Thursday, June 3, 2010

bits and pieces

Today is such a perfect autumn day here in Wellington. The sky is perfectly blue {thank goodness, I thought after all this rain i might have to buy a house boat} the sun is sparkling, the trees are all brown and orange, its just so pretty. Its day like this that remind me why I love autumn so. There is so much going on at the moment. Its a really exciting time! Most of you would have read about my self diagnosed quarter life crisis, perhaps I have just reached the middle of the whirlwind... the eye of the storm. Things have calmed down considerably, I have made a few decisions regarding my immediate future, and well, I think I am in a good place. Of course, I am still curious as to whether my plans are the right ones, there is still a small feeling of uneasiness, however, a few little things that have occured recently have validated that maybe I am on the right path after all... I cant share too much at this stage, just that I am busy with applications, and creating a brand spanking new website for another avenue of my life. Oh! And I am in the process of redesigning a WHOLE lot of stationery, art posters, and other goodies, and am going to be launching an etsy shop in a few weeks or so! Look at that. I think I should just stop sleeping all together, Oh the things I could do with an extra 8 hours a day! haha.

I have recieved so much mail lately, but unfortunately havent been able to photograph it! I will be getting onto remedying that problem shortly however! But a GIANT thank you to everyone who has been sending me goodies, postal and virtual. I love hearing from ya'll so much! Oh! And Thank you all for the vote of confidence in the sneak peak of Lana and Michaels engagement photos! Man! You guys made me feel so awesome, and you all were so sweet. I really really really appreciate it. So im giving you all the biggest virtual cuddle right now! *squeeeeeeeeze*

Oh! Now! Also! CALLING ALL SMARTY PANTS! Yip, I dunno about you, but I'm not HTML queen haha, and I am trying to develop a new blog layout for some of my work, oh and maybe make this one a little more fitting to me, now that I am permanently at this address! I suppose its like living in a house, the longer you are there, the more you want to decorate it and make it your own... anyway back to where I was going... If you are a layout whizz, and feel like helping a poor lass out {that would be meeeee!} then drop me an email...shewaitsforwhispers[at]ymail[dot]com
I might not be able to pay you in cold hard cash, but I am will be able to send you something wonderful to say thank you!

You guessed it.. only 4 days till the giveaway is drawn... go on. You know you want to.


  1. it's ok if you don't know what you are doing. I feel like that too. I too am experiencing an almost quarter life crisis. hmmmmmm....

  2. Quarter life crisis? Haha love it. My boyfriend is turning 25 this year and I love reminding him he is almost a quarter of a century old :D

    I will try to remember to email you the site I used to turn my page into a 3 column layout. I'm HTML clueless too, so you can imagine how much help it was :)

  3. I wish I could help you but I have no internet skills!

  4. Youve certainly been a busy lady :) I am also rubbish at html, I hope you find some layout whizz that can help you out! Hope you had a great weekend girlie xx