Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Postal Service V.1

It has been so lovely coming home most days to find little treats waiting in my letter box or on my front door, its certainly been a lovely change from the bills and the junk mail which seems to be in constant supply at the moment. So, I thought, in honour of all the darling people in my life who are sending me goodies from around the world, and so I can remember all the wonderful letters and things I have been fortunate enough to recieve, I would start to document the adventures of my postbox. So welcome to Postal Service v.1. Im not sure how often I will post these, but I photograph all the mail that I get, so, It hopefully will be more often than not!

A sweet sweet letter and some cute little buttons from Miss Yana over at The Girl From Little Eden I found her address from a penpal listing type post and fell in love with her blog, she is just oh so cute! and look at the nifty writing paper she sent me! Oh my! I am in love! I need to find me some of that paper!
This lovely package is from Michael. She is super lovely and hosts a letter swap thinggee over at her blog. She was my partner for a swap that we both entered recently and spoiled me silly! The bookmark she sent me was so cute! It has owls! My favourite!! and and and she sent me a graphic novel... Fables. Do any of you read graphic novels? I never have! Im excited to begin. I also got a mixed CD, a copy of the San Diego zoo newsletter (Her boyfriend and her have an annual pass..HOW COOL!!) some candy, some tea and a few other magical bits and pieces.
I got a lovely little letter from my penpal Justine from California and a letter from The lovely Tiffany too!

I was so excited to get this parcel from Allana. The latest Frankie, postcards, a brooch (another owl! You all know me well!!) some knitted flowers, which are hanging from my room, and a few other wonderful little bits and pieces from around the place. Her blog is super sweet and im so excited about sending something back to her!!

A card from Aly, Apostcard from someone at and a postcard from the lovely zoe. Oh oh oh i love it!

How exciting huh! I was silly and forgot to take photos of my outgoing mail. I will make sure that I do for the next edition of Postal Service. If anyone else wants to get in on the postal action, send me a wee email, and I am sure you and I could exchange some wonderful letters, postcards, or maybe even little presents.


  1. I love looking at everyones mail! Love the stationery in the top photo.
    Hopefully my card will arrive for you soon.

  2. love love love mail posts because they make me so happy! :) connecting to otherwise beautiful strangers is so much fun isn't it? i love the owl theme ;) and anyone who gets anything from you will be spoiled-- your letters themselves are treats!

    soon, you should get my little something and i hope you love it HALF as much as the swap i loved from you! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you received the package. I know graphic novels aren't for everyone, but I hope you enjoy it.

    I look forward to reading future Postal Service installments.

  4. OH HOW HAPPY!!!
    i love mail posts!
    they are just so wonderful!!!
    and all the packages are so PRETTY!!
    you have something coming for you soon! woohoo. i tried to decorate as cute as you do but thats impossible! haha!!!

  5. Yay for mail, I get so excited when there is something other than a bill.

  6. How exciting! :) Its so nice to get things in the mail. Cant wait to see future installments of this. Yours was posted today so hopefully wont take too long to get to you xx

  7. hey dollface I got the writing paper from here:
    cant wait to hear from you!

  8. so FUN!!
    i get so excited when there's something in the mail for me. And i gotta say, the package you sent was by far the most awesomely decorated package EVER!!! it made me smile so hard :)