Monday, April 12, 2010

Lets Celebrate.

Hello lovelies! I have finally sorted out my life (well this is not entirely true..but!) So I have put together a little parcel of love for one of you lucky cats to win. Wahoo! This giveaway is to celebrate 50 readers here at shewaitsforwhispers, and so, I decided to put together some of my favourite things. Lets have a look shall we?

1. A cute little Tote. Everyone needs another tote bag right? I have a million. I think this one is particularly sweet combining pretty flowers and tote bags... Genius!
2. A sweet little note book. Im a sucker for cute stationary.
3. Pretty hair bows. Hand sewn by yours truely and attached to a little hair slide, to pretty up any outfit.
4. Lipgloss. I love lip colour. lipgloss or lipstick. This pretty shade of pink by Napoleon is just delicious and perfect for that little pick me up.
5. Delightful vintage look earrings. Black and Gold is really a winning combination
6. A Clockwork Orange. Anthony Burgess' novel. I love it, and I love love love the Penguin Classic series of books. The orange covers and just so. Great.

There are also going to be 2 or 3 mystery items in the package too! I mean, Who doesnt love suprises!

So, How do I enter you ask? Well, its really perfectly quite simple.
There are 3 ways to be in to win
1. Be a follower! (1 entry)
2. Tell me 3 of your favourite things. (1 entry)
3. Blog about this giveaway, and link me to it! (1 entry)

Oh, and make sure you leave your email address in your comments, so I can contact you when you win!!

Oh How marvelous! You have until Saturday 17th of April at 8pm to enter. I will draw the winner and announce it on the blog on Monday Morning.

Good luck kiddies. xox


  1. Cute blog! And thanks for the comment. I'm now a follower :)
    3 of my favourite things are...

    1. My hubby!
    2. Books!
    3. Stationery, mail, letters etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. This is amazing!!! I am totally a follower:)

    My three favorite things:

    1.) Starbucks
    2.) Running along the lakefront
    3.) The hubster

  3. Oh, my e-mail addy is:

  4. waaaaaah these are so cute. i want!

    so in: toutdoucement (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. oh, and:

    avocado sushi
    old vhs movies
    going to the top of mount royal (landmark in montreal) with my sister and her telescope!

  6. Oh this is such a delightful giveaway! New Follower.

  7. Three favourite things...
    - chocolate ice cream
    - letter writting
    - hanging out with my sister

  8. oh my gosh i'm excited, this is one of the best giveaways i have seen in a long time! you are amazing :)

    i have been a follower of your blog for a wee while now! and here are three of my favourite things:

    - snuggling up in bed watching Gilmore Girls all day
    - homemade indian curries with naan= YUM
    - going on adventures with my husband!

    happy blogging xo

  9. LOVELY. This is Alesha btw ;) I wanted to do this because I love you.

    1. Daniel, best thing ever.
    2. Chocolate. There's no need for an explanation.
    3. Sleeping, I love being warm and cuggly in my bed!

  10. Nice blog! Thanks so much for the comment about the accessory swap. You can still enter if you like, I need one more person so it's even. I haven't given out everyones partner yet so if you email me all your information I asked I'll add you to the list!
    Cool giveaway, I am now a follower and my three favourite things:
    1. My fiance
    2. blogging
    3. Coffee

    Hope to get a email from you soon about the swap!

  11. um this is the best giveaway EVER!!!
    i love EVERYTHING!!!
    am i allowed to win another giveway? is all my luck gone?? I HOPE NOT!!! because i so want to win!!
    i of course follow your most wonderful blog tillie!!


  12. 3 favorite things??

    MUFFINS!! ah so delectable.
    sex and the city marathons. {complete with muffins!!}
    bike rides with friends!! ending with a picnic!!

    eek crossing my fingers!!

  13. 3 favourite things...
    1. my camera
    2. coffee in the morning
    3. movie watching snuggled under a blanket on a sunday evening.

