Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee.

Okay, now I have been trawling Etsy for a while, and every now and then I come across little things that I love, and little things that I think would be most wonderful in my house. But, today, I think I have hit the jackpot Ladies and Gents {are there any gents out there?? HEEEELLLOOOOO?} Black Baroque is one of my new favourite etsy stores. I mean, whats not to like, Vintage book pages, Beautiful Prints. Oh my heart is beating a little bit faster than usual! And, whats even better, is that you dont have to pay a bazillion million dollars to own one of these beauties. Pretty much every print in the shop is $10 USD! {Holy toledo batman!} Let me share some of my favourites with you!

I mean seriously, arent they amazing?! There are so many too! I really love all the anatomical ones, and ofcourse the nautical theme ones stole my heart to. And Alice. Oh Alice how I love thee! Seriously, I need these prints. Now, to find some money? Or perhaps I should get cheeky and make a birthday wishlist... its only 21 days away! Wahoo!


  1. These are so cool, I would love to get the top one for my sister.

  2. I heart the heart one! I love drawings on old paper in general:) You might like this girls drawings too..

  3. That octopus is AMAZING, girl!! What an awesome find.

    (etsy is terribly addicting, isn't it?? i love looking at other people's, and i hate working on mine. haha... but it sure is fun when you find out you have a sale!)

  4. Oh my goodness, I adore them! So much so, I'm definitely buying some. Ooh I can just see them now, all hung up on my walls. Thanks for showing us...I find Etsy so intimidating sometimes I just give up. xo

  5. Wow, those are gorgeous!
    Love the Alice ones... they would look so cool on ANY wall :)
    Something else that looks mighty fine is THE PACKAGE I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY! I love it! You have some amazing handwriting and cartoon skillz Miss Tillie :)
    I can't wait to start reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and put my garland together!
    This is seriously such a thoughtful, pretty present and I am so grateful that it is now mine, hehe.

    I needed the lipbalm today too - my lips have been SO dry lately. It's like it was made for me :)


  6. those are great! I just bought a print from etsy the other day that I LOVE and can't WAIT to get in the mail!

  7. these are gorgeous!!! that octopus wants to be mine i can tell!

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