Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh dear, How I miss you.

Do you remember that song by Weezer that goes "Beverly Hills, Thats where I want to be, gimme gimme, gimme gimme, living in Beverly Hills..." Well, If the song was about San Francisco, It would pretty much be exactly how I am feeling right at this very second. From November 2009 to January 2010 I travelled around the lovely United States of America, in 8 Weeks, I managed to see 19 states, some for only an hour hours while I waited at a different bus stop for the next greyhound, or for a new train, some for a few hours while we drove through your highways to get to some great site, some for only a few days, and others for just over a week.

I was in San Francisco for just over 4 days. It was no where near long enough for me to explore this incredible city, and I remember when I left, I felt a little saddened that I hadnt got to experience more of what I knew was hiding around the corner. I know, that I left a little piece of my heart in San Francisco.

And today, My heart is missing that little piece. I miss the cable cars, the beautiful homes, Haight St, The fog that hits in the early evening and instantly cools the day which has been ever so warm and beautiful, I miss Union Square and Nob Hill, The diversity of the Castro District. I miss walking through the Muesum of Modern Art and drinking coffee on the streets in the sunshine, watching people play chess in on the sidewalk. I miss San Francisco.


  1. San Francisco... oh i wish to visit there...

  2. Oh darling you miss San Francisco!!! I do two I when probably 3 years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday!♥ I loved it sooooo much……and I just read the comment that you left in my Santa Monica post, I cant believe you where that near me and we didn’t have a chance to meet awwww how sad!!…Net time hahahahah!…….I hate feeling that way I miss so many things from places the smells the way the sun enters my window everything ….I hope you feel better soon am sending you lots of love!

    Take care darling and thanks again!♥…Talk to you soon…Love Diana

  3. Everyone I know who has visited America says that San Fran is wonderful. I cant wait to go myself. Did you take those photos? I love them, especially the second and last one.

  4. Hi Sweetheart,

    Oh San Francisco is nearly in my back yard...It's about 40 minutes away from my front door and I visit it often. Its magical streets, blooming flowers, crooked streets, and all the colorful houses!

    I was there over the weekend for a little garden party and the sunlight was so beautiful it made new freckles appear on my face! Hold on to your memories of that magical city, and I will keep reminding you.


  5. Umm, I am jealous of your trip and I live in the US!!!

    I was in SF this past summer and fell in LOVE. I absolutely loved the hills, the homes, the bridge...sigh!

  6. I love San Fran that is where my hubs and I went on our honeymoon...Also Weezer went to my high school in Knoxville TN not when I was there but they did go there. Kinda neat huh :).

    Thanks for contacting me, send a letter soon :)

  7. I live in Virginia and have never been to San Fransisco or New York. Isn't that sad? I always feel drawn to London.... I want to go visit the West coast again though now that you're describing it. :)

  8. I'm planning on travelling around USA in a year or so when I have saved enough money, are there any tips you could give me?? I'm not very well travelled and I'm from England so its a long way. I would just love to go there. San Francisco is top of my list :) those pictures are beautiful, especially the last. i can't wait to see it for myself :) If you have any advice for me would you please email me? I'd love to know any tips about the trains or buses or any places you thought were especially amazing!!

    Thank you, brilliant blog by the way. I just found it and I'm already addicted.


  9. last year i road-tripped to san francisco with some friends and had one of the best weeks ever. good food, good entertainment, good window shopping, good picnics, we walked miles and miles and miles, marched in an equal right protest, met great/hilarious/insane people on the street. it's a good place. i miss it too.

  10. These photos are so beautiful... no wonder you fell in love.

  11. I've always wanted to visit San Francisco, I think it's my kind of town :)

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