Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh Happy Easter

Hello dear friends, Ive missed you. I decided to get out of my city for the weekend and take a drive up to Auckland City for the weekend with my friend Ruth. Roadtrips are always fun and we decided that we had a few days off so why not do something a little bit fun. So we left home around lunch time and 800kms later (around 500miles for all you beautiful American folk) we arrived, after a lot of singing, dancing, and driving. And, boy, dont I love this city. I really do, its full of the most lovely people. Last night infact we went to my local bar up here (yes, I have a local in a city that I dont live in.. haha) and had a beer, caught up with some lovelies that I hadnt seen in a while, and then went to visit a friend at midnight, stayed at her place and had a good gossip and giggle for 3 or 4 hours and then headed back to bed. It was just lovely to spend some good time with people who are genuinely lovely. Its refreshing. Tonight, we are lucky enough to be up here the same time as a friends band are playing a show, so, we are going to head along to that, and have probably a few too many beers and alot of laughs. It will be delightful.

I hope you all are having a wonderful break, whether it be with your friends, your family, or a block of chocolate infront of the television and a boxset of your favourite sitcom. And Im also excited to say, that shortly (just 2 followers to go!) ill be hosting another fun giveaway of some of my favourite things.

Happy Easter Kids. I love you!


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure! Hope you have a lovely Easter!

  2. You should have told me you were up here! You could of stayed at my house while we were away :D

  3. Hello darling, I was just blown away when I saw your fantastic designs in one of my best friends blog M Loves M she’s the sweetest, but back to me being amused I tried, well I went to your shop to leave a comment and I wasn’t able to…but I hope this counts, and if its really necessary for me to leave a comment in your shop please let me know.♥ I really love your work, am a massive coffee lover it would be nice if you had one with two lovers having an amazing time in a café don’t you think?…..well darling your talented and artistic keep up the astonishing work.♥

  4. Here from Mara's blog and just wanted to tell you that your work is AMAZING!!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday! That picture scares and fascinates me. :)