if the sky is talking to me, telling me its secrets, showing me its core. Until finally it opens completely and begins to fall fluidly around me, taking me to a place that I never knew existed. A place where long grass grew around us as we lay together and stared at the clouds. A place where minutes melted into hours, and hours slipped into days, and time eventually escaped us all together. A place where those four letters becomes one word, that changed everything. A place where you weren’t so far from me

Inhale, Exhale. Breathe.

A blink of an eye and suddenly long grass and shaped clouds fade into wet hair and a chilled spine. Im suddenly not where I was, Im suddenly certainly aware of everything as it really appears, as it really is. As I look out over this city, I realize the grid of the streets which I am so aimlessly staring at, actually replicate the patterns in your palms, the rough and the smooth, the curved and the straight. The bumps along the edges, the valleys and the mountains. The hands that touched me and shaped me. The hands that guided me when I was lost, and changed my direction when things werent quite right. The hands that became so familiar and so sweet. The ones that showed me new hope and took me on adventures I never thought to be possible. The ones that ultimately changed me. For the better. Im not so sure anymore.

Inhale, Exhale. Breathe.

The rain softens, enough for it to be gently dancing over my body. My clothes attaching themselves to me like a second skin, create a shell that wont be broken. Cold. Quiet. Reasons for everything, they say. Though I have yet to find the reason for this. But as I slowly adjust myself in this chair, wiping the rain from my eyes, I know that those 4 letters, have moved from my throat amongst the smoke, to a place that wont be exposed to you ever again.

Inhale, Exhale. Breathe.

- Me

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick! Behind the Sofa...*Giveawayyyy*

Okay, so im not organising a suprise party...but I am organising...well, hosting, a suprise of sorts. Thats right, Im celebrating 150 followers. Wow! Who would have thought, that anyone would want to read what I have to say! Haha. Well look at that, turns out some of you do, and I feel so very blessed by the fact that I have made some truely amazing friends through this little blog of mine. yay! So, I thought, Lets have a giveaway. Why not right. But then I thought, Why not make it a giveaway with a twist. A twist is always good right? A twist of lime in a GnT, A twist on the dance floor, a twist in this giveaway.

So. Its going to remain a secret. Yup. Ill give you some clues as to the gifts I am going to include, but you see, I wont reveal the final product until after the winner has been selected. That makes it fun right? I think so! Okie Doke... well here is how you can enter... You have to be a follower of this blog in order to win! {This is a thank you to my loves, but of course all you new friends are loved to! So follow away and enter the draw!} That goes for all the entries then there are 3 ways you can enter the giveaway.

1. Leave a comment with your name, email address and tell me where you would be and what you would be doing if you could be anywhere in the world at this very moment.
2. For an extra entry... leave a comment with your guess as to what might be in this mystery prize! Correspond your guesses with the numbers of the clues... kinda like a crossword I guess! If you get 4 things right, you will get an extra entry into the draw. {I will delete your messages so no one else can cheat! But keep count of how many entries you have!!} Oh and leave me your email address.
3. Oh, and one more entry you can blog about this giveaway and leave a link with your email address in a comment

(Have you got the hint, that if you dont leave an email address your entry wont count?! I hope so! hehe)

Now... Onto the fun bit... The clues...

1. Decorate your cervical vertabrae with an ornament of the sparkley variety.
2. Im usually coupled with an arrow, some sheep or under a mans chin.
3. Im 100% natural, protect from the sun, a little bit waxy and moisturise like no ones business.
4. Unlike #3 Im not practical in any sense. Im shiny, sticky and see through.
5. Produced from seeds, bitter, sweet or sickly?
6. Just add a pen, a stamp and a friend.
7. Who knows what it will contain, its all round and shiny and holds a true love of mine.
8. dont hang out the washing, pick something much prettier.
9. Pin me up, oh you pretty lady!
I was born in 1935, I generally live in the cold, and Im a delightful shade of a fruit.

Confused? Or maybe you will creep right into my brain and be able to work them all out! You have two weeks to think about this! The giveaway is going to close on the 9th of June {my time}... So thats the evening of the 8th for all you americans out there!

OOOOOH! And you only have 4 more days to enter the Package Swap. Go on, you know you want too!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Postal Service V.3

Mail! Mail! Everywhere! I think my postman is getting a little jealous because of all the AMAZING envelopes and parcels which are arriving on my doorstep! Oh boy! Its just so exciting coming home and finding something beautiful waiting for me to open! I am getting much better at remembering to take photos of them too! Though, I am still on the learning curve for taking photos of the things that I send out... however... I didnt do to badly this time around, there are just some that will remain suprises for the lovelies who are recieving them!


