Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postal Service V.2... and a few other bits of love.

This week (so far at least) has been a good week. Its thursday today, and that means another long 13 hour working day, but! on the bright side, I get to finish early on saturday and sunday this weekend! So that is keeping me in good spirits. John Mayer (yes my love continues strong) is keeping my company at work this morning. Last night I was so excited to see the priemere of the new Shotgun Alley film clip for their new single Give It All Up for Rock (Seriously, you need to check this video out.. NOW! tell me what you think!!) I am so proud of them!! Its funny to see them on TV though, and the girls in the video clip are also friends of mine, so it was a bit of a giggle to see them strutting their stuff also!

Okie Doke, Now onto the exciting stuff... MAIL!!!!
Making my mailbox smile

Cards from Miss Kellie and Miss Megan

Mixed CDs from Cameron (His lovely girlfriend Bianca decorated them, oh so beautifully I might add!!) Oh Yay! They were such goodins! And are living in my car stereo at the moment.

Oh Boy! I was so suprised to get this wee package from Ayden. My Goodness! She won a spotprize in my giveaway, and decided to send something back to me. Oh its amazing! I am honestly loving it sooooo much! And wearing the eyeshadow today! We dont get Top Shop in New Zealand... So I was so excited to see that she had sent me a few little pieces from their new cosmetic range. Oh my! The nail polish is just ah-may-zing!
From my beautiful blog soul mate Micaela! Hello GIRL!! Talk about flipping spoiling me like mad. OH MY GOODNESS! She sent me the most beautiful vintage tin, some vintage buttons that were here mums, some delicious smelling body lotion, that makes me want to eat my arm because it smells so very good the cutest postcard, and Oh my! Some beautiful beautiful beautiful journals. Probably the coolest journals that I now own. Ah I love them so much. And then, if that wasnt enough, she sent me the cutest vintage thrifted coin purse / wallety type thing. Oh my god, even my mama loves it! She wants to borrow it! But she will have to pry my hands off it first. Thank you baby! YOU I LIKE! ;)

Making other people's mailboxes smile

Ive sent out alot of postcards this week. is my new obsession. I didnt photograph them all because there was actualyl like 30 of them! And I sent a couple of letters to a couple of beauties around the world. Justine and Emily
Also going out this week were my 21st birthday invites... A sneak peak... but more on that later when I know they have been delievered and recieved!!
This weekend I am going to be catching up on writing letters... so there will be alot going out in the next installment I am thinking!!

Ive also been busy baking this week... I have made 2 pavlova's and its only Thursday! haha. They are a definite success and I think I have it mastered, crunchy on the outside and oh so deliciously marshmallowy on the inside! I managed to find a ONE punnet of strawberries from the local fruit shop (possibly the last ones of the season!!!) and I also used a couple of tins to bulk it up! It was deliciousl... and I totally licked the beaters. Dont worry!

Ohhh and dont forget to enter the swap! Its going to be fun! There are already a bunch of wonderful people joining in!! Go on, you know you want to!


  1. Yay so glad that you got my card. I havent got any mail this week :-( Probably because I have so many people I need to write back to. Cant wait until exams are over.
    Oh how exciting about your 21st, when is it?
    I love pavlova, yummy!

  2. When's your 21st? Mine's the 22nd of this month! I LOVE your new mail piece. It's so fun to see all the wonderful packages and cards. Everyone is so creative!

  3. So cute!
    I'm entering the swap! :)


  4. Oh that dessert looks amazing! And all the mail is so fun, everyone is so creative :)

    ps. to answer your question, my dress is from Torrid. Not sure if you have that store in NZ!

  5. what lovely mail!

    Also, I believe you sent me something (the "true love" cross stitch?) for a previous art swap, right? I'm sorry that I'm not 100% sure, because I misplaced all the envelopes and forgot who sent what! So if you did, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! If I'm mistaken, I'm so sorry!

  6. Tillie I'm so jealous of your Pavlova - I tried to make one a few months ago and it was perfect on the inside, but the outside just wasn't crunchy enough.

  7. YUM! I want to eat the computer it looks so good!

    seriously your mail man must be super busy! haha. you are keeping them in business!!
    i love all the pretty packages!

    OH. MY. GOSH.
    your baking looks seriously incredible!
    i've never tasted a pavlova let alone baked one but it looks so ridiculously delicious!!

    i'm sure your birthday party will be so much fun! wish i could fly over and attend! haha. {did i just invite myself?? woops!}

  9. p.s. have you seen this?
    for your john mayer obsession!! haha.
    its a video he made..

  10. I think I would like to dive into that pavlova! Looking forward to your 21st miss xxx

  11. love love love your affection and happy mail!!!! i did get an invite to your party yes??? ;)

    your mama is PRECIOUS!!! i'm so glad you liked my little parcel! i had so much fun putting it together for you :) the coin purse reminds me of a shag carpet from the 60's/70's ;)


    mmm send me some of that cake too please!?