Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weak at the Knees

Today, is a pure perve fest. Im not even going to lie. Today is the day I share my a few of my crushes. My purely lustful addictions for some of the sexiest men alive. Yes, I want their babies. I think I would make quite cute babies...I digress. But Alas, Im afraid to say most of these delicious men are happily married, and Im no home wrecker! So Little old me, will just have to sit here waiting for the day one of these amazing men wake up and realise I really am the girl for them. *siiiiiigh*

Where do we start.. hmmm. I think at the most current crush will do. Introducing the delightfully deliciously delictable Mr John Clayton Mayer.

Oh I know I have talked about this a little bit, but after seeing him live recently I just realised how... delicious he is. His voice is incredible, he is the most talented gutairist, and he is just so sexy! I mean look at him. Come on people! Its the truth. That man oozes sex. That is all there is too it. Oh John! Come and serenade me.

If you have not been delighted by this next eligible hunk, I would advise you to jump onto youtube right this second and get watching. You will soon be converted I am sure!! Introducing the most lovely to look at Mr Dallas Green.
Tattoos + Folk Music + Beard + Glasses + Shirts = Could this man get any better? Oh man, ever since I first heard Alexisonfire I have had a massive crush on him. When I met him in person, I got all giddy and like a 12 year old girl but I dont care. He smelt Nice. I would like to Marry him one day. Then he could sing me sweet nothings until he ran out of voice. Thanks.

Lets jump the big screen for a second shall we. Introducing the hunky hunky hunk Mr John Christopher Depp.

Now, I realise that he is certainly old enough to be my father, does that stop me having an insatiable crush on the man? I think not! I mean come on! He is soooooo lovely to look at. I remember the first time I saw Edward Scissorhands, I was in lust then, and still now, I am. Such an incredibly talented man, and oh so mysterious. Johnny Depp you are just too good for words.

Now, the only reason I ever found out about the next piece of eye candy, is through a television series I watched... without further ado, I present to you, Mr Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller.

Oh yes. This was a match made in heaven. Now, truth be told, my crush is really on Jax. His character in Sons Of Anarchy is just. amazing. Motorcyles + Facial Hair + Brooding agression + manly instinct. Oh its a equation that was set to make me swoon. And swoon I did. Thank you writers of Sons of Anarchy, for bringing such a wonderful man into the world (secretly I hope Charlie is like Jax in real life, although, I dont imagine he is in an outlaw motorcycle club. Darn.)

Ahhhh. Now that that is out of my system... come on ladies, which celebs are you crushing on?


  1. So adorable...I love your little explanations, and if only they could hear them! They would most definitely fall in love...

    For me, I'm quite a fan of John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) and Cary Grant.......if only they knew, too!


  2. Ryan Gosling, Terence Howard, Gilles Marini, Paul Adelstein, and my poet crush, Li-Young Lee :)

  3. Oh Ryan Gosling! Yes he is most delightful!

  4. oh my word, i love that you love john like i do! 'where the light is' dvd is the best for his babe qualities. x

  5. I was front row at an alexisonfire and hugged george! then we met the band outside and dallas kissed my cheek :)
    happiest day everrrr!

  6. Oh my goodness, I couldnt agree more with you on mr depp, mayer and green. YUM! Dallas greens music is amazing aswell, along with john mayers. You have SUCH good taste ;) I dont know who the 4th guy is but he sure is a cute too xx

  7. I totally share your love for Johnny Depp, but unfortunately, I cannot stand John Mayer - especially when he speaks, ha!

    Right now, I am crushing hard core on Jon Hamm from Mad Men!

  8. Mmmmmm, I'd give it up to some Robert Downey, Jr. Tehe. :)

  9. james spader... because of secretary.
    bob dylan post protest pre finding god.
    johnny cash. always and forever.
    ryan gosling. duh
    mike ness. soothes the soul.