Sunday, April 18, 2010

Parcels, Packages and Pretty Things

A little while ago I wrote a post about love letters. Well, I thought I would blog about it again, because I am sure that more of you want to get in on the action!!

The last few weeks its been ever so exciting to come home and find little parcels, sometimes with goodies inside, and other times with a little card that just lets me know someone, somewhere was thinking of me. And, I have had so much joy in sending little things out to my pals also. For instance, today I sent a chocolate bar and a sachet of hot chocolate to a friend of mine, with a card that said "Afternoon Tea is on me today." Just something little, but I am sure that it will brighten her day!

So, would anyone like to exchange letters? Go on! It will be fun! And I promise its not that much of a commitment. All I ask in return is a little love sent to my mailbox too! We could send cards, mixed cds, maybe even little knick knacks if that would take your fancy? There is just something so fun about sending things, and in my case, because I live in New Zealand, I am usually sending them across the world! So that is even more exciting, knowing someone in a completely different country is smiling because of me! Oh how lovely.

What are you waiting for? Email me... with your address! xox


  1. This sounds really great! I will have to email you soon. I was thinking of doing something similar on my blog...A pen pal swap or something.


  2. I've found the sending is as good as receiving especially when its being received on the other side of the world! Hope your good x

  3. this is my first visit to your blog - and happy to be a new follower - hoping a win the giveaway at triumphs of a kooky gal blog!
    see you in blogland :)
    p.s. i'm moving in a few weeks back to canada - exchanging letters would be nice, but i don't know where i'll be living yet :)

  4. Aww, there's nothing more charming than discovering an envelope on your doorstep with your own name and address written on it in some fancy handwriting.

  5. I want to be part of this!!!!!

  6. you know i'm in tillie!!! :)