Monday, October 4, 2010

Tell me my Fortune

Ive never been one to really believe in people who claim to be psychic, or have the ability to tap into the 'other' side. In all honesty, I find it to be all a little bit of baloney... Until today that is. Sarah {read best flatmate ever} and her friend Bex had made an appointment to go and see their psychic this morning, and after talking about it with them both for a little bit last night, I decided to tag along and see what the deal was. Of course, me being me, I went in skeptical as heck. I mean, I don't really know what I expected... Crystal Balls? Gypsy Woman? {who knows} but I thought it would all be a bit of a laugh and nothing to serious. We pulled up to a little suburban house, in a quiet little neighborhood. Bex went on in first, by herself, leaving Sarah and I in the car... and to be honest, at this point I started to get a little anxious. I wasn't sure me being there was the right idea, I didn't want to mess with something that wasn't in my control. I definitely had butterflies in my stomach. Bex came out and then it was apparent it was our turn. {queue butterflies going crazy} Sarah had said that I could go with her for her reading, so that I could get a feel for what it was like, and then make my decision. A little bit of time went on and I certainly wasnt uncomfortable listening to what she had to say about Sarah, then, out of no where, she said our address. She placed us perfectly. The road, that it was opposite a pub, and that we were on the water side. {I mean WHAT THE HECK!?} How could she know that right? Any who, Sarah's reading was over and it was my turn. Now, I thought at this stage I would be freaking out, but I was really comfortable. I was still a little skeptical and kept my cards close to my chest, but within seconds of talking she starting to talk to me about something that I had been keeping hugely private. She knew it. And I honestly dont believe it was a guess, she knew such intimate and personal details of my life, both past and present, and even presented insight into the future {I guess we can only wait and see if anything comes of that} We talked about a few things, things that she simply could not have known by looking at me. This whole experience has certainly challenged my previous beliefs...I guess, I am still a skeptic at heart. But this particular woman has a gift, and I certainly wont be ignoring it.

What are your thoughts on psychics or people who claim to be able to connect to the other side? Have you ever been to a psychic? I'd love to hear all about your experiences too.


  1. I've had personal experience with psychic events and I think it's amazing that you were able to experience it first hand.

    PS: You are wonderful.

  2. wow...this is interesting to read about. I went to one once and was surely ripped off (I took off my wedding ring and she didn't know!) I'm sneaky like I guess. Yours would know!!
    (p.s. don't miss my little giveaway :))

  3. I think there must be certain individuals who have heightened parts of their brain that can channel into certain things.. like ESP. I have had some bizarre predictive dreams... I ddon't get it. But maybe in the waking state these certain people can channel that??? I at least think it's just as likely they exist as they dont...

  4. Ahhh. So I really want a psychic reading. Please take me!

  5. I'm INCREDIBLY skeptical of psychics. I think they use words and visuals to figure something out about you. They could be great with computers and break into private facebook profiles or anything. I guess I think only you can know you truly and a random stranger uses hints. Similar to what Krystal said: rings, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc.

    It'd be interesting if I experienced it for myself. Or if you lied a little during the test. Surely she'd know right? She's psychic.

    I don't know, I think with dealings like this you just have to experience it yourself or it will be impossible to relate. Maybe one day I'll get to and that would be crazy!