Monday, October 11, 2010

A favor...or two.

I thought I would take a second to do a little bit of shameless promotion... although not for myself today... for a couple of my lovely friends who have some awesome stuff on the run at the moment {i seem to be surrounded by some of the most talented people everrrrr}

My friend Nick is the singer in the lovely New Zealand Band Autozamm and they have just released their third studio album 5th Degree {which you can TOTALLY buy on itunes... if you wanted} You should totally check them out, and send some support their way. Im sure that they would love you for it. I would too!

Next up are my boys in Shotgun Alley... AND my girls in Litvak Attack. Bon Jovi are coming to New Zealand to play a couple of shows and are using one of our local radio stations The Rock to find the support act... Voting doesn't start until the 25th of October... but you should jump on the site and have a listen to them both. And maybe, just maybe when it comes around to it, spare a few moments of your busy busy times and vote for them. Litvak Attack can be found on page 2 at the top and Shotgun Alley can be found on page 3 down the bottom.

Yarp. Talent huh. They last few days have been sort of weird really, The weather has been packing itself back down towards winter {just as the sun had become a standard feature round these parts} and even though I have had things that I have done im sort of in that 'dont want to do anything' mood. It will pass in the next couple of days I am sure. I have a big girls weekend planned out of the city for this weekend {which is going to rule} and then its not that long until I go home and see my family for my cousins 3rd birthday {seriously where has the year gone?} And then its nearly christmas! WHOA! Soon enough, they will be playing carols in the stores... oh goodness.

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