Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just for now...

This will be a place for me to share the things I find beautiful, the thoughts I been shared with me, and the ones that I have shared with others. Its a place for the wondering soul to find rest, an online catalogue of the things that make me smile, laugh, and sometimes the things that make me cry. Its a place for melodies and memories, for first loves and forgotten loves.

Its a place for you and me.

A new year. A new perspective. There are so many things that make me smile. So I thought I would document a few. No doubt, I will do this sort of thing a lot.

1. Red Lipstick. 2. Vanilla Lattes...In Big Bowls. 3. Writing letters to the ones that I love. There is nothing like sending a hand written note to someone, even if its just to say 'I'm thinking of you'
5. Magazines. A source of inspiration. 6. Good Books that make you think about things. 5. Picnics. 6. Travelling. In reality and in my imagination. 7. Johnny Depp. 8.Tattoos. 9. Writing in my journal. 10. Little scribbles that turn into something more. Far from perfect, but content. 11. Haircuts. 12. 13. blogs 14. Watching People. 15.Handmade. 16. Peter Pan. 17. Music. 18. TV on DVD 19. My Family. 20. My friends. 21. New Clothes 22.Opshopping 23. Reading old letters from people. 24. Re-unions. 25. Night skies 26. Rain under the street lamps 27.Incense burning 28. Polaroids 29. Trusting yourself. 30.Candles 31. Stationary. 32. Long drives that are accompanied by nothing other than music. 33. Open Spaces. 34. Heavy Duvets. 35. Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows. 36. Dreams. 37. Photographs. 38. Looking at other peoples homes and dreaming of having my own space. 39. Money boxes. 40. Love.

What do you love?


  1. I love my husband and jesus and playing scrabble. knowing the difference between "your" and "you're", frankie magazine, green tea, earl grey, eggs on toast, breakfast at dinner, music sheets and book pages used in art, bows and headbands in my hair, all things denim, lacey, studded and animal printed. red lip stick, red nails, long hair. tomato on toast. the beatles and bob dylan. crappy op shop furniture. coffee table books. pendant necklaces. polaroids.

    and so much more :)

  2. I love my boyfriend and my furbabies. I love frankie magazine and peppermint. I love finding new blogs that inspire me. I love stationary, aussie acoustic music, bubbles baths, pancakes, Alice in Wonderland, Garden State, Orlando Bloom, One Tree Hill, blowing bubbles, taking photos, digital scrapping, attempting to bake, growing my nails when netball season is over, eating Oreos, shopping, sleeping and finding a song that can sum up my mood at that moment.

    I am falling in love with this blog.