Monday, June 7, 2010

Make Me A Mixtape Vol.5

The Casino Rumblers, direct to you from New South Wales, Australia, have a melting pot overflowing with influences of various genres and tastes, but have managed to create a style that is truly their own manifestation. Bitch slapping, bone crushing double bass, vocals straight from the belly of the beast, some obsessive guitar riffs, vein ripping, eye popping brass and a psycho drummer, These guys will leave a scorching impression on your soul. This band is a no-nonsense, street level, straight up, punk rock band who promise to deliver more every show. These guys have been special guests to some of the coolest international bands touring Australia, Supporting the likes of Reel Big Fish, Horror Pops, Tiger Army and every punk kids dream tour, THE MISFITS.

Dave takes a moment out from his super busy day to sit down and make me a mixtape.

Opening Track
What's Inside A Girl by The Cramps. Basically because as a teenage boy I really wanted to know this!

First album you owned
It was probably the House Of Fun ten inch by Madness which came out in 1982. Dad bought it for me I was probably four or five. It's my first memory of music because my dad used to sit me and my cousin down and play it on the record player. It's still one of my favourite songs.

Favorite Cover
Jockey Full Of Bourbon by The Blue Hawaiians. I think the original by Tom Waits is an amazingly written song but I think they do it as good if not better than Tom Waits even did it. Which doesn't happen often.

Musician Dead or alive you would love to play with
Ummm! Little Demon - by Screamin Jay Hawkins. I picked Screaming Jay Hawkins because he's be my all favourite artist. He was the first shock rocker out there and he was doing it in the 1950s. A negro singing about women and voodoo was not socially accepted at the time but he kept on doing it. I have a portrait tattoo of him on my

Song dedicated to your love.
Haha ok she's going to read this... She won't want anything corny. I'm going to say Bad Things by Jase Everett. Pretty much because we love to watch True Blood together and it's the theme song to it to that.

Song that reminds you of High School
Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry. We used to play it in music class all the time, I liked it because of cliche angry teen shit haha

Therapist in a Song
I think I Put A Spell on You by the madman Screamin Jay Hawkins. It's not really the song that makes me happy but it's the memories attached to it. Lola my gorgeous three year old daughter loves the song. She giggles when it comes on and yells the "I put a spell on you" line but it actually sounds like she's saying "I spat on you!" It always brightens my day.

Guilty Pleasure
Whip It By Devo because it's awesome there's no need to explain this one. It's a good song to sing along to and everybody loves it.

Best Duet
Brian Setzer and Qwen Staffani - You're The Boss. Because Qwen sounds sexy as hell and Brian Setzer is a great musician, fronts one of my Favourite bands The Stray Cats and I just think it was a great mix of vocal styles.

Closing Track
Ghost Town by The Specials because it's an all time favourite and I want it played at my funeral so I guess it's an appropriate song to end you're mix tape with. Plus it's a very wind down kind of song.

You guys should all head over to the Casino Rumblers myspace. Dave is actually my darling pen friend Yana's partner! Wonderful! So go check both these awesome cats out. They are sure to make you smile. Its true!
Oh yes, and you only have one more day to enter the giveaway, the odds are in your favour.

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