Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are Family.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr Seuss

I was sifting through some old photographs the other day looking for pictures of myself to use for my 21st birthday invitation (more on that later!) and I found so many old photographs of me and my family that made me giggle so much. So, in the spirit of family, I thought I would dedicate this post to the lovely people who call me their own!

This is of me and my cousin Jess. I think we around the 3year old mark in this photograph. Its just so cute though right? I Love it. I remember this pretty clearly actually we had a super fun day hanging out with my mum, down at the beach. Its kind of crazy actually, Jess and I lost contact for quite a long time while we were growing up (there goes a bit of that family drama!!) but over the last few years have had the chance to reconnect, get to know each other again and even live together for a while. It was great waking up on a sunday morning and making breakfast and renting boxset DVDs and creating an airband for the opening song of the OC... did I mention we were awesome? haha.

This one is me and my aunty. Anna was 11 when I was born, so I remember vividly always looking up to her. She was so hip! I remember her having a New Kids on the Block teeshirt that she let me borrow once, I felt so cool! I was probably about 3 in this photo too, we use to hang out and do fun stuff like this all the time. This photo I remember being taken at the back of my grandparents home one summer. There is a sweet sequence of about 5 photos where I take the cup of water and throw it on Anna's head! Opps!

This is me and my grandad. This was taken almost 9 weeks after I was born on the 26th of August 1989. Growing up I have always been close to my Grandfather, I have vivid memories of us sitting downstairs in the cellar of his home, him sipping on straight whiskey and me sipping on my pretend whiskey (which was actually just gingerale) My grandad now has a luxury housebus, and him and his wife travel around this beautiful country doing fun things like fruit picking and such. I dont get to see him all that often, but love him very dearly. In fact, one of my next tattoos is going to be for him. He doesnt even know yet!

This is me and my mum. Im 10 and a half weeks old in this photo. My mum and I have always had a really really close relationship. I am an only child and was raised by just my mum. She honestly amazes me, she gave up so much to stay at home and raise me right. And since I started school she has worked her way up the corperate ladder and has proved beyond a doubt that if you want something bad enough you can get it. She has taught me to be a strong, independant and caring young woman and she really is my hero.

These are Anna's two precious little boys, My darling cousins, Xavier who is now 5 and Harvery who is now 2. They are the most wonderful Little Kids in the world, we hang out and do fun stuff like baking and minigolf. They live just around the road from me, so I get to see them alot, its so special being part of little peoples lives!!

This photo was taken on my 18th birthday (nearly 3 years ago now!) Its my whole family. My cousin Jess, Anna and her Husband Aaron, Cousin Harvey (who is just a bump in this photo) My Grandad and his wife Robyn, Me, My Mum and My cousin Xavier.

So that is my amazing family. They are pretty special, and I love them to death.
Say cheese guys!

One more time... Thats more like it!


  1. aw all these pictures are the greatest!!
    hooray for such a wonderful family!
    and all the memories!!

  2. Yeah we are freaking awesome xx

  3. You were sooo cute, you look the same!

  4. O my god look at your three year old self in that paddling pool! Such a cutie. And what a gorgeous post. I hope your 21st is amazing.

  5. Old photos are the best - they always bring back the best memories. Love your adorable family:)