Thursday, May 20, 2010

I did it!

Im excited to say that yesterday I officially graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Yup! Thats right, I now officially have a degree! How exciting huh! I had such a lovely day yesterday, I got to have a sleep in, then got myself all glammed up, put on a beautiful dress that my mum made for me, and my official academic robes and head into the city for my graduation parade and ceremony. The weather held up and I got to walk through the main streets of the city (a tradition long standing at Victoria) with all the other graduands of the day. Then, I got to have lunch with some beautiful ladies, have a few drinks, and then attend my graduation ceremony. I was so blessed to have my mum, aunty, grandparents and dear friend Ruth attend the ceremony and then we all went out for dinner afterwards and enjoyed good food, drink and company... it really was such a wonderful day. Okay, enough of the words, im just going to post a bunch of pictures from the day, then it will be just like you were there celebrating with me!

All dressed up in my academic robes

Ruth and Me!

Gabbie was graduating too!

Walking in the Parade.. Its a long standing tradition that all the new graduates walk through the main streets of Wellington. It was rather odd!

Thumbs up!

Rosie came down in her lunch break to watch the Parade!

Mum and My Aunty Annie were there too!

Thank you Victoria University, we had fun.

So excited about my graduation gift. The most beautiful charm bracelet with a graduation cap, a music note, a suitcase some study books and a few love hearts. Thanks to my beautiful mum and grandparents!

Thanks for the help mama!

My new bracelet! Woohoo!

My Aunty wanted to try on my hat! haha!

There you go folks! It really happened!

My Beautiful Mum! She is amazing.

The Family. (Well, most of them!)


  1. Your dress is gorgeous!

    Congrats on graduating!!!

  2. Oh thank you so much! My Mum actually made it! she is super talented!

  3. Congratulations on graduating! That' fantastic!

    Lovely photos, you look beautiful! :)

  4. Oh wow! What a wonderful way to celebrate finishing your degree - a parade, a gorgeous dress, and good company!

    Congratulations, Tillie!

  5. Congratulations!! How exciting!!
    Your dress was gorgeous (your Mum did a fantastic job!!) and you looked stunning :)

    thats so awesome!!
    first of all you look gorgeous!!!
    and second.. i am so excited for you!

  7. oh darling darling... CONGRATULATIONS my little beautiful scholar!!!!!! YOU'VE DONE IT!!! my proudest accomplishment is my uni degree--- nobody can ever take it away from you.

    GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL LOVELY- every bit of it on your WONDERFUL day!!! i love the green and the charm bracelet til!

    HIGH FIVE my sweetest friend!

    it's after midnight and i have to be up early (holy hell it's nearly 1 a.m.! ha) but i shall break out a glass of wine and toast to you! xo


  8. Congratulations!!! So amazing! <3

  9. Hi there, Congratulations!! After all the hardwork, donning those robes is the most rewarding thing you can ever experience.

    Congratulations once again! xo

  10. Congratulations on graduating! :)

    I never was very fond of school, but I'll never forget graduation day!

  11. What a wonderful day! You are stunning Tillie! I loved your gorgeous smile in all the pics. I hope you continue to smile tall and feel terrific about this accomplishment! Way to go!

  12. Congratulations! Your mum did an ace job on your dress - it looks stunning on ya! Such a nice colour =)

  13. You look adorable! Congrats lady! I cannot wait to hear about the next adventure for you!

  14. Awww it all looks so lovely. Congratulations on graduating as well :)
    It's nice to see posts with family and friends in them xx

  15. Happy graduation! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  16. Congratulations! :) If all goes well, I should be graduating with my master's in the fall. (Crosses fingers, eyes, toes, etc.)

  17. Congrats, Tillie! You look so happy (and what a special day). What's next??

  18. congrats! And your mum has serious SKILLZ haha

    I just love how happy and smiley you are in every picture :) x

  19. Congrats! I'm a Vic graduate too! Isn't graduating the best feeling?