Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A weekend away. Part 1

So, I've officially been living in Auckland for a month! And what a month its been, I have been having such a wonderful time, and getting to do a bunch of exciting stuff. And as much as I have been loving this city... it was time to get away! My flatmate Sarah, organises a girls weekend at her family beach house every year, and this year, I got to go along. Boy oh boy! Was it madness! We had 3 nights out at one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand, dressed up in silly costumes, drunk a lot, chatted a lot, and just spent a lot of time in the sun. There is no television, no computer/internet, cell phone reception, or really any connection to the outside world. It was wonderful.When I thought about posting about this, I decided I would split it into two different posts, one about the antics that we got up too, and one about the actual beach, because its just so beautiful and I really want to be able to show it to you. I'm going to do the latter of the two first, because I just cant wait to show you the beautiful photos that I was able to capture. Honestly, being in a place like that just makes me realise how blessed I am to be living in such an amazing country. Just 3 hours out of the biggest city in New Zealand, Otama Beach is seriously the closest thing to Paradise that I can imagine. Oh I'm just going to let the photos do the talking... because there really aren't any words that will do it justice.

On the drive up the coast of New Zealand

On the drive...Isn't it so pretty?!

View from the deck of the downstairs batch

Oh the beautiful beautiful beach.

Footsteps in the sand

The lagoon

I sat up on the rocks and wrote in my journal for a while. It was pretty spectacular.

As the sun begins to set...

A perfect sunset.

Being back in the city is wonderful, I do love it a lot. But oh how I miss the beach already!!


  1. oh wow! Looks amazing Tillie! Thanks for the little tour :) xx

  2. These are incredible photos! Absolutely stunning! So happy you were able to enjoy some relaxation time! :)

  3. paradise indeed!! i want to go next trip ;)

    i want to show off one of your tats in my wens. meet up... mind if i do? ;)

    I MISS YOUR FACE!! xoxo