Sunday, February 28, 2010

Capture this.

This is one of the earliest known photographs of a human. This photograph was made 171 years ago, it shows a young Robert Cornelius aged 30, standing outside his families business in Philadelphia. It has been argued that the most poignant thing about this photograph is that what you see is a real man - a man you could reach out and almost touch, a man you could talk to, or even desire. This daguerreotype did not only change the way we see photography now. It works some kind of alchemy. One glance and it drags us back into the past. It is bringing history to life.

Photography is, to put it simply, a pure passion of mine. Something that creates happiness, love, and creativity on a different plane from most other things in my life. It allows me to take an adventure, and re live it over and over and over again. Sometimes in snapshots of the beautiful faces of the people I am blessed to meet, other times, its in stills of the land in which I walk. More often then not, they aren't anything entirely special to look at, but somehow, they manage to tell a story, better than any words I may ever be able to write.


  1. Thats amazing - he doesn't look like he would be out of place in today's society - awesome picture - thanks nat - I live and learn every day :-)

  2. I took a history of photography class last semester, and I got to see a lot of beautiful daguerreotypes. There is something so.. eerily beautiful about them. I love the one you posted :)

  3. i love photos, and i love your passion for it!
    and this is incredible. i can't believe thats one of the earliest photos!!
    simply wonderful post!

  4. This photo is really awesome. Thank goodness for photography! Have you seen my blog? You won my giveaway! Could you e-mial me your address please?