Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1 more sleep

Mmhmm! Im 21 tomorrow! How exciting. Ive spent the last couple of weeks sorting everything out for my party, making drinks tickets, bus tickets, camera cards, and all sorts of other bits and pieces {next week ill post all about it!} Its going to be so fun! I really cant wait. I think what I am most excited about is the fact that I am going to have my closest friends {the local ones at least!!} and family all together in one place, to celebrate! My mum has made me the most BEAUTIFUL dress ever, the venue for the party is simply perfect {1950s diner anyone?} and everything is coming together. Last night I spent the night going through all my old albums and boxes upon boxes of photos to find some photos to have running through the TV screens throughout the night. It was such a trip to look through all the old photos, especially the ones from when I was super little! It was kinda cool to be able to look back and actually remember the people in the photos from my younger years, or to see the look on my face and remember exactly how much I loved my Wendy Doll House. I thought, in light of my birthday, and the whole coming of age thing... I would share some of these photos with you... and maybe even some of the stories that go along with them.

What can I say. I was cute! Haha.

Ths is me and my grandad! Check him out rocking the pink shirt!

When I was a bunch younger {obviously} we lived close to the beach. This was the playground at the beach, I remember spending heaps of time here!

I have no clue what I was wearing, or why I have this wig on! Haha, but according to my mama I use to like playing dressups alot when I was a little one.

This photo makes me laugh! My mum {in the blue and green striped jersey!!} use to take me to a kiddies gym type class thing once a week when I was little. I pretty much rocked the matching sweatsuit.... and have been raising the roof every since!

Potentially the cutest dress to ever exist. I would like one of those in my size now!

Me and my delightfully lovely cousin Jess. Hehe. Dang we are cute! {I had to!!}

I dont even know what was going on here, but I like how I look like im in mid song. Pretty much case in point that music was and still is a HUGE part of my life

Naww! My wendy Doll House! {I mean seriously! How sweet is that house!} This was practically permanently set up in our living room when I was a kid. I use to have tea parties and such in there, and would rope my aunties and uncles into playing with me everytime they came over!

I was 4 in this picture. It was my kindergarten picture, taken in 1993 {I love how my fringe is pretty much still the same}

I was a dancer as a kid. I use to practise a bunch and spend alot of time at competitions. I fricking loved it! So much! This was at a dancing competition probably around 1993/1994. I remember it perfectly. It was my first every competition, and it was a tap dance. I had practised and practised in my living room, but because our house wasnt that big rather than doing the steps how they were meant to be i just went round and round in circles... I got up on stage for my competition, and, of course because I had practised, I performed round and round in circles... I must have been good, because I won! Haha. Either that or the judges felt sorry for me haha.

This is me with my incredibly amazing aunty Denise. She passed when I was 8, so the photos I have with her are so precious because we were really really really close. I love how candid and chilled this photo is. I wish I remembered this day, but I dont really. I know it would of been a good one though, every adventure with Denise was a good one.


  1. Great post, hope you have an amazing bday :)

  2. You are so cute in these photos, you have alot of the same features now as before.
    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday, I cant wait to hear all about it. 21 is definitely one of the best birthdays I had so enjoy every minute.

  3. Tillie!-email me at justinelynn19@gmail.com
    i want to talk to you about a design, and i cant find your email! <3

  4. I love that last one with your aunty.

    Have a great birthday!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS, you are so stinkin cuuuute! i was going to say the swing one was my fave but you and the gym type class steals the cake (the birthday cake... oh me and my puns!)

    oh wow, my little youngin! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the loveliest sweetheart i know. This is YOUR year! i just know it.

    my little birthday something will be very belated but i will get it sent this week :) promise!

    YOU, i like! sooo much sweet cheeks!

  6. happy happy birthday! have a fabulous party! i cant wait to see pictures :)


    p.s - you were such a cutie!!!

  7. I always love looking back through old photos! Happy Birthday! Your party sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. Such adorable photos, my adorable girl! Happy Birthday!! 21 on the 21st... this is going to be your year!

  9. Very cute! Have a great day my dear, can't wait to hear all about it xoxo

  10. Hope you have a great birthday sweets!! Enjoy your party- I am sure you will look beautiful in your new party dress! :) Love, E