Monday, May 17, 2010


Today has been one of those uninspiring days. You know the ones, where you wake up and want to stay snuggled in bed but the alarm is blearing and you must get up just to shut it up. On the way to work I was delayed in heavy traffic, with nothing to listen to but the drawl of the radio because I had left my ipod on my desk at work the night before. Work was well... glum. Nothing really happened. It just...was. And to top things off I have a headache and, without sharing WAY to much information my little friend arrived this morning {you know, that one that shows up once a month and makes you all flavours of cranky and uncomfortable} so all in all its been a pretty average sort of day. Not one for the history books I am afraid. Then again I did book my next lot of tattoos in with the lovely miss Karla. So I am looking forward to that, without a doubt.

Tonight however promises to make me smile. Im going out to dinner with a friend to a new mexican place that has just opened, and any one who knows me, knows that I just LOVE mexican food... so I am thinking that a few drinks, good food and good company might be just the ticket to putting me in a good mood. Oh yes.

I sent off some mail today too! How exciting... And there are heaps of entries for the Delightful Package Swap which is also pretty darn wonderful, but still plenty of time for you to join if you havent already!! . Oh and who wants to swap mixed CD's? I have one with your name on it... just waiting to be sent to your loving stereo player. Mmmyes. Oh and I may have mentioned this... but I graduate from University on Thursday... yip in 2 days time! Yay! Im so excited. So maybe this week isnt that bad after all. Cup half full right?

OH! I almost forgot... Im looking for another creative soul, someone, somewhere, with a camera, and a love for photography to collaborate on a little project with me. Oh the wonders of the internet!! It wont take up that much time, but is going to be a wee commitment everyday... If you might be interested... drop me a line, and Ill get back to you with some details... yay!


  1. Hi there! I just started following yr blog a few days ago (love it!). Anyway, I'd definitely be interested in yr photo project. Let me know what you have in mind!


  2. Thanks :]
    We should definitely be pen pals!

  3. HUGS & XXX's
    Ella and I just posted you a parcel, pity we couldn't put it in a little time machine or it could be cheering you up already!
    Have an awesome night!! :)

  4. I love that you are starting so many new projects!!! You are one creative lady!

  5. sorry about your less than great day..
    but HOORAY for a fabulous night out complete with mexican food! {OH SO YUMMMY}
    and girrl you have so many projects going! you inspire me to be more of a multi tasker! haha.

  6. hey! Can i Swap Mix Cd with you? If there is still one available for me :) :)

  7. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    This sounds oh so interesting. I'm ever intrigued...

  8. I would love to swap a mixed cd and i am also interested in a photography project if you still need someone!!