Monday, July 26, 2010

Lets Partyyy! Part 2.

Saturday was such a great day. My goodness. The morning was spent at the hairdressers, and then Jess and I went and picked up my pal Jacinta and headed into the penthouse apartment in the city which we had for the night. Rosie turned up shortly after that and we spent the afternoon being super girly, with homemade guacamole thanks to the beautiful jess {it was FREAKING delicious!} getting made over thanks to the seriously talented Jacinta {this girl has skills. i mean. mad skills.} and doing all sorts of other silly things like drinking wine and taking photos, not to mention shaving arm pits and moisturising legs all while having a no pants party in the living room! Yum! After we were all a ready to go, we put on our pretty dresses {my mama made mine! She is amazing} and headed down to a bar... where a beautiful pink cadillac picked us up and took us to thee party {yeah so it was a little over the top, but so much fun!} Speeches were made, and flipping Jess got me all teary, photos a plenty were taken, and so much love was shared. Honestly, I feel so so so blessed to call these amazing people my family and friends. They made my night so very special, and honestly, it wouldnt have been the same without every one of them being there. Jeepers! Im a lucky lady. Wanna perve at how awesome we all looked? Oh ok!!

Yum! Homemade guacamole!

Using industrial strength deoderant, to keep our pits dry! haha

The venue! Isnt it flipping sweet!

Photoboard 1.0

In thee cadillac on the way to the diner

My beautiful friends Ben and Elise.

My GORGEOUS cake! It was soooo tasty!

Brooke, Zoe, Dom and Myself!

Wonder Nat and Super Sam! <3>
Mama, Me, Jess and Auntie Annie

Jared dressed as Buddie Hollie. Love!

Haha this photo makes me giggle!

Everything is a okay with me!

Jacinta and Tillie.

Miss Robyn and I.

Dom, Finn and Tillie

My beautiful Mama and I. Can you believe she made BOTH of our dresses! Wonderwoman!

Cousin Lovin!

And and and! Just because I want ya'll to see the incredible job that my mother did on my dress... here a full length picture with the car. oh the sexy sexy car! yum!

Yay! So, that was my birthday. We ended up in the city after the party, where I proceded to do 21 shots, dance for another 4 and a half hours, and ending the night with diet coke, mince and cheese service station pies and cuddles from the best people. And the best bit, I get to do it all again next weekend {on a slightly lesser of a scale} with the most lovely of people in Auckland City! Yip, Operation: Tillies Auckland 21st commences at 1430 on Saturday 31 July 2010. I cant wait.

In all Honesty, I truely had the most wonderful night. Everyone made it so special, I was SO spoilt, and treated like an absolute queen... I guess now that I should start acting like an adult.... probably not though!


  1. wow looks like you had a blast!!

  2. How awesome! Glad you had fun, Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. I have to say you have the best taste ever, I absolutely love your purple dress and cake, so lovely! And it looks like you had a great time, which you deserve of course :) Happy belated birthday!

  4. the venue is amazing!
    i hope you had an amazing day.
    you deserve it!

  5. Tillie you are the cutest!! I hope to meet you some day! :)

  6. That cake looks amazing! So classy and stylish, like your dresses! Happy bday!

  7. wow, your hair is super rad! i love it! this looks like the best party ever!

  8. This looks like so much fun, and I seriously can't believe that your mama made y'alls dresses. You look like a purple Marilyn Monroe in that last pic! I still remember my 21st birthday and am so glad yours was memorable as well. And that cake--so impressive! Keep us posted on your upcoming (continued) adventures. xo.

  9. You are so beautiful Tillie,love the new hair! Your Mama is super talented, you both looked gorgeous in her dresses! I can't get over how sweet that diner is, and the car, and the cake and...well everything!! I'm so happy you had a great time!
    Ps. I had a chai and listened to Michael Buble for you on your birthday xxx

  10. What a fabulous birthday! Love your dress! And the cake! And all the photos!

    And P.S. that venue is SUPER cute!

  11. You look absolutely beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful party!

  12. You are the most adorable young sweetheart ever & you quite possibly seem like the sweetest, kindest most loving girl ever. so wish you were my real-life friend. xoxo

  13. I just want to do it all over again! It was so much fun hehe

  14. Simply fabulous. Your mom did such a wonderful job and that dress looks stunning on you! I'm so glad you had a great 21st, hope the same happens next weekend!

  15. Hooray! Lovely dresses and smiling faces all round! I am so glad you had a blast xoxo

  16. It looks so amazing!!
    I love everything!
    Each photo is full of fun, love, creativity and awesomeness! ^^ <3

    xx Sophie

    Gorgeous photos. Yes that venue is flipping sweet! When I come to NZ you must take me there :) So excited for your adventures!

  18. man oh man, to have been there surrounded by beautiful birthday girl you (LOVEEEE the hair! the make up! and that dress!!! WOW! you aren't kidding, your momma is AWESOME!)

    oh only you can say, "Wanna perve at how awesome we all looked? Oh ok!!" I LOVE IT! i love you! :)

  19. Beautiful shots Tillie - looks like you had such an amazing time for your special birthday. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY xx