  14. You know I'm a follower :)
    Three of my favourite things:
    1. Shiro
    2. Coffee dates
    3. Going to the park on the weekend with Dan and just hanging out.

    I'm doing a giveaway too soon, just getting all the stuff together its fun :P

  15. love your blog and this give-away is soo cute!!! just started following!!!! :)

    3 of my favorite things:
    2.crafting (from scrapbooking, to trying to sew, to drawing...which i do badly :( oh well)
    3.being with my friends, especially my girl friends!!!


  16. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :) and the sweet words of advice! Im following you. my three fave things at the mo are my new macbook, sunny spring mornings, and sundays ♥ its bedtime now, and Im gonna read back on some of your older posts :) love new exciting things to read, and new blogger friends. yay! Ayden x

  17. Oh darling this is Marvelous indeed ♥ but am also so exited because I won!!!! Your amazing giveaway features in Mara’s blog “M loves M” how I love her and I wish her the best to her and Matt, and I love you for this amazing opportunity am so exited I have never won anything before so am practically jumping and having this puppy love face all day long Thank you so much!! THANK YOU!!♥ ………am definitely entering this giveaway I feel a little guilty because I won something already but hey I love your stuff what can I do!!

    Am a follower Yay!♥
    Ok Three things………..
    1) I love spending time with family, having star wars or lord of the rings or any other movies marathons together.
    2) Sunday mornings: Wheat Pancakes enjoying The Beatles and the smell of coffee just perfect!!
    3) Amazing time with friends in a wonderful café or restaurant so amazing I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt and I just have to say how much I love to blog!♥

    Well Darling thanks for everything and I’ll talk to you soon♥

  18. Top 3 Thngs I L-O-V-E
    1. Family
    2. Painting
    3. My Higher Education;]

  19. Blogged about your lovely giveaway!

  20. Ooohh....I'm a follower....I love mail too....especially packages...

    Three Favourite things!

    1) Rich (my partner)
    2) Horror movies (especially the zombie kind)
    3) Crafting


  21. so now i am in lust with your blog. is that weird? we just met. hopefully it will be more than a one night stand. ;)

    1 entry = i follow.

  22. 2 entries = things i love (at this very moment).

    1. a cool breeze on a sunny day when i can smell the fabric softener from my freshly laundered t-shirt.
    2. my cats because they like to give kisses, have a bad attitude and stinky cat breath when they hiss.
    3. music. mixed tapes. ;)

  23. 3 entries = will it count on my sidebar and i will also add it to me friday, i'm in love post.

  24. what a LOVELY giveaway!!!! seriously! but of course! your blog is just the same.

    i love that you included three things i love: vintage / stationary / and a classic! the bonus is something hand made! someone's going to be really lucky!!!!

    those truly are my favorite things :) lol but here's 3 different ones:

    1. cuddling with my puppy maverick
    2. thrifting
    3. Robbie Williams (i've always wanted to marry him- since i was oh ten)


  25. i'm your new follower! xo

  26. I'm a follower of yours, of course! Don't ask about it.

    And here's my favorite things;
    -Friends! Friends are my favorite thing cause they can give me many things, from some sad things til funny things that can make me laugh all the time
    -Books. I couldn't imagine a life without books. I really love books I even sleep with them.
    -Foods. Though I'm a skinny girl I do love foods and always curious to try some new, extraordinary foods

    I've just create a post about this marvelous giveaway right after I know it. Here's the link;

    Oh, thank you soo much for letting us have a chance to get those sweet things! I hope I could win :D


  27. Please enter me for your gorgeous giveaway, I am following you.

  28. My 3 favourite things
    1. I love blogging and reading blogs, you meet such amazing people and I have so much fun with it.

    2. Thrifting, I love finding little treasures and unique pieces.

    3. Dr Who, my fav TV show at the moment, I was very sad when David Tennant, but am warming to the new DR.

    thanks for your generous giveaway.

