Sunday, May 2, 2010

Four Seasons in one day.

Seasons are a funny thing, they bring with them change, and, well I'm not sure about you, but change for me can either be really good, or really not good. I seem to be one of those people that either needs change, to break the constant, to keep me interested, to inspire and motivate me. Or, I avoid change, because with change brings an unsettling feeling that things weren't okay all along, that I didn't have the control I thought I did, or that someone, or something no longer belongs in my life the way that they use to. The seasons have definitely changed now. Summer, is a distant memory, more distant for me I suppose, seeings as I spent 2 of my summer months in America, during their winter, experiencing not only 16 states of an amazing country, but, snowfall, friendship, history, breathtaking views and moments I will not soon forget.

So summer has left me behind, and autumn has made itself quiet comfortable. The days and nights have lost their warmth, the jackets and the scarves has been dusted off and are becoming a more frequent wardrobe choice than the cotton summer dresses. The blankets have been pulled from the shelves they so quietly sat for the past few months, and have found themselves piled onto my bed, and around my knees while I watch dvds on the couch instead of sitting outside on the loungers soaking up the rays of the sun. Not only has the weather changed, but the colour of my surroundings. The bright and fresh colours of the sun, the beach, the parks have been substituted with the browns and oranges and reds of leaves covering the ground as I walk to the store to pick up the bottle of milk needed to bake the cookies I have been thinking about.

So, as I sit here, and contemplate the change of the seasons, it leads me to think about the change I have seen in myself, and the people around me in the last little while. I guess this is a season in my life, that has made me, and I believe will continue to make me a little uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in a bad way, just, in a different way, a way that challenges me, and a way that makes me evaluate the future. Friends, places, and ultimately dreams. I guess I will keep you posted on how that all pans out, because right now, everything is a little up in the air.


  1. This is really beautiful, Tillie! There is something kind of exciting about the change of seasons - I look at it as a fresh start!

  2. Change is a funny thing. I'm always scared when it comes but settle into it quite nicely. I think we all need change once and awhile to break up the daily ritual that is life. This is beautifully written, I hope autumn treats you well.

  3. Change is always daunting, we're drawn to the regularity and predictability of routine and pattern, but making change can lead to unexpected and exciting places. Once in a while it's good to step out of your comfort zone, me thinks. Good luck!

  4. what a lovely post.
    i am in a similar season of my life. just about everything that could change, changed last year and this year is all about adjusting. trying to figure out and get used to what life is now and how i feel about it. trying to make my life mine, and one that i love. but for me, things still feel very up in the air.
    thank you for sharing.

  5. Really interesting and thoughtful post, Tillie. Thank you for that. I love how you wrote about how being "uncomfortable" in life is not necessarily a bad thing; i liken it to breaking in a new pair of shoes which, when done, should fit you to a tee and look amazing :) BTW, did I mention I've linked you on my blogroll?! I'm so sorry I should have done it earlier!

  6. Just found your blog through sweet Micaela . . . your post reminds me of a gorgeous song by Ane Brun called "Changing of the Seasons"--you should download it. :) I think it might complement your mood perfectly.

  7. This is amazing I love Fall, Winter and Spring….and Summer afternoons bike rides and spending time with my longboard is a dream…..We so feel different every season that’s just the way life is……..
    And as time passes by we meet new people discover a little about ourselves every day it’s incredible!!
    Also time might bring difficulties but time also helps with that ( time mends everything)

    Well darling I hope your having an amazing week …………talk to you soon♥