Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Day to Dress Up

want Time to feature another blog that I am just so super in love with right now! Megan Stewart is possible one of the most fashionable young woman that I have ever encountered. Her blog, Another Day to Dress up, is the most wonderful catalouge of her daily outfits and thoughts. Okay. I know that you are thinking, There are so many fashion blogs out there, and you are right. But Megan's blog is just so wonderful, her sense of style makes me a little weak at the knees.

Megan drops by between outfit changes to talk about Mac 'n' Cheese, vintage animal portraits and growing up

Hi my name is Megan But you can call me Megan/Megg/Meggstatus My blog is a place for me to inspire and express my creative energy I take me coffee in tea form (coffee makes me jittery, I'd rather have tea)My favourite thing to coook is home made macaroni and cheese from my mom's secret recipe The best thing I have learnt in the last 7 days is some people might be crazy, but it's still fun to listen to them talk In my bedroom you will find hundreds of pieces of clothing and a bunch of vintage animal portraintsfind My favorite book is Kaftka on the Shore One thing I cant live without is my family, friends, boyfriend and baby blanket In my handbag you will find **searching through bag** make-up, wallet, camera, tripod, chap stick, medicine, keys, gum, deodorant, ketchup, bracelets, rings.... basically my life! In 1999 I was rolling my eyes at the thought of Y2K The last song that I listened to was "Box" by Tokyo Police Club Last night I dreamt about I wish I remembered! I think everyone should know that style is an expression of yourself, you will never make everyone happy.The best advice my mum ever gave me was to do things for my happiness and the rest will fall into place I am inspired by everything, old movies, vintage photographs, people on the street, nature, editorials, my fellow bloggers. I draw inspirations from too many sources to count. In 2010 I will accept the fact that I'm now a grown up

Oh isnt she just adorable! I want to scoop her up and put her in my pocket and keep her forever! But instead, I will settle for reading her blog and being inspired by her wonderful style. You should to. Check out what wonderful outfit Megan is wearing today, over at her blog, Another Day to Dress Up. I promise, you will love it!


  1. she is so adorable!
    i LOVE her style!!!
    that tent dress is awesome!!

  2. omg so cute!!! how sweet of you!!! love this post!! AWESOME!!