Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its in the Bag.

Oh Handbags, how I love thee. Some people collect vintage tins, some people collect stamps, I seem to collect handbags, without even really knowing it. I have so many handbags, cute totes, clutches, oh I just cant get enough! So it seems fitting that the lovely Micaela tagged me in a "whats in your handbag post." So lets have a look shall we...

This is my beautiful handbag. I brought it in Oklahoma City when I was on vacation in America, at Forever 21, and I love love love it. (Isnt that store great?! Oh boy I wish there was one in New Zealand!) And now... for the contents...

My Organiser - Diary, Address Book and Notes. A little Journal for thoughts and love and other inspiring things. Tissues. Lip Gloss. The Lipstick of the Day - Today it is MAC Amp it up... A lovely shade of purple. Moisturiser. Clear Eyes. A pocket Mirror. Toothbrush. A 6mm Crochet Hook. A film to be developed. MAC Powder. Lucas' Papaw Ointment (Heaven for your lips). Keys. CellPhone. Wallet. Coin Purse. Pure Poision by Dior. Reading Glasses. Ipod. Sunglasses.

Normally my camera would be in that pile too. But something had to take the photo!! haha.

So basically, its safe it say, My life is in my handbag. Haha, That was fun right? Okay lets see. I would like to see the contents of Miss Chelsea, Amanda, Megan and Jess.

Oh! And dont forget to enter my giveaway! You only have a couple more days. And you see, I have been a little overwhelmed by the awesome support from everyone in the last few days, so Ive decided to up the odds just a little bit. So along with the one main giveaway... I am going to do a few little suprise ones too. So now, you have even more chance to win. Yay! Stay tuned folks.


  1. thank you for playing!!! :) i love that you have a "lipstick of the day" and that is a GORGEOUS purse!!! oklahoma city was near where i lived in Texas- i love me some brick town!!!!

    I guess i didn't realize you didn't live in the US :) so much to learn about you friend!!! I LOVE forever 21 and i probably feel the same in that i wish they had an H&M or United Colors of Benneton here. :) i was delighted they had Forever 21 in the mall here... so now i know what you like! ;)

    ooh fellow DIOR girl... my perfume is "addict" :)

    safe to say we are the same in that our lives our in our bags :) i kept a tooth brush in my work drawer ha

    love it! and love that you are adding surprises... it's the BEST giveaway i've seen honest!


  2. Beautiful bag! I love that you have a journal for your thoughts too. And you also carry around Lucas' Papaw ointment. It's simply the best stuff ever!
    I love that you also have a crochet hook in there :) And a toothbrush. That's a good idea. x

  3. I love your bag! And the fact that you have a journal!

    okay so your coin purse looks exactly like my coin purse!! ahh how fun!
    and i love forever 21!! i spend way too much money there!
    plus your glasses are the cutest!!
    thanks for the tag! my purse is an absolute mess but i'll play along!! hahahaha!!

  5. I love that piano purse so gorgeous, as well as the little purse that says " this economy sucks" so perfect.
    I got tagged for this a little while ago, I must get to it!

  6. Oh Tillie, you are beyond the stars cute!


  7. i LOVE that coin purse & your sunglasses!!

  8. I absolutely love your bag, it's gorgeous, and the piano wallet, so cute.