Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

How excited I was to get home last night and find that there was a brown package waiting for me at my doorstep! So very very excited I tell you! I dropped my bags quickly onto my bed and ripped open the package (I wish I could say I was one of those people who opens up things softly and prettily, in order to potentially keep the wrapping, but 9 times out of 10 i just rip things open, eager to get to the contents!!)

Turns out it was my part of the favourite things swap that I entered a little while ago!! I was lucky enough to be recieving the parcel from the lovely Cole, from Love and Happiness (if you havent already, you should check out her blog, it always makes me smile!!)

She totally spoilt me! Ahh! Check out what I was given!! A copy of her favourite book, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Oh I was so excited when I opened up the box and saw this book! I have been meaning to read it for ages, and just have never had the chance to go out and get the book, so that is so perfect that she sent it to me! And she wrote it in too! So ill always remember where it came from! Best ever!! I got some amazing amazing Hypnose Mascara by Lancome, holy moly, it makes my eyelashes look like they are jumpin off my face! I love it! Some beautiful little note cards and envelopes, all with my name hand written on them! Sooooo cute, I cant wait to use them! Aaaaaand some of her favourite candy! Which is amazing, because we dont have half the candy that america has here in NZ, infact, I have NEVER seen these before and they are super tasty. They even come with stickers! Amazing!

So thank you Miss Cole. You are simply amazing and I just loved my package that you so lovingly sent my way.


  1. Oh yay! I'm so glad you liked everything! I was so so excited to send it all to you!

  2. aw this is so wonderful!
    such great things!!
    and i don't open packages nice and pretty either. haha. i get too excited!!

  3. Oh yay you definately deserve to be spoilt!
    What a lovely package, I rip open packages too i cant wait.

  4. Oh so awesome! And I just bought the same book!

  5. ohhh i LOVE getting packages in the mail and this one is just great!! it's got a little bit of everything! those notecards are sooo adorable and i am putting that book on my reading list!!

  6. Am a happy for you or what!!! It looks wonderful this weekend my mission will be to buy this book! It looks and sounds amazing it really does!
    And you totally deserve this, you’re the best we cant go wrong on that right?

    I hope you’ve had a nice week, I haven’t really bloggged in a while I’ve been a bit bizzy with work and friends and family…BUT I have to start doing it daily! I love it so much!♥

    I also want to start doing more videos about my daily life…what do you think? Blogging is about writing down thought…But I want more videos so I’ll start working on that yay!

    Well have a brilliant day Doll! I hope you have amazing plans for this weekend♥…talk to you soon♥

  7. I looooove my cards!!! I will be sending you a bracelet... I've never shipped international before, but I'm sure I'll figure it out! =]

  8. What a cute parcel :) I love getting post too! Award for you over on my blog missy, go peek xx

  9. i am SO EXCITED to post about the parcel you gave me!! YOU spoiled me righteously! and all soooo lovely stuff!!! i wore my animal print bow that night out for a drink with my fiance :)

    seriously, i couldn't have asked for better things!!! really, divine.

    i really really really really like you ;)

    i'm sending off a thank-you to you this week!