Monday, April 26, 2010

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Oh my goodness. What a wonderful wonderful weekend! I am so exhausted but in all honestly, it was one of the best weekends I have had in Wellington in a long long time. My boys from Shotgun Alley came to play a show on saturday night, and boy, did it go off! The venue was packed, which I was personally so stoked about seeing as I worked super hard on putting the gig together and spreading the word. The music was incredible, The boys out did themselves, and are seriously about to explode. Watch this space kids! And of course, the company was the best it could have been. Backstage + Whiskey + Friends = One heck of a good time. I really dont know how else to describe how rad it was. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are a few from the chaos that was, Saturday night.

The main attraction. My dear friends, Shotgun Alley.

Jacinta and Jen

Me, Ruth and Jacinta

Lara and I. This girl is a beauty!

Evana and Shosh. I really do have hella babe friends.

Josh, Working the crowd.

Scott, Killing it.


Davie, RJ, Josh and BB, yeahhhhh!

Guy and Lara enjoying the show.

Sophie and Me, just after the boys finished up.

Rockstars. Shotgun Alley. BB, Scotty, Josh, RJ, Davie and Jimmy.

Dizzy, Josh and Kier

Jacinta, Evana, Josh and Ruthy, Chillin on the couch, loving stuff.

The beautiful Miss Evana and I.

Oh Sigh!! How I cant wait to do it all over again.


  1. looks like an amazing weekend indeed! live music, wiskey, and HOT rock stars- good weekend indeed!!!! ;) pretty attracts pretty- i love the red on you!

    cheers to the best weekend ever and doing it all over again!!! how amazing to know you helped make it a success :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend, so glad that it was such a success. Your friends and yourself are indeed gorgeous girls.

  3. oh love, can you give me some of your coolness...look at you...! Even just a drop and I'd be happy...xxoxoxo

    too fun!
    you are such a rockstar!!
    night outs like that are just always the best!
    i am loving your music note tattoo! SO CUTE!
    and everyone's clothes! all so great!!

  5. nothing like a bit of leather huh!! haha

  6. Hi there! I have just posted you two cd's for Kittycat's swap. Much like my uni work: it is late, I know.

    So, how's this for small-worldery: my partner made the covers for the cd's I sent you, it turns out she was reading your blog the other day and liked your wallet in your "what is in my bag post" so much that she bought one!

  7. aww sounds like you had such a lovely weekend! that makes me happy :)

    ps: did you ever get my letter in the mail?

  8. I love these pics! They are so fun!

    I got the cards in the mail yesterday!!! I was so excited to see them - they made my day! Thank you!!!

  9. i'm so glad you had a great night love!