Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes, I wonder why.

sometimes i go into stores and try on make up. just for fun

sometimes i listen to the same song over and over and over for hours at a time

sometimes i wish that i didnt live in this city

sometimes i stay in bed all day and watch tv on dvd boxsets

sometimes i take photos of things that are just boring to other people. these things tend to make me smile

sometimes i put on a party dress, just to feel pretty

sometimes i hang out with my 5 year old cousin and play pirates and bad guys.

sometimes i sit and look through my old photos, and suddenly its 3 hours later

sometimes i get so busy i forget to eat

sometimes i need to remind myself that there are other people in the world that have it alot worse off than i do.

sometimes i pretend there is someone talking to me on my cell phone when i want to avoid awkward situations

sometimes i wish things were simpler

sometimes i want to yell at people who dont use proper english. {dis and dat are not words.}

sometimes i spend way to much time watching reality television

sometimes i like to go to the zoo with little people just to watch their faces when they talk to the animals.

sometimes i text him to much

sometimes i miss her so much that i go and sit at her grave and cry. sometimes that makes me feel better. sometimes it doesnt.

sometimes i pretend i am a famous singer and i turn up the radio as loud as i can and sing

sometimes i sit at a coffee shop with one coffee for 3 hours. reading my book or writing in my journal

sometimes i get in my car and just drive. without a destination

sometimes i write in my journal things that i will never tell anyone else, even though i wish that i could

sometimes i have such vivid dreams that when i wake up im confused as to why they didnt really happen after all

sometimes i get mad

sometimes i wish i had a husband that i could come to after a long day at work and just cuddle into. someone that wouldnt mind doing the dishes or cooking the dinner or watching girlie moveis because he loved me so much that he was willing to do things that sometimes he didnt want to do.

sometimes i walk around this place and wonder when i will escape it

sometimes i get big ideas about all the wonderful things i could make if only i had the time

sometimes i wear sexy underwear to work. just to feel pretty

sometimes i sit on the internet and get lost in the magic of other peoples lives

sometimes i write letters to strangers and leave them in places all over the city. just little notes of encouragement, and sometimes even my secrets.

sometimes i wish i was back in high school. most the time i dont

sometimes i dream i could give up my day job and become a professional photographer and travel the world just taking photos of things that make me happy.

sometimes i get all 'big picture' on myself and wonder about the meaning of the universe and whether there are such things as soul mates.

sometimes i wake up in the morning and feel like baking

sometimes i forget to tell you i love you, but i always do

sometimes i wish


  1. I think we all have those "sometimes". Sometimes, I pretend I am a famous singer, too. Like everyday. But usually I just pretend I am on Glee:)

  2. Sometimes I do a lot of these things, too. :) Great post!

  3. Sometimes... Nah, all the time I love Tillie x :]

  4. aw i love this post.
    sometimes i do a lot of the same things as you. hanging out and play make believe with little kids is always so fun! and so refreshing.. and i am definitely guilty of spending way too much time looking at old photos!!

  5. You are so lovely.


  6. Oh gosh Tillie I enjoy reading this soooooo much! I also go to the stores to just try on make-up sometimes it makes me happy and that’s the end of it!

    And hanging out with 5 year olds is fantastic they see the would so different and so fantastic so pure and everything is good in their eyes, if they get in fights with other kids they start playing together again within seconds they are so humble ……many times I feel I should be like 5 year olds….

    I loved this list so much this is why I just must love your blog!♥

    Well darling have a wonderful weekend, take care and don’t forget to have fun!

  7. we are like the same person- i do all of these sometimes too!
    lovee the photos

  8. this was such a lovely post. I can relate to many of the things you are saying, thank you so much for sharing ♥ and also, I recieved a gorgeous parcel from you in the post yesterday. Thank you SO MUCH tillie! Youve made my weekend, so kind of you :) I am going to post about it very soon. Youre a little star. Big Hugs xx

  9. this was indeed LOVELY!!! my heart hurt when you wrote the part of missing her so much you go to her grave. HUGS!!!

    and the texting him... that i get!

    and sometimes, i don't believe in soul mates either... and then he says he believes he was meant to go to texas to meet me.

    sometimes, i wear granny panties under pretty dresses. (ha)
    okay that's most times! :)

    sometimes i feel so behind in life... sometimes i wonder why my life doesn't feel AS magical as everyone else's look

    and then i remember,

    sometimes you're right... others have it worse.

    this is such a darling post.

  10. I love this post! Sometimes, I do some of these things as well.

    It makes me smile :)