This beautiful card and bunch of flowers was delievered to me at work from my work colleagues to say congratulations for graduating university! The flowers are soooo beautiful and are making my room smell most delicious right now! Yum! There is nothing nicer than a bunch of flowers...

I stand corrected. There is something nicer than a bunch of flowers, and thats TWO bunches of flowers. I also came home to find that my amazing cousin Jess had sent down from Auckland. They are so bright and pretty and I have them sitting in the dining room at the moment. They brighten the whole place up!

The ever beautiful Chelsea sent me a lovely little package with a mixed CD of her favourite 50s and 60s tunes, and she threw in some of her fav tea...which also happens to be one of my favourites. Oh its just so delicious. Oh and miss Chelsea, Your handwriting is the best. Just saying.

I took part in an acessory swap a little while ago and my package from the lovely Miss Sophie arrived. The skull earrings are so wonderful!! I actually wore them the night that I got them, when I went to a friends 21st. They are adorable, and the necklace! Oh the necklace! I love it!

Chelsea sent me another little thank you card too for a wee package that I sent her a little while back. And The Fruid sent me something from that was exciting to recieve too!!

Ah! Talk about the biggest suprise parcel ever! I was so totally spoilled by the amazingly kind and generous Allana. Where do I start! There was just so much in the parcel it still kinda baffles me. She sent the most delicious of teas, stationery, stickers, cozy warm socks from the warm toes fairy (SOOOOO CUDDLEY!) recipe cards, buttons, oh man, just so many wonderful wonderful things. And the best letter ever. I cant wait to return the favour and send something wonderful to her in return! Now I just need to hunt out some little loves that she might like. Oh boy!

Outgoing (well the stuff I remember to photograph!)

Letters to 4 lovely ladies!

Sailor Jerry Postcards to random friends from

4 more letters to 4 more lovelies.

Oh boy, I have many letters to write, I think i might go and make a cup of tea and get onto doing something about that nowww! Next week, hopefully I will be able to post out some bigger packages, so keep your eyes on your mailboxes, or drop me an email if you would like to get in on the action! How fun.

Oh, and a suprise is coming your way in the next few days... just getting my hands on a few little things and then it will all be revealed. yay!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Before I say anything else, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent their sweet lovin to me about graduating. All your kind words overwhelmed me a little, and meant so much, so thank you thank you thank YOU! You are just lovely.

Now I dont want to turn my blog into a place where I come to have a moan, but there is something on my chest, and I feel like I need to release it, so, blogsphere, here it is.

I am in the middle of a quarter life crisis. I think. Im not really sure what one looks like, but if indecision, lack of direction, too many options and fear of failure are symptoms, then Doctor, write me a perscription. Maybe its the fact that I have just graduated from university, but im pretty sure that this has been lingering a little longer than that. Since I have returned from my overseas adventure I have been feeling a little unsettled. I dont know where I want to be living, what I want to be doing, or where I am meant to be doing. I feel like I have no direction, or rather, I feel like I have to many potential directions that I dont know what one to choose. I mean, this is a decision that potentially effects the rest of my life. I know im still young. I can hear you yelling at the computer screen that its alright not to have life figured out at 20. But. Boy. I just feel so out of sorts. Do I travel? Do I study more? If I study more, what do I study? Academia or Art? Both perhaps? Should I buy those gorgeous high heels even though I dont need them and they are half of a weeks wages? Should I work abroad for a year? Should I just go on another adventure holiday? Will I ever meet the right person? Should I move? Should I stay?

I was talking to a friend about this recently and she said "listen to your heart". Now this is all very nice in theory, but the thing is, my heart wants to do it all. My head wants to do it all. I know that each of these decisions could be the right one. And thats the thing, its not like I have two clear cut options, one which is sensible and the other which is not. They all have their merits and downsides. I just dont know what the right direction is. I honestly, am so very confused. Which, is not a good feeling for a girl like me. I like to have things under control, otherwise, I can get very on edge. Hopefully, whatever this season is, it sorts itself out soon, so I can feel like things are getting back to normal. In the mean time, I suppose Ill keep changing my mind, setting myself up, and then changing my mind again. *sigh* Oh well, it could be alot worse, I mean, I could have no options. haha. {Ever the optimist}

In other news, you only have 6 more days to enter the swap... so what the heck are you waiting for. I mean, Really! Oh yeah, and when I get one more follower... I have a suprise for youu!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I did it!

