Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lets get Thrifty

I have never been one to be careless with money. In fact, I generally am pretty sensible {read; most of the time... haha} Sure, I like to buy nice things, and have new gadgets, but I have never really thrown around money willy nilly. I suppose I have my awesome mum to thank for instilling some sense of monetary worth into me while I was younger. {thanks mum!!} This whole moving out of home, moving to a new city thing has really made me realise that things are a whole lot more expensive than I ever really anticipated. I mean I knew supermarket shopping wasn’t cheap, and I knew that there would be bills and rent and all those other factors, but I suppose it is not until you are actually living it that you realise that it is really a rather expensive world out there.
Now, lucky enough for me I have some sweet skills {queue napoleon dynamite} that means I have managed to get a pretty decent paying temp job {read; mind numbingly boring and tedious job} but I am still trying to save as well, because my first 6 weeks of living up here in Auckland have depleted my savings account a bunch! So, with that, I am setting out on a journey, that’s right folks, I’ve got my backpack and my water bottle and I’m off into the wilderness. Ok so thats a bit dramatic! But, I am going to try to be a bit more thrifty in my lifestyle from now on.
I know I know, this is nothing new or that exciting really, and I know that most of us out there are trying to make things work on a budget... so I was wondering whether you might have any tips or tricks of the trade that you would care to share with a novice such as myself? Perhaps you have some really yummy cheap to make recipes, or fun things to do that aren’t that expensive, or maybe, you are secretly a super hero saver and you have some tips on everyday saving ideas... because right now, my imaginary piggy bank is looking awfully glum!


  1. Oh man I so know what living on a budget is like!

    Do you cook with your flatties or just for yourself? Cooking for one is a lot more expensive but you can always buy food in bulk then break it up into smaller portions & it works out cheaper. Or cook a huge meal and freeze the left overs. And I always make enough dinner to be sure I can have some for lunch the next day at work as well cause that's heaps cheaper than buying.

    Sometimes if it's a bit of a tighter week I draw out the money i've allowed myself for food/expenses and have it in cash & leave my eftpos card at home so there's no temptation to go over budget.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Funnily enough, I have less spending money now after three years at a full-time job then when I was in Wellington flatting as a student. Your expenses go up proportionate to what you earn! I find that a budget every fortnight really helps. And getting your daily budget out on cash. Good luck!

  3. For things to do, if you live near a University they usually offer cheaper entertainment for college students (maybe even free improv groups or comedians, open mic nights, etc.). Food.... you've got me there. Trying to make healthy recipes for one (or even two) on a budget is hard. Learned that this past summer. If you find anything let me know!