Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Amanda Thomas is a 22 year old New Zealand beauty, and author of the brilliant blog Here Comes the Sun, A blog filled with beautiful images, thoughts and other wonderous goodies to feed your soul. A self proclaimmed 'dreamer' Amanda's blog serves as in inspiration to not only me but many in the blogging community. She pops in to talk about Hanson, Getting her husband out of bed and Mary-Kate and Ashley

Hi my name is Amanda But you can call me Mandy.
I take my coffee with lots of sugar because I'd really prefer a cup of tea! My favourite things about blogging are feeling creative and inspired. In my house you will find lots of Beatles memorabilia, a huge dvd collection and usually my husband! My favourite boyband from the 90s is does Hanson count? (TOTALLY COUNTS!!) My favourite season is SUMMER because it usually means a holiday and lots of barbecues with friends. Every morning I check my emails and drag my husband out of bed. My favourite thing to cook is a hot homemade curry. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Sweden because I'm slightly obsessed. I think everyone should know that the Beatles are much better than whatever's in the top 20 these days. On Sunday Afternoons I sleep and blog and have lots of cups of tea. The best advice my mum ever gave me was wear sunscreen and don't break hearts. I am inspired by lots of amazing blogs and photographers, my friends, great magazines and books and it's kinda getting easier to admit- Mary- Kate and Ashley. And Finallly In 2010 I will get a fulltime job and save as much as I can.

If you havent already, Make sure you check out Amanda's amazing blog, It makes me smile everytime I pop over for an afternoon visit.


  1. thank you for the comment! =] you have a very lovely blog!

  2. I LOVE Here Comes The Sun. I discovered Amanda's blog a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love! I was thinking of doing a little feature on her like you have here! Love your blog, and found you through your comment on Here Comes The Sun. The modshop is so rad. I love mod- style everything, esp. the music.

  3. i love amandas blog. great interview xx

  4. Thanks so much everyone, I love her blog too, its just so wonderful. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!