Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crush Crush Crush

Oh Boy. Today has been one of those days. You know those days when you really dont want to do a lot, but there are just so many things that you should be doing. Well, I have stumbled across the most wonderful site, and its provided me with hours of viewing pleasure and house envy, that I decided that I simply must share it with you all! Not only does The Selby let you sneak into some of the most beautiful homes from around the world, but Todd Selby, the creator, is the most talented photographer. Oh its just so delicious. All of it. I tried to narrow down to some of my favourites, it was super hard, but here is a sneak peek from the site, You really should just go over there and check it out yourself though...

Scott Campbell at his studio in Brooklyn NY

Sofia Achaval and Thibault de Montaigu at their home in Paris

Jonathan and Annie Zawada at their home in Sydney

Elli Rose and Gui at their home in Toyko

Hunt Solem's studio in New York City

Sean Macpherson at his home in New York

Bella Howard and Rosa Connell at their home in London

Arent they just the best? Oh there are so many more that I wish I could show you! I hope you find yourself, like I have, pouring time into this website, some of the best are at the back of the archives, but I certainly promise that there is something for everyone.

Oh, and dont forget to enter my sweet little giveaway.


  1. oh my gosh this is awesome!!
    i love a little peek into someone's room!

  2. Am loving this post it just makes me want to so to every vintage shop possible and have no money to get my Home to look like this!!!…..Thank you for sharing this page it has giving me so much inspiration♥ I love it how amazing you always have such interesting post you really do thanks♥

  3. i have been obsessed with the selby for a long time now, it's so very inspiring!

  4. I am dying! I love the place in London!!! These are too much!

  5. Hi sweetheart,
    Just started following you, and you are just beyond imagination...so cute! kisses, K.


  6. Oh wow, I've been so in love with home decorating lately!

  7. Thanks for your comment, I think the birdie pendant is my fav.

    I love nosing around peoples' homes getting inspiration for my own [when i get one] so I will have to check out this site.

  8. omg i am 100 % with you on that
    i'm having one of those days atm too!
    i have a ton of work to do but i'm jsut not doing them :)
    OMG i love the sleby!
    wowee you are coool haha
    love your blog

  9. that is such a great website... you get to go into the craziest and most original places!

  10. oh my goodness i could go on there for hours and hours!

  11. I love the Selby SOOO much. It's so beautiful and inspirational.