Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and a seed

Gabrielle is not only an extremely talented 19 year old art student, living, working and playing in Auckland, NZ, but is also one of my dear friends whom I adore to the ends of the earth and back. (I mean check out the photos, isnt she just the cutest!!) Her blog andaseed is filled with her incredibly wonderful creations, stunning photography and other cute little bits and pieces which inspire her, or catch her eye. Sometimes I found myself just looking at her old posts, and dreaming I was half as talented as she is.

Gabrielle takes some time out of her super busy schedule and stops in for a cup of tea and to chat about Art School, The Sims and exploring her city.

Hi my name is Gabrielle Kendall but you can call me 'Gab', 'Gabs' - anything except 'Gabby'. My blog is a place for me to keep myself motivated in my art practice. It was originally a place where I posted work from artists I admired - but I realized I too was an artist that likes to do have adventures and make little bits on the side. I take my coffee mocha, soy, extra hot please. I am inspired by design, print, painters and photographers. I'm mainly inspired by the people around me. Art school is good like that. The best thing I have learnt in the last 7 days is, you shouldn't do what anyone thinks - as long as you are happy and it feels right, that's all that should matter. In my bedroom you will find six cameras, plenty of art magazines, dirty clothes, workbooks, polaroids, pretty little pointless things. {you can have a sneak peak into Gab's room... here} My favourite smell is freshly baked homemade bread its reminds me of visiting my grandparents house and waiting excitedly for the bread maker to be ready. If i could have one super power it would be Animal Mimicry because I could swim overseas or fly to Wellington to see my momma. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a home decorator haha yeah I know - no ballerina here. I think the video game "Sims" was to blame. I believe in a few things, in which I'm still trying to figure out. On Sunday Afternoons I love to go on adventures with my boyfriend. We take our cameras and $7 usually. Walk all over Auckland exploring. The last thing I brought was cupcake silicone bases in baby pink - I'm apart of a cupcake collective :) I think everyone should know that you can't take the serious stuff to seriously all the time. The best advice my mum ever gave me was that anything good has a risk involved. Take it! My favourite thing to cook is basil pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes and Charizo. By the end of 2010 I will have finished my second year of university - ready for summer. Hello Wellington, here I come!

Take a second and jump on over to andaseed and say hello to Gabrielle. She updates her blog with new creations regularly and I am sure you will be totally inspired by it! Plus, She is just so lovely, I think her little blog deserves some attention. Go on, it will make you smile, I promise.

Me and Miss Gabrielle a little while back. Oh how sweet.


  1. Am definately going to check her out, thanks for sharing Til!
    Ps a little letter is on its way to you!

  2. She is so talented! You are such a supportive friend!

  3. This was a great post :) I agree, youre such a nice friend Tillie! I have a parcel for you sitting on my bedroom floor and Im going to post it tomorow :) so be expecting a little surprise soon! xx

  4. I didn't know Gabrielle had a blog! I'm going to go follow her, she is very talented. Loved that day in Auckland by the way, we should do that again next time you come up x

  5. Oh her work is just wonderful! Definitely check it out guys!! and yes miss Jess, we must do it. Im up again in June :) and then August! woohoo!

  6. Oh Tillie my dear♥

    If you’re friends with Gabs thats it I love her!!!!♥ anyone who’s your friends is definitely a friend of mine!……Art is so wonderful!!…

    I’ve always say music is so fantastic I think is about the most wonderful think a human can create well not exactly (cure for dangerous viruses and babies) but music is magical and art falls into the same category in my point of view its just as magical and creative…..art makes us meditate and see life with a new perspective!

    Amazing post doll…..have a wonderful Wednesday!!!