Sunday, May 16, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol. 4

Whether you call it hard rock, cock rock, melodic rock, pop-metal, glam or sleaze, Shotgun Alley can be named one of New Zealand’s hottest rock bands to make their mark In the Kiwi Music Industry. Recently, The boys supported Alice Cooper on his ‘Theatre of Death’ tour performing in Auckland, New Zealand They have also shared the stage with Glam Metal band Steel Panther in Los Angeles, playing major rock venues The Viper Room and The Key Club. Not only are these guys solid as hell live, they are good friends of mine.

With the release of their new video for their single Give it All up for Rock its a busy time for the boys of Shotgun Alley. The lovely Josh takes a second out from his jam packed schedule to sit down with me and make a mix tape.

Opening Track - Your Theme Song.
RamJam - Black Betty. It explains itself really, I've got it all my life.. "Whoa Josh Betty.. Bam Ba Lam"
First album you owned
Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein. Off the first casette tape I ever bought. The soundtrack for Wayne's World!!
Best/Favourite Cover
Nirvana - Love Buzz. Their first ever released single was a cover of Dutch Rock Band, Shocking Blue that they released on Sub Pop. Made me fall in love with Grunge and lent the way for my punk influence to encroach on my pop sensibility.
Musician Dead or alive you would love to play with
This is a tough one but any member of Nirvana would do! Dave Grohl or Kurt Cobain. I would love to share the stage with Dave Grohl and sing Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters.
Best Love Song
Guns N' Roses - So Fine. Such a pretty melody and music but just has that rawness to it that makes it sound so dirty and "cool."
Song that reminds you of High School
Blink 182 - Please Take Me Home. Off 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' Reminds me of 6th Form holidays before starting our last year. Knowing you're hitting that home stretch...
Therapist in a Song
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart. If ever I am down or lack energy, this song is the pick-me-up I need. There's just something about fast drums and heavy guitars that's always made me feel happy to be alive!
Guilty Pleasure
At the moment, my guilty pleasures are Kesha. Any song really, that chick rocks cowboy boots and drinks Jack.. I don't give a shit if she's a poser, she's damn hot!!
Guaranteed Sing Along Song
Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer. Easy!
Closing Track - The old faithful.
Alexisonfire - Accidents. When I first moved to Auckland I bought their second album 'Watch Out,' and 'Accidents' is the opening track. I'm pretty sure it didn't leave my car CD player until I'd worn it out.. literally.

Here is a peak at the new video... Hows about that huh!! What do ya think?? {Josh is wearing a ramones shirt... haha now you know what he looks like too! Snap!}

Oh and dont forget to enter the swap! yay!


  1. I agree. Love buzz also made me fall in love with Grunge.

    Nice one Josh Betty, bam ba lam.

  2. Blink 182 totally reminds me of HS as well...

  3. Blink 182 makes me think of high school as well. I once listened to their cd all the way to Vegas and back.