Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knee Deep

My friend Kathleen put it perfectly. This, this is the hard part. But I guess, when you're knee high in the hard part's mud, it just means that the good part is on its way. All I can hope is that it is hurrying. This sounds awfully negative, but really its not. Its just that changes are on their way, and well, most of you know my thoughts on change! Its a shift, a movement, and finally its been a revelation, that things arent okay the way that they are, and Im the only one who can change it... Its time to stop putting little band aid excuses up to cover the wound, that has been gapping. Its time to fix it. To make the decision and to take the leap of faith. I know this is all rather cryptic. But it needs to be right now. I need it to be.

Im taking life, and Im taking back control. This is my time.


  1. Thinking of you Tillie!
    Wishing you the best~ :)

  2. I hope that everything works out for you...i know it will though. Big virtual hugs!

  3. awww i just found your blog and this is mighty inspiring :-) and that pic is too cute.

  4. this is YOUR time.

    that post by Kathleen resonated with me too...

    i love you blog ladies, such muses.


  5. Good luck! I love that you are making a decision. It is your time damn it. Do it.

  6. I just read Kathleen's post, too! I feel very similar these days, in that I know changes are coming and I am working hard to get there, but it just seems so far away! Here's to staying positive and looking ahead to the future!

  7. Good luck my dear..:)
    Kisses and enjoy your day

    Ps: thank you for your sweet comment:)

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  9. Ahh sweetheart, GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK! I love taking charge of my life :) I'm wishing you the best thoughts.

    & yes I did write my little list of happies. You can definitely reblog it if you want! xo