Monday, May 24, 2010

Postal Service V.3

Mail! Mail! Everywhere! I think my postman is getting a little jealous because of all the AMAZING envelopes and parcels which are arriving on my doorstep! Oh boy! Its just so exciting coming home and finding something beautiful waiting for me to open! I am getting much better at remembering to take photos of them too! Though, I am still on the learning curve for taking photos of the things that I send out... however... I didnt do to badly this time around, there are just some that will remain suprises for the lovelies who are recieving them!


This beautiful card and bunch of flowers was delievered to me at work from my work colleagues to say congratulations for graduating university! The flowers are soooo beautiful and are making my room smell most delicious right now! Yum! There is nothing nicer than a bunch of flowers...

I stand corrected. There is something nicer than a bunch of flowers, and thats TWO bunches of flowers. I also came home to find that my amazing cousin Jess had sent down from Auckland. They are so bright and pretty and I have them sitting in the dining room at the moment. They brighten the whole place up!

The ever beautiful Chelsea sent me a lovely little package with a mixed CD of her favourite 50s and 60s tunes, and she threw in some of her fav tea...which also happens to be one of my favourites. Oh its just so delicious. Oh and miss Chelsea, Your handwriting is the best. Just saying.

I took part in an acessory swap a little while ago and my package from the lovely Miss Sophie arrived. The skull earrings are so wonderful!! I actually wore them the night that I got them, when I went to a friends 21st. They are adorable, and the necklace! Oh the necklace! I love it!

Chelsea sent me another little thank you card too for a wee package that I sent her a little while back. And The Fruid sent me something from that was exciting to recieve too!!

Ah! Talk about the biggest suprise parcel ever! I was so totally spoilled by the amazingly kind and generous Allana. Where do I start! There was just so much in the parcel it still kinda baffles me. She sent the most delicious of teas, stationery, stickers, cozy warm socks from the warm toes fairy (SOOOOO CUDDLEY!) recipe cards, buttons, oh man, just so many wonderful wonderful things. And the best letter ever. I cant wait to return the favour and send something wonderful to her in return! Now I just need to hunt out some little loves that she might like. Oh boy!

Outgoing (well the stuff I remember to photograph!)

Letters to 4 lovely ladies!

Sailor Jerry Postcards to random friends from

4 more letters to 4 more lovelies.

Oh boy, I have many letters to write, I think i might go and make a cup of tea and get onto doing something about that nowww! Next week, hopefully I will be able to post out some bigger packages, so keep your eyes on your mailboxes, or drop me an email if you would like to get in on the action! How fun.

Oh, and a suprise is coming your way in the next few days... just getting my hands on a few little things and then it will all be revealed. yay!


  1. Oh i LOVE having flowers in the house, you lucky thing!
    I have my last exam tomorrow and after that I will be putting together my cd for you and sending it out :-)

  2. gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous girl! love your mail and excitement for mail. hope you are still riding high from your grad!

  3. What pretty flowers and amazing packages! :] Congrats on graduating!!

  4. Isn't mail the absolute greatest thing? There is nothing quite like it to cheer me up - even if it's something little I've ordered off etsy! Your mail (both incoming and outgoing) is delightful and so personal... so much thought went into each piece!

  5. Yay the flowers were really pretty. I've never ordered flowers for someone before, I will have to use that place again :)

  6. eeek YAY!!!
    you got my letters!!!
    i hope you enjoy the mix cd and the tea!!!
    i'm so glad its summer and i can craft all day long! hahaha.
    i think your postman is definitely jealous! so many wonderful things coming and going!!

  7. How cool are your Kiwi stamps! Our Aussie ones are always just animals or landscape. Boring! I am excited for the next swap to begin xo

  8. Thank you sooo much for my Mix Cd! :). I was definitely rocking out in the car this morning on the way to work! :).

    You'll have something in the mail to you this week!! :) :) :)

  9. yay for mail!!!! :)
    im sending a reply to yours out TODAY!

  10. thank you soo much sweetcakes

    I posted a pic of it! Hope you like my CD mix! i lovee the mix< very indie-ish :) HAHAHAHA

  11. dollface my baby said he will do the interview so email me the questions and he will get onto it!

  12. I love the envelopes in the bottom photo :)

  13. hey babealicious, keep meaning to ask you if my parcel arrived with stamps or a label?? Funny question I know, the post office lady promised she would put stamps on 'later' but I wasn't sure she would - thought i'd never find out ha ha :)