Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get busy living

I remember being told once that some old, and wise dude once said "a life half lived is a life wasted" Ive decided that, that dude must of had a pretty sweet beard, because I think he was onto something pretty smart.

For those of you that know me personally, {or have been reading my blog for a while at least} you will know that Im not the kinda girl who does things by halves. I mean, I got all out, and thats one of the traits that I am proud of, one of the things that I love about myself. I give 100% in everything I do, whether its school, work, love or friendship. I guess I just dont believe in doing things half heartedly. Its not in my DNA to give up, or give a little. I am also the kind of girl who likes to be busy. And Im not talking about a little bit busy. Im talking about, doing 7 different things at once, while working 2 jobs, trying to run a business and starting different projects on the side just to keep me on my toes {I cant wait to share some of these with you!}

Though, I have come to learn, that with giving yourself completely to everything that you do, comes risk. Great risk sometimes. Now, Normally I would say that the risk is worth it, it might not appear it in the beginning {in fact it almost never appears it in the beginning}, when you are nursing a broken heart, drowning in a sea of uncompleted tasks or counting on someone else to make your life make sense but when it all passes and you are left with that feeling of satisfaction that you created something wonderful, or were part of something that might just make someone elses day, or that the memories that you have with that person are irreplaceable, and that they actually really did shape you into the person that you have become today, it all becomes worth it. At least, thats what I am telling myself.

There is a bunch that is going on in my life right now. Somethings that are awesome and make me really really happy {like the fact that on tuesday im getting tattooed...again} somethings that are making me a little bit stressed {like this meeting next wednesday that is going to decide my future plans} and somethings, that are making me a little upset. However, I guess its times like that latter, that test your character. And I know who I am. And I will stand strong in that. Thats the most important thing. And so, I keep telling myself that as long as there is balance between these different aspects, that I cant really complain. That there are people in this world that have it a hundred, a thousand, a million time harder than I have it, and that they manage to stay alive, to stay focused, to stay smiling. With that, I keep moving forward. I keep finding new things to busy myself with, I keep pushing the boundaries on what I can do with my existence, and most of all I keep hoping that I am making a difference.


  1. Tillie, I hope the beautiful and happy things in your life are outweighing the stressful things. xoxo.

  2. You rule Tillie. It's so wonderful how you find the joy in everything. I'm sorry that there are some stressful dealings in your life right now, but you're so strong, I'm sure you'll work through them in no time! Still though, I hope they go away of their own accord and that your days are filled with bliss.

    Just sent out my photos today. I'm pretty excited!

  3. I love this post. Everything you said in here hits home for me as well. Just have faith that things will work out, and always go all in as you usually do-- better to give to much and lose a bit than to not give enough and always wonder.
    Best wishes dearie. And what are you getting tattooed?

  4. this was amazing, i love your heart!

  5. Giving the 100% of you shows how big is your heart. Never give up, no matter how bad things are, you gotta have hope, because in fact, we are very lucky with our lives, there are many others that have harder times than we have, as you said too.


  6. Hey Darling,

    How are you I’ve missed you blog sooooo sooooo much I cant believe I haven’t dropped by!!!!! I should be ashamed of myself hahahaha!! oh darling and this post is exactly what I mean!! You always inspire me personally ……After reading this post I feel like doing things that I put on the side and let them linger for a while…….am not a big person when it comes to procrastination I like finishing what I get started but I think I’ll e-mail you latter on explaining this a bit more……………Amazing post hun keep it up!♥

    Love your friend, Dye♥
    p.s still loving your amazing giveaway it hanging in my room and I always think og you when I see it hahahah!

  7. Such a lovely post. You're so strong Tillie. I get stressed about doing one project never mind 6 or 7 at the same time. I really admire you and your multi-tasking skills. Much love x