Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check out this little dude...

I want to introduce you to Aidan.

Adorable huh? Not only is this little dude the cutest thing out, he is also pretty much the strongest, inspiring little guy I've come across in a while. Yip thats right, Ive actually never met this guy, but that doesnt make him any less special. You see, Aidan loves drawing, especially drawing monsters. Oh and he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was diagnosed on September the 13th 2010, and has already ungone a handful of serious operations, including a spinal tap and a surgery to insert a Hickman {A Hickman is a tube in his chest that runs up to his neck into a vein and close to his heart. It is used to give him his chemo treatments.} After his forth round of chemo, Aidan went into remission {with Leukemia it takes almost no time to go into remission} So what this means now is that the little dude will undergo consolidation chemotherapy for several months to try to rid of any other diseased cells. And after this he will start his two years of maintenance chemo. {In other words, Leukemia really really sucks.. and this little guy has a long road ahead of him} I think what I love most about this little guy though, is that through everything, he made a decision that he wanted to do something, not just be a sick little guy. So. What did he do? The one thing he loves more than anything of course... Drawing! Yip! Thats right, Aidan {with the help of his family} opened an Etsy store, full of his cute little drawings, in order to try to help with the financial strain that this disease has put on his family. Can you just imagine it... "can't you just imagine that wee face, "Mummy, Daddy, I could sell some pictures to help you with me being sick??" {CUTEST THING EVER!!} So for just $12USD you can get your hands on one of Aidans Monsters, and support this family. They are super adorable, and made even more so because this kid honestly seems to be one of the raddest little dudes this world has. So why not take a look... head over to Aidans Etsy and check out his drawings! I think this one is my favourite... or maybe this one {i do love me some dinosaurs!} I love the message from the family on the etsy store too. You can just tell that they are so overwhelmed by the support that they have recieved. So. Go on... check them out, and maybe you know someone who could do with a little bit of cheering up, or maybe you just want a treat for yourself, and you might just be responsible for a smile on Aidans face.

P.S I know its been a while since I have been able to blog, there has been so much going on here, good, bad, and well otherthings too. But I am going to make much more of an effort to stay current with this blog. Over the last few months your love and support has meant so much to me, and I just wanted to say how much I love you all! Yip, every single one of you, even you in the back wearing that cardigan! And you, you reading this right now, you might just be my favourite {just dont tell anyone else! I would hate to hurt anyones feelings!}


  1. What a sweet story. How did you find him??

  2. A friend of mine showed me his etsy the other day and I sort of just fell in love with the story! Its just so adorable!!

  3. i. love. you.

    and i am going to take that little boy for myself, if ever I run into him. <3