Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh John, You make me swoon.

Ahhhh! To say that I was excited about attending the John Mayer concert, was well, a huge under statement. I have wanted to see him live, ever since I heard No Such Thing all those years ago. Oh Goodness. I guess to me, John Mayer, is like the back up... No matter what mood Im in, I can put on any one of his songs, and suddenly with his sweet voice and incredibly musical talent I am taken away to another place. Tonight was no different. My good friend Ruth and I made a split decision, one day before he was due to play in Wellington that we were going to just pay the $100 and go and see him. All yesterday I had been so excited and then, in the afternoon, some stuff happened that, well, to be honest, hurt me more than I can articulate. But that is not for this post... Anyway, I was in an incredibly somber mood driving into the city for the show, the opening act was cute, and kinda cheery, but I still wasnt in the worlds best mood, I was excited for the show, but not like I normally am. Normally when the lights dim, and the band walks on stage, I get that giddy feeling, I didnt last night, which was a strange sensation for me considering how excited I knew I was for this show. Next thing, John Mayer is strumming his guitar and playing No Such Thing, instantly, I felt better.

His set list was wonderful. He played a variety of songs from his albums, old to new, and even played some of the songs I was hoping he would, but thought he wouldnt. I mean He played Vultures! Ah such a good song!! He was talking to the crowd at one point, and he said that he had decided he wanted to play songs tonight that he wanted to play, so during sound check he changed the set list, which to me, is just awesome.

I think the pinnacle of the show for me, was when he played Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. This song is special to me and a certain person in my past, and honestly when I heard it, I couldnt help but cry. It was just so incredibly moving that it was my only reaction. He also played Daughters which is one of my favourite John Mayer songs. Oh man, I get chills even just typing about it.

After almost two hours of sweet sweet music, the band and him, left the stage for a few moments, before the encore began. By this stage, I knew that the encore would be heartbreak warfare, but I couldnt quite pick what other song he was going to play. It was either going to be Gravity, Your Body is a Wonderland, or Why Georgia... I was so stoked when the first few notes of Gravity began to play. Ive read alot about John Mayer, and him saying that this was the most important song that he had ever written. It was so epic to be able to hear him perform it, I had goosebumps and was in total awe of his incredible passion and musical talent.

Oh John Mayer. Marry me?


  1. I absolutely love his music but don't really care for some of the comments he makes:( So glad you had an awesome time!!! He is great in concert!

  2. This is especially adorable to me because one of my best friends is IN LOVEEEEEE with John. We always tease her, but secretly we all want him too! :)

    That is so exciting for you! I'd love to see him in concert.


  3. he is just so dang talented!
    and i hate to ssay it {cause i am team jen and you don't break her heart. haha} i SO SO SO want to see his concert.
    because well apparently they are just simply amazing!
    glad you got to go and had such a WONDERFUL time!

    dear john,

  4. Love the pictures and how cool to see him in concert! Glad he could help to turn the day around!

  5. this looks so fuunnn
    i loove john mayerr

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  6. That's so awesome that you got to go, even if you weren't in the best of moods! I love him.

  7. Jealousy! I've always wanted to see him..I wonder when I can.

  8. Lucky you! I LOOOOOVE 'comfortable', reminds me of an old friend, makes me happy/sad every time!
    Hope you are ok re: the other??
    hugs xx
    ps. I got awesome mail from you today!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Will write soon :)

    i seen him in january and i'm hoping to see him again next month, you lucky girl :)

  10. oh goodness, i considered flying to wellington for that show as well as auckland but figured he'd play the same set, which he totally didn't but that it more comforting then anything else for some reason. i cried at the auckland show too when he played heart of life, swoon, just another reason that he's the best ever. in the world. hope your feeling better x

  11. oh wow! I went to his Auckland show (RIGHT at the front wich was epic!) but his setlist was quite different... I would have died to hear slow dancing in a burning room :( cute blog! x