  29. I would love to enter your lovely giveaway.

    I am following your blog.

    Love Bonnie.

  30. Three favourite thins are
    1. food and cooking food
    2. photography
    3. magazines

    Love Bonnie

    my email

  31. I posted about your giveaway here.

    Love Bonnie

  32. I'm a follower! (one among many)


    3 of my favorite things:

    1. macbook (couldn't live without it)
    2. reading so many lovely blogs
    3. my favorite book "Summers at Castle Auburn" by Sharon Shinn

  33. FOLLOWED :)

    hmm 3 favourite things

    1. looking at the moon and sky at night or at any time

    2. shopping, eating out and just generally being with my mum (plus listening to the beatles while driving around the city in the car)

    3. fashion, music, friends, living in sydney ( am i allowed to include that as one haha? i just love all these things so so much, i can't choose!!)

  34. Ooh hello, lovely giveaway! I found out about it on Chelsea's blog and I'm now a follower!! xo

  35. My 3 favourite things riiiight now are...

    1. mango-peach smoothies
    2. watching the new sex and the city trailer over and over and over...
    3. photographs with sunspots in them

    Crossing my fingers SO HARD! And my toes too maybe...


  36. Just found your blog through Chelsea's Kooky Girl. :) Love the tote and the hair ribbons - way too cute!

  37. Hello! I love this giveaway because it features one of my boyf's favorite books. He's got a pretty ratty copy of it, so it'd be nice to give him a brand spanking new copy!

    Oh yeah, and I'm a follower. :D

  38. Here are three of my favorite things:

    1. cupcakes
    2. Sunday afternoon naps
    3. pink daisies


  39. I just came across your gorgeous blog and became a follower! It is so divine ♥

  40. My 3 favourite things are:
    1. My new love for china town and the chinese supermarkets in my city
    2. the smell of gardenia
    3. the beach

  41. Tillie I'm in love with those hair bows! So cute!

  42. 3 of my Favourite things would be:

    1. Being on holidays and watching daytime TV (Ellen, The Hills)
    2. Kit Kat blocks of chocolate
    3. A clean house.


  43. I'm a follower :)! I found your blog through Chelsea's adorable blog and I'm so happy!


  44. My three favorite things:
    -wearing dresses
    -my brothers :)


  45. 3 favorite things.....

    1. Reading Romance Books
    2. Jack Daniels
    3. Cupcakes with White Frosting

    If I could enjoy all 3 at the same time, I'd be heaven!!

  46. three fave things:

    1. photo-booth pictures
    2. pandas
    3. moccasins

  47. this is the very first time i've ever clicked to follow a blog :)

  48. 3 of my favorite things... this is hard for me, i get a favorite new thing like every 20 minutes!

    1. spooning (i'd pretty much always rather be spooning)
    2. making paper chains, paper cut-outs, paper collages, paper mache...
    3. learning to play the guitar

    p.s. i got at least 3 new favorite things in the time it took me to decide on those 3 things ;)

  49. following :D

    my favorite things are: (its a hard quest)

    1. Internet (i mean, who doesn't?)
    2. the smell, the sound, the weather, the atmosphere of the rain.
    3. people arround me. yeah they're annoying sumtimes, but still.

    this is my email PS.iloatheyou at

    and this is my blog

    hope i can win :)

  50. By the way, my three favorite things are:

    1. My wonderful boyfriend
    2. Being at college
    3. Taking photos

    :) It's always fun to look at your favorite parts of life!

  51. Hello, I'm a new follower. =]

    I loooove Clockwork Orange (movie), never read the book.

  52. by the way haleyrenaexx @

    My three favorite things...
    1. My loved ones
    2. Animals
    3. Books

  53. okay, i already told you my 3 favorite things and i'm following you. Now i have also posted about the giveaway :)

    oh, i forgot to leave my email with my other 2 comments, so here it is: sarah(at)zephyrstyle(dot)com

  54. 3 favorite things:

    my dogs, martini & olive