Im excited to say that yesterday I officially graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Yup! Thats right, I now officially have a degree! How exciting huh! I had such a lovely day yesterday, I got to have a sleep in, then got myself all glammed up, put on a beautiful dress that my mum made for me, and my official academic robes and head into the city for my graduation parade and ceremony. The weather held up and I got to walk through the main streets of the city (a tradition long standing at Victoria) with all the other graduands of the day. Then, I got to have lunch with some beautiful ladies, have a few drinks, and then attend my graduation ceremony. I was so blessed to have my mum, aunty, grandparents and dear friend Ruth attend the ceremony and then we all went out for dinner afterwards and enjoyed good food, drink and company... it really was such a wonderful day. Okay, enough of the words, im just going to post a bunch of pictures from the day, then it will be just like you were there celebrating with me!

All dressed up in my academic robes

Ruth and Me!

Gabbie was graduating too!

Walking in the Parade.. Its a long standing tradition that all the new graduates walk through the main streets of Wellington. It was rather odd!

Thumbs up!

Rosie came down in her lunch break to watch the Parade!

Mum and My Aunty Annie were there too!

Thank you Victoria University, we had fun.

So excited about my graduation gift. The most beautiful charm bracelet with a graduation cap, a music note, a suitcase some study books and a few love hearts. Thanks to my beautiful mum and grandparents!

Thanks for the help mama!

My new bracelet! Woohoo!

My Aunty wanted to try on my hat! haha!

There you go folks! It really happened!

My Beautiful Mum! She is amazing.

The Family. (Well, most of them!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weak at the Knees

Today, is a pure perve fest. Im not even going to lie. Today is the day I share my a few of my crushes. My purely lustful addictions for some of the sexiest men alive. Yes, I want their babies. I think I would make quite cute babies...I digress. But Alas, Im afraid to say most of these delicious men are happily married, and Im no home wrecker! So Little old me, will just have to sit here waiting for the day one of these amazing men wake up and realise I really am the girl for them. *siiiiiigh*

Where do we start.. hmmm. I think at the most current crush will do. Introducing the delightfully deliciously delictable Mr John Clayton Mayer.

Oh I know I have talked about this a little bit, but after seeing him live recently I just realised how... delicious he is. His voice is incredible, he is the most talented gutairist, and he is just so sexy! I mean look at him. Come on people! Its the truth. That man oozes sex. That is all there is too it. Oh John! Come and serenade me.

If you have not been delighted by this next eligible hunk, I would advise you to jump onto youtube right this second and get watching. You will soon be converted I am sure!! Introducing the most lovely to look at Mr Dallas Green.
Tattoos + Folk Music + Beard + Glasses + Shirts = Could this man get any better? Oh man, ever since I first heard Alexisonfire I have had a massive crush on him. When I met him in person, I got all giddy and like a 12 year old girl but I dont care. He smelt Nice. I would like to Marry him one day. Then he could sing me sweet nothings until he ran out of voice. Thanks.

Lets jump the big screen for a second shall we. Introducing the hunky hunky hunk Mr John Christopher Depp.

Now, I realise that he is certainly old enough to be my father, does that stop me having an insatiable crush on the man? I think not! I mean come on! He is soooooo lovely to look at. I remember the first time I saw Edward Scissorhands, I was in lust then, and still now, I am. Such an incredibly talented man, and oh so mysterious. Johnny Depp you are just too good for words.

Now, the only reason I ever found out about the next piece of eye candy, is through a television series I watched... without further ado, I present to you, Mr Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller.

Oh yes. This was a match made in heaven. Now, truth be told, my crush is really on Jax. His character in Sons Of Anarchy is just. amazing. Motorcyles + Facial Hair + Brooding agression + manly instinct. Oh its a equation that was set to make me swoon. And swoon I did. Thank you writers of Sons of Anarchy, for bringing such a wonderful man into the world (secretly I hope Charlie is like Jax in real life, although, I dont imagine he is in an outlaw motorcycle club. Darn.)

Ahhhh. Now that that is out of my system... come on ladies, which celebs are you crushing on?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today has been one of those uninspiring days. You know the ones, where you wake up and want to stay snuggled in bed but the alarm is blearing and you must get up just to shut it up. On the way to work I was delayed in heavy traffic, with nothing to listen to but the drawl of the radio because I had left my ipod on my desk at work the night before. Work was well... glum. Nothing really happened. It just...was. And to top things off I have a headache and, without sharing WAY to much information my little friend arrived this morning {you know, that one that shows up once a month and makes you all flavours of cranky and uncomfortable} so all in all its been a pretty average sort of day. Not one for the history books I am afraid. Then again I did book my next lot of tattoos in with the lovely miss Karla. So I am looking forward to that, without a doubt.

