Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear You,

I have spent so much time lately on the sweetest website letters to crushes. Oh I just find it to be ever so sweet and it makes me smile.

These are some of my favourite little letters...

I still have the drawing you made for me. I always pretend I don’t know where it is, but I do.

— S

I want to know what colour of paint is on your bedroom walls. I want to know whether you cross your legs when you watch your favourite show. I want to know what your fingers would feel like in mine. I want to know what your hair looks like when you wake up in the morning. I want to know what books made you cry. I want to know your favourite architect. I want to know how hard you can hug. But most of all I want to know if you want to know the same things about me.
— N

i was thinking this summer that maybe we could fall in love. you interested?
— girl

boy on the subway,
I hope you don’t give everyone that smile. Even if you do, I will continue to believe it was just for me.
— anonymous


  1. You’re adorable (especially with your glasses)
  2. Don’t be jealous. They don’t have what you have.
  3. Could you play me a song?
  4. Maybe we can share a rainwalk someday. Or a sunset.
  5. I think I like you.

— Me

you said something about protons and atoms and I spaced out, thinking that everyone else was wrong when they said you weren’t cute. you’re adorable.

you like chemistry? want to see if it likes us?
— bimbo

I wonder if anyone has ever written anything like that about me, I certainly know I have thought things like that about other people. Infact, I wrote a little note to letters to crushes about 2 minutes ago. Maybe you need to tell someone what you are feeling too? Or maybe you will just take delight in knowing you're not the only one wishing...