Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where no one knows my name.

I have such gypsy blood. Ive always been a traveller, and I have been fortunate enough to spend some time in some beautiful countries, but my heart is not content. There is so much of this world to explore. I have been thinking more and more about where I want to go, and what I want to see, the corners of the world that I want to meet. A travel bucket list of sorts.

(I wanna explore San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Redwood and Yosemite...okay, pretty much all of California)
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
New Orleans, Louisiana
Birmingham, Alabama
Florida (I pretty much wanna explore this entire state)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New York, New York
Detroit, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois

Mexico. All over this incredible Country!!!
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Caracas & Valencia, Venezuela
Rio De Janeiro & San Paulo, Brazil
Beunos Aries, Argentina
Santaigo, Chile

London, England
Paris, Bordeaux & Toulouse, France
Madrid, Zaragoza & Valencia, Spain
Italy (every city!! there is just something about this country...)
Athens & the Greek Islands, Greece
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Germany, (most of this country captivates me)
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Moscow, Russia
Instanbul & Galipoli, Turkey

Capetown & Johannesburg, South Africa
I dont know alot about Africa, But I really want to visit! Mozambique & Zambia
Casablanca, Morroco

Cairo, Egypt
Jerualem, Israel
Damascus, Syria

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Agra & New Dehli, India
Kathmandu, Nepal
Shanghai, China
Bangkok & surrounding areas, Thailand
Phnom Phen, Cambodia
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Apia, Samoa

I have already visited the ones in italics, most more than once, but I still want to go back and explore some more.

Ohh, I caught myself day dreaming again. I cant wait to explore, get off the beaten track, met people and listen to their stories. I sometimes think that is the most fun, the stories that you hear and the people that you meet. Just me and my camera. Oh it would be so glorious.

Where do you want to travel too?


  1. I think you missed out Seoul, South Korea! You can stay at my apartment:)

  2. I'm glad you stopped by my blog, because it means I've been able to discover yours! So beautifully written and such great images...
    Will def be back!

  3. love those photos!!
    and wow what an incredible list of places to go! i want to go to italy so bad!

  4. those photos melt my heart, I hear you! I can't wait to see the world!

  5. Morocco, it's always been top of my list and for some reason I've never yet made it.

  6. What a fantastic travel bucket list! However I think you missed beautiful Tasmania, Australia!! I will have to work on convincing you why you should come here :)