Tonight however promises to make me smile. Im going out to dinner with a friend to a new mexican place that has just opened, and any one who knows me, knows that I just LOVE mexican food... so I am thinking that a few drinks, good food and good company might be just the ticket to putting me in a good mood. Oh yes.

I sent off some mail today too! How exciting... And there are heaps of entries for the Delightful Package Swap which is also pretty darn wonderful, but still plenty of time for you to join if you havent already!! . Oh and who wants to swap mixed CD's? I have one with your name on it... just waiting to be sent to your loving stereo player. Mmmyes. Oh and I may have mentioned this... but I graduate from University on Thursday... yip in 2 days time! Yay! Im so excited. So maybe this week isnt that bad after all. Cup half full right?

OH! I almost forgot... Im looking for another creative soul, someone, somewhere, with a camera, and a love for photography to collaborate on a little project with me. Oh the wonders of the internet!! It wont take up that much time, but is going to be a wee commitment everyday... If you might be interested... drop me a line, and Ill get back to you with some details... yay!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music for my soul

Two blog entires in one day.. boy. Im getting ahead of myself here. I was going to save this for tomorrow, but I thought, Oh what the heck. Lets get adventurous! Ive been listening to my ipod on shuffle at work all day, and I've fallen in love with some of my old favourite bands all over again. There are so many songs I forget about but that I love so so so much. Same with bands, There are entire albums that I can go months sometimes even years without listening too and then they get played again and take me back to that very time when that music got me through, or that night that I heard the first song. Music speaks to me, I think sometimes we might have our own special language.

This got me thinking {dangerous I know!!} I send alot of mail out, and I host a bunch of giveaway's and swaps and things, and well, I havent really done anything to do with music, which just baffles me, because its the logical step right? So Ima thinking... Lets do a CD swap. mmhmm, a CD swap. It will be fun, and maybe new music crushes will become apparent because of it, nothing could be better I think. You send me some tunes on a disc, and ill send you some back! They could be your favourite songs, or your getting ready to go out to dance songs, or your chilling out on a sunday afternoon songs, or a mix of songs that you just simply love.

So who wants to swap a CD? Its as easy as... 1, 2, 3 {thanks jackson 5) Im excited to hear your favourite bands, and make some new discoveries... Oh yess! Email me? I cant wait to hear from you!

Make Me A Mixtape Vol. 4

Whether you call it hard rock, cock rock, melodic rock, pop-metal, glam or sleaze, Shotgun Alley can be named one of New Zealand’s hottest rock bands to make their mark In the Kiwi Music Industry. Recently, The boys supported Alice Cooper on his ‘Theatre of Death’ tour performing in Auckland, New Zealand They have also shared the stage with Glam Metal band Steel Panther in Los Angeles, playing major rock venues The Viper Room and The Key Club. Not only are these guys solid as hell live, they are good friends of mine.

With the release of their new video for their single Give it All up for Rock its a busy time for the boys of Shotgun Alley. The lovely Josh takes a second out from his jam packed schedule to sit down with me and make a mix tape.

Opening Track - Your Theme Song.
RamJam - Black Betty. It explains itself really, I've got it all my life.. "Whoa Josh Betty.. Bam Ba Lam"
First album you owned
Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein. Off the first casette tape I ever bought. The soundtrack for Wayne's World!!
Best/Favourite Cover
Nirvana - Love Buzz. Their first ever released single was a cover of Dutch Rock Band, Shocking Blue that they released on Sub Pop. Made me fall in love with Grunge and lent the way for my punk influence to encroach on my pop sensibility.
Musician Dead or alive you would love to play with
This is a tough one but any member of Nirvana would do! Dave Grohl or Kurt Cobain. I would love to share the stage with Dave Grohl and sing Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters.
Best Love Song
Guns N' Roses - So Fine. Such a pretty melody and music but just has that rawness to it that makes it sound so dirty and "cool."
Song that reminds you of High School
Blink 182 - Please Take Me Home. Off 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' Reminds me of 6th Form holidays before starting our last year. Knowing you're hitting that home stretch...
Therapist in a Song
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart. If ever I am down or lack energy, this song is the pick-me-up I need. There's just something about fast drums and heavy guitars that's always made me feel happy to be alive!
Guilty Pleasure
At the moment, my guilty pleasures are Kesha. Any song really, that chick rocks cowboy boots and drinks Jack.. I don't give a shit if she's a poser, she's damn hot!!
Guaranteed Sing Along Song
Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer. Easy!
Closing Track - The old faithful.
Alexisonfire - Accidents. When I first moved to Auckland I bought their second album 'Watch Out,' and 'Accidents' is the opening track. I'm pretty sure it didn't leave my car CD player until I'd worn it out.. literally.

Here is a peak at the new video... Hows about that huh!! What do ya think?? {Josh is wearing a ramones shirt... haha now you know what he looks like too! Snap!}

Oh and dont forget to enter the swap! yay!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postal Service V.2... and a few other bits of love.

This week (so far at least) has been a good week. Its thursday today, and that means another long 13 hour working day, but! on the bright side, I get to finish early on saturday and sunday this weekend! So that is keeping me in good spirits. John Mayer (yes my love continues strong) is keeping my company at work this morning. Last night I was so excited to see the priemere of the new Shotgun Alley film clip for their new single Give It All Up for Rock (Seriously, you need to check this video out.. NOW! tell me what you think!!) I am so proud of them!! Its funny to see them on TV though, and the girls in the video clip are also friends of mine, so it was a bit of a giggle to see them strutting their stuff also!

Okie Doke, Now onto the exciting stuff... MAIL!!!!
Making my mailbox smile

Cards from Miss Kellie and Miss Megan

Mixed CDs from Cameron (His lovely girlfriend Bianca decorated them, oh so beautifully I might add!!) Oh Yay! They were such goodins! And are living in my car stereo at the moment.

Oh Boy! I was so suprised to get this wee package from Ayden. My Goodness! She won a spotprize in my giveaway, and decided to send something back to me. Oh its amazing! I am honestly loving it sooooo much! And wearing the eyeshadow today! We dont get Top Shop in New Zealand... So I was so excited to see that she had sent me a few little pieces from their new cosmetic range. Oh my! The nail polish is just ah-may-zing!
From my beautiful blog soul mate Micaela! Hello GIRL!! Talk about flipping spoiling me like mad. OH MY GOODNESS! She sent me the most beautiful vintage tin, some vintage buttons that were here mums, some delicious smelling body lotion, that makes me want to eat my arm because it smells so very good the cutest postcard, and Oh my! Some beautiful beautiful beautiful journals. Probably the coolest journals that I now own. Ah I love them so much. And then, if that wasnt enough, she sent me the cutest vintage thrifted coin purse / wallety type thing. Oh my god, even my mama loves it! She wants to borrow it! But she will have to pry my hands off it first. Thank you baby! YOU I LIKE! ;)

Making other people's mailboxes smile

Ive sent out alot of postcards this week. is my new obsession. I didnt photograph them all because there was actualyl like 30 of them! And I sent a couple of letters to a couple of beauties around the world. Justine and Emily
Also going out this week were my 21st birthday invites... A sneak peak... but more on that later when I know they have been delievered and recieved!!
This weekend I am going to be catching up on writing letters... so there will be alot going out in the next installment I am thinking!!

Ive also been busy baking this week... I have made 2 pavlova's and its only Thursday! haha. They are a definite success and I think I have it mastered, crunchy on the outside and oh so deliciously marshmallowy on the inside! I managed to find a ONE punnet of strawberries from the local fruit shop (possibly the last ones of the season!!!) and I also used a couple of tins to bulk it up! It was deliciousl... and I totally licked the beaters. Dont worry!

Ohhh and dont forget to enter the swap! Its going to be fun! There are already a bunch of wonderful people joining in!! Go on, you know you want to!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hostess with the Mostest...

Okay, so ive participated in a few package swaps now, and im thinking to myself, oh boy that was fun, Maybe I should organise one of my own... and well... Ive decided to stop putting it off, and do something about it... so... without further ado... I present to you...

Im excited. Okay. I was thinking to myself, what should be included in the swap, and, well, truth be told I just couldnt narrow it down. There are so many wonderful things which we can swap amongst each other, and really, I dont want to constrict what can and cant be sent. So with that being said, think of this as almost a 'favourite things' swap, where you get to send at least 3 of your favourite things to another lovely person and help to brighten their day!

So now you are totally excited and cant wait to join up right?

Okay, well heres what you have to do! Simply email me, my email address is shewaitsforwhispers{at}ymail{dot}com. I will send you a little questionaire thingee for you to fill out (nothing to scary! Just something for me to send your swap partner so they can get to know you a little bit!!) and then volia... sooner or later something will turn up for you in the post to just make your day.

The swap will be open until 31 May 2010... dont procrastinate... you only have 20 days to sign up! And your packages should be sent out by 10th of June. Oh yay!

Lets get as many people as possible to join in yes? Feel free to share this around! The more the merrier!!

the swap is now closed kiddies! ill be emailing out partners soon! how exciting and fun! Thanks to all you beauties who are